African fatherhood an interruption by design

Today a friend sent me a flyer about a series of community discussions about fatherhood, held in the most communal of community centres…the barbershop.  This is part of a previous series associated with a local organization called the black daddies club. The organization hosting this is non African in origin, but they have partnered with members of the community, in particular, the barbershops to try and get a sense of where our males are at when it comes to fatherhood and the impact it has on future males, i.e. will the grow men or stunted boys.  The saga of absentee fathers, fathers of limited life skills, values or mores has been a constant source of discussion ever since we were duped into thinking that Lincoln’s proclamation had anything to do with us as sentient beings and not about the North needing cannon fodder to help save their assess from the South busting them upside the head. Due to White Supremacies ever involvement in ensuring that we remain divided, off balanced and ill prepared to recover from 500 years of the vilest assault on a single cultural group ever in the annals of humanity, and the lack of therapy needed to overcome the current post traumatic stress syndrome; the issues of the broken African family structure in the west has become a self full filling stereotype that has poisoned many an attempt at rational dialogue.  As white supremacy plays the blame game by assaulting the syndrome instead of the cause, the patient remains sick, while the toxic causatives remain hidden, obscured and covered up.

The results being generations of African men AND women in the west, who denied the presence of a father and or a righteous father figure, cannot relate, refuse to relate and do not relate to an African man in the truest sense.  The narrative of the white supremacy and how Caucasian fatherhood is the bench mark all should aspire to is the sand in the machine of African progression, royally screwing up the machine, eventually breaking it.  Fatherhood is a most important title and position and is not to be trifled with, abused or taken for granted. Yet many men have either refused (for numerous reasons) or been unable to practice and be effective fathers. Hell, most haven’t gotten the hang of being capable men or person of value in their own families. Some fathers live at home but might as well be a part of the furniture, considering the level of involvement and support they provide to the family.

This post is prompted by this article on yahoo: Houston Alexander ticketed for child abuse after boxing with son and reinforces the belief I have that if you act reckless, sling drugs, or become a danger to society, the architects of this society would give you more leeway than if you propose to think and grow responsible. An African man intellectually capable and conscious is more of a danger to the white supremacy power structure, than modern entertainers who shuck and jive for hand outs.  In the midst of writing this post (at work even) a young man came to my office making a request. In explaining to him why his request cannot be filled, we began to speak in a most candid of ways and what I found out was a brother the third of five, each trying to find their ways without the benefit of a father figure. The young man was frustrated being in a shelter and spoke violently, but more because of frustrating than any evidentiary or innate tendency for violence. After over an hour, the brother thanked me for my time and admitted that he never had another African man taking the time to sit down with him and explain in the simplest of way how the navigate the minefield of the business/employment and the world of societal expectation of him as an African man. I say this not to be self congratulatory, but to emphasize the importance of having a father or a father figure, who can add value to a young man’s life even in a simple way.  Houston Alexander is an example of a African man, and if you ask him he would say it’s his duty to do what he is doing. How dare these dogs seek to dissuade him from raising a man? Well they have to because these Gestapo’s are hardwired to fuck with African men who are striving to raise a counter measure to white supremacy. This counter measure is a non trifling brother who will one day seek out and mate with a non trifling sister and raise non trifling children, all the while exemplifying what a strong African family looks like.

Part of being a father is being a disciplinarian. Unfortunately society doesn’t want it and most knee-grow females have no use for it. Yet in my city, many young men caught up in criminal acts are often shielded and supported by the females in a sole support mother home and who while they feel they don’t need “any man acting like my Childs father”, are confused as to why the 24 year old unemployed, not going to school son is wrecking havoc in his neighbourhood. I personally have watched many sole support mothers who have lost a son or sons to fraternal violence or po-lice execution, bawling why this is happening.  Then there are the male abusers who can’t wait to jump the bones of the single mothers and take off, or worse sexually abuse the female or male child while the woman tries to ignore it as she is so starved for affection she puts herself first and the children last. I have seen single mothers who kick their daughters out of the home at an early age, or have their girls be gainfully employed at the nearest chicken joint, while the unemployed 20-25-30 year old son is allowed to come and go, track multiple women through the house (as long as you don’t breed them).  Even Africa as messed up as the IMF and European and Asian neo colonialism is determined to remake it, still have some nations that retain cultural sensibility, that literally kicks out the male at 14 because he cannot be in the same house as his mother to be supported like a child. Of course the young man is not out fending by himself but given the necessary support, including assistance in building his own house and finding the means to sustain himself. Then again children in western countries tend to be stunted in life skills or maturity and are carried into their later years, never having to develop from early the necessary skills to grow as valued members of society.

It’s sad and frustrating to read what happened to Mr. Alexander, because if his child is not right, if he gets a notion from the school system, the child snatchers and others, he may eventually grow disrespectful of his father’s authority and pay the price at an early age. Then again, he may have the foundation already set and will see this as one of many challenges the African man must expect to endure as a rites of passage in an ant-African society that devalues the African man.

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