Another Black history month segment

In two days we the displaced Africans in the west, will have initiated another riveting segment in the forever ritual of the 28 day celebration called Black History Month. Once a celebration named Negro history week by George Washington Carver, this celebration had good intentions in recognizing the birth month of Fredrick Douglas and the undercover knee-grow Abraham Lincoln, as well as the contribution of our forefathers and mothers before, during and after the “ ‘ole pirates, yes they rob I, sold I to the merchant ship. Minutes after they took I from the bottomless pit” of the Gate of No Return hell hole, in Ghana. 


During these 28 days all the knee-grows will fake their Afrocentric act, and the mentally colonized Africans will wonder why ”blacks are acting like us”. During this period Africans with sense will attempt to knock the rust off the Eurocentric padlocks on our imprisoned cultural brains and of course Caucasians, not wanting to be left out, because it’s all about them, will insinuate themselves into the celebration as spouses, insignificant others, culture vultures or agent provocateurs seeking to cull those awake in the Matrix from those who remain in slumber. As is every day of our sojourn in this spiritless wilderness, we have to deal with a myriad of incidents, events and tragedies that often conspire to move us forward as much as we are allowed to move forward. In Scarborough, a city on Ontario, not named Toronto (for the non Canadians) a local barber was murdered by a shot gun wielding knee-grow at noon time and apparently in front of witnesses. Now the local community – one heavily policed by Toronto’s not so finest and equally scrutinized by the media and non residents alike and with a certain income level – in other words populated by a lot of non Caucasians. What struck me as interesting and irritating was an interview held on Sunday, yesterday, on a new radio station recently given license to actually play African music and discuss things that affect and Africans locally, nationally and internationally. The guests were three members of the police, two Caucasians, involved in the investigation of the barber’s murder and one knee-grow, supposedly involved in police-community relationship.

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