Remembering Sprinter Ben Johnson

Canada is the latest Western country to pimp “black history” month with the willing participation of the cultural whores amongst us. If you think this is pretty harsh, first consider that for me this is not harsh. Also consider the fact that even in the year 2012, people (not just Caucasians) still question the validity of having a “black history month). I was going to mention that Caucasians, with their 24/7/365 days of western influence over the earth need to step the hell back from this ignorant precipice before the fall off, however, other ethnic groups, except for the aboriginals in North America and South America, also need to step off with that noise, because they proudly cling to and promote their varied historical perspective and traditions despite the interference from the sell outs amongst each group seeking to appease the Caucasian master in this Matrix.
Anyway, let’s deal with the willing whores who pander to everything Eurocentric to the detriment of their own cultural perspective and viability when recognizing and celebrating our own story, unvarnished, unfiltered and without whitewash. Radio stations and tel-lie-visions extol the virtues and our-storical presence as one of Canada’s first this or that, and while acknowledging that there is concentrated effort to keep it modern as opposed to be living in Egypt during this month’s celebration, there never the less are gaps in the narratives that many of us fail to recognize much less attempt to correct. Those living in Canada, especially Toronto, will have seen the posters and images of Africans in Canada who are being celebrated for their efforts…with one notable exception. There is no image of former sprinter Ben Johnson, formally Canada’s greatest sprinter, soon regulated to Jamaican Ben Johnson, cheater, now persona non grata. Now I am of the belief that I am best able to toot my own horn, and consequentially we as a people need not expect anybody else to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves. That includes practicing the nepotism of looking after ourselves first as preached by the Honorable Marcus Garvey, The Nation of Islam via Malcolm X and many others who practice cleaning up your own yard instead of expecting others to clean up your own shit.

24 years ago no athlete has ever scaled the heights of championship euphoria to immediately crash so far it was reminiscent of the Greek legend of Icarus and his ill fated flight. And this happened without the benefit of murdering someone, raping some one, going on a drug/drinking binge, abusing any women, children or small furry animals or engaging in gay sex in public washrooms. No what Ben Johnson did was – according to the sanctimonious bastards in the media and those too fat to tie their shoe laces- was to cheat in a a competition where cheating was is and continues to be the norm. At first I was mad at Caucasian Canadian for their hypocritical anti-African response, but that soon wore off as I realized that a leopard in deed cannot change it’s spot. I can even over stand the collective angst and feeling of shame for the knee-grows, those ignorant to the realities of track and field’s dirty open secrets. But for us to not recognize and defend our fallen brethren as he was victimized over and over again is more criminal than what the criminals did to Ben Johnson. Even recently they continue to put a mike in front of that faggity ass Carl Lewis to ask his opinion about Usain Bolt of which he is quoted as saying:

‘If You Don’t Question That, You’re a Fool’-“When people ask me about Bolt I say he could be the greatest athlete of all time. But for someone to run 10.03 one year and 9.69 the next, if you don’t question that in a sport that has the reputation it has right now, you’re a fool. Period.”    

Carl Lewis Suggests Usain Bolt Uses Steroids



Seoul Olympics 9.79 (9.72 if he wasn’t showboating)


continue here












2 thoughts on “Remembering Sprinter Ben Johnson

  1. Having just seen 9.79* @TIFF 2012, I have had confirmed what I always suspected to be to be truth, that Ben Johnson was the fastest man in the world in Seoul, 1988, that he was the gold medal winner, and that the Americans villanized him so that they could take the glory. Shame on Canadians who believde the Americans and allowed Ben to fall from grace so hard. By the by I am a white Canadian female and remember watching the race and knowing that he Ben was robbed of more then just his medal, but of the dignity and glory he trainned so hard for. See the movie, judge for yourselves.


    1. Annette, thank you for being human enough to realize that Ben’s continued demonization is one of the more insidious acts by a weak and ineffective government ever. What’s funny is many of the journalists that had first vilified Ben, have come out and are defending him, especially against that ugly American puppet Carl Lewis. I will try to see that movie…thanks again


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