There is something rotten in Denmark



This from the local paper the Toronto Star: Kate Allen, Staff Reporter

A Mississauga mom says she’s embarrassed and angry after a mall salesclerk phoned security on her for breastfeeding her infant son in public.

Dionne Williams was shopping at Urban Planet in the Dixie Outlet Mall on Friday afternoon with her sister, niece, and 1-month-old son, Mekhi, when she stopped to feed her baby on a seat in the footwear section. Minutes later, she says, a sales clerk told her to stop or she would have to leave.

read the rest of the story here



Mentally ill African male seeing in picture with his young son is murdered by Toronto Po-lice. 

Check on the links below.

Shooting in Scarborough sends one to hospital
Police response to the mentally ill under scrutiny
Police didn’t need to shoot man in hospital gown: witness
Relative was on the way to pick man up from hospital as police fired lethal shots



This doesn’t happen here in Canada does it.

Peel ( a city in Ontario Canada) Regional Police  say they are conducting an internal investigation after a judge’s damning words about the “reprehensible” conduct of members of their drug squad. But critics are skeptical anything will be done.

“The police lied under oath in order to cover up (an) illegal search and persisted in their lying when confronted with the most damning of evidence. All these misdeeds were calculated, deliberate and utterly avoidable,” Superior Court Justice Deena Baltman said Friday in a Brampton courtroom, reading out her reasons for sparing a baby-faced cocaine dealer a prison sentence. Read the rest of this story by Betsy Powell

It’s a good thing Canada is morally superior to the US or there would not be any balance in North America… oh wait!  I think i am going to do a “black watch” assignment and start documenting how much “superior” Canadians are to the ruthless and violent Americans.

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