Slavery is back in effect

Slavery’s Back In Effect: Sistah Souljah


You have heard the saying before…the more things change is the more they stay the same.  Which proves that the African community across the globe, but more so in North America are experiencing  collective psychological delusional syndrome.  It is the same thing, that Caucasian scientist Albert Einstein proclaimed, is the results of us doing over and over again while expecting a different result.  Across the world today people are showing support to the parents of Tayvon Martin, who was murdered by a Hispanic-Jew who envisioned himself to be one of the knighted. A defender of the shield, a Po-lice officer whose ideological parents were the so called slave catchers during the period when we as Prisoners of colonial wars sought our freedom by any means necessary.  In response to the outcry against the Zimmerman murderer, out from under the troll bridge came the anti-African detractors who point to how we are not decrying the fratricidal behaviors within our community. This is a tired, misdirected and misplaced commentary, as idiotic as Araldo Rivera begging Hispanic and African youth to stop wearing hoodies in order not to get stigmatized as a criminal. WTF?

The next series of videos break down who much we have been doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Mind food, for the fertile mind.


The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys Part 1

 Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boy’s pt. 2

White Amerikkka’s Aim To Stop Black Female/Black Male Reproduction

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