Floyd Mayweather ambushed by media…again

As I grow more mature and discerning in my reasoning and reading abilities, one clear reality tends to stand out for me. There are a lot of ass holes, bitches and ill informed people masquerading as intelligent beings particularly on forums. Fact is the appalling level of anti-African sentiments pervading the internet is off the charts, yet the same people who defecate that kind of obscene toxic refuse always seem to defend their indefensible position with the usual inanities and finger pointing, ala, well “he said this” so “I said that”. The last two days the internet is ablaze with (self) righteous mental midgets posting bull shit on forums and videos any how they can about the latest Floyd Mayweather supposed anti-Asian comment regarding New York Knicks basketball player Jeremy Lin.

Accordingly, Mayweather was asked his opinion of Lin and responded by saying “Jeremy Lin is a GOOD player, but all the hype is because he is Asian. Black Players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise”. Now Mayweather is a victim Americanism, which rhymes with “racism” and is a certifiable clinical diagnosed mental health issue. Having a front row seat, as his historical skill set as this generations best boxer be denigrated and dismissed as smoke and mirrors is a sore point with him and he is not unaware of how the media can build you up by any means necessary. Even if people never, ever actually use the term smoke and mirror, how they speak about his opponents AFTER being soundly beaten by Mayweather and even criticizing his relationship with his father and the Mayweather’s collective African feature as being related to a monkey, is testament to the level that people can go to through pure hatred. From this front seat vantage point Mayweather saw how after retiring from boxing after beating, if I am not mistaken Oscar Dela fishnet stockings, lost his spot as the top pound-for pound fighter in boxing. During that time America, which is always looking for the great “white hope” settled on the true smoke and mirrors rise of Manny Pacquiao, who won many of his fights at catch weight and impressively over his usual weight drained or lesser skilled opponents. 21 month after he came back from retiring, Floyd Mayweather declared that since no one had defeated him, he deserves to maintain this mythical title, but was continually derided for that as well as his displeasure with people building up a less skilled boxer, who brawled his way into fans hearts.

So it is natural that the yellow journalists who deliberately baited Floyd into saying something that they can reduce to meaningless sound bites, would put the information out there as if Floyd out of the blue picked that statement out of his ass, totally ignoring that earlier a panel of ESPN PSUEDO PROFESSIONALS debated this very same thing and basically SAID the very same thing that Floyd is accused of and hated for.

On February 13th 2012 this video aired on this website:http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=7570585

I have often used the mantra, “any excuse will do” to explain the constant ways and means the ignoramus out there will use to find justification in their low IQ world. This article appeared on yahoo sports today which dispels the bull shit put out that he -Jeremy Lin- was not given the chance because he was Asian.


It was obvious that the dude showed promise but lacked certain skill set that would have made him a staple in the league. In that vain it is imperative that African people stop giving these bitches with mics any easy reason to create controversies off their backs.

As a side note, misinformed or anti-African Asians and Caucasians can feel good or even better about shitting on Floyd Mayweather, because you can always find some knee-grow who will bend over and grab their ankles as the contort themselves into apologists for Caucasian hatred by showing how much more they can hate on people like Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather, however, responded to the story later Monday via a series of tweets by saying… “Its OK for ESPN to give their opinion but I say something and everyone questions Floyd Mayweather,” the boxer tweeted. “I’m speaking my mind on behalf of other NBA players. They are programmed to be politically correct and will be penalized if they speak up.”

“Other countries get to support/cheer their athletes and everything is fine. As soon as I support Black American athletes, I get criticized.”

This is reminiscent of the blow jobs performed on Larry Bird decades ago that caused one reporter to ask Dennis Rodman after a particularly painful loss to Boston, his opinion about the “great white hype”. Rodman, never disparaged Birds skill set and abilities as an NBA player, but did say something to the effect that “if Bird was black, he would be just another player”. Now yellow journalism is as his-storical as cross burnings and lynchings, realized that quoting a crazy sucker like Rodman didn’t carry much weight. So he raised the same question with Isaiah Thomas. Isaiah being a great evaluator of talent and a great basketball player, agreed with Rodman. After the smoke cleared Isaiah is for ever painted as a anti-Caucasian hater.

Some facts about Jeremy Lin.

He has become the talk of the NBA — and the sports world at large — for his unprecedented play over the last five games. He is the first player in league history to have at least 20 points and seven assists in each of his four career starts. The Harvard grad has scored 109 points in his first four career starts, which is the most by any player since the NBA and ABA merged in 1976. In his last five games — all Knicks wins — the 23-year-old is averaging 26.8 points and 8 assists. Lin, an Asian American, is the first American-born player of Taiwanese or Chinese descent to play in the NBA. Lin’s parents emigrated from Taiwan in the 1970s. No one should deny east Asian the opportunity to celebrate one of their visibly own. No one in his right mind can say Lin is not NBA caliber, or he did not work for his position.

But what Floyd Mayweather said yesterday and Dennis Rodman said so many decades ago is that the media creates ethnic controversies as bait and switch in order to remind Africans of their place on the ladder of America Inc’s social strata. The fact that such bait and switch tactics appeal to those out there geared to hate on people like Floyd Mayweather is boon and bonus for a shitsym that cares as much for the lemmings as they do a Floyd Mayweather. Uppity outspoken Africans like Mayweather are constantly reminded to shut up nigger and play ball, just like they told Adrian Peterson and other NFL players fighting to be treated as men and not performing animals.

In America Inc. controversy sells and so does anti-African hatred.

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