Men and women are not equal

Hidden colors


Enough said…let’s get this notion out of our heads. Let’s establish a universal truth based on NATURE not on human beings or humans trying to become something they cannot be. What we cannot be is what NATURE decided for us for millennia and that is NOT WHAT WE ARE RIGHT NOW.

 The utter stupidity of striving to make us drones, clones, identical in every way has failed, is failing, and will continue to fail. Along the way we not only experience cognitive dissonance, self esteem issues, we also act directly outside of our nature, which is to say anti –nature!

 Before going further let’s define a few throw away terms the politicians and alcoholics…I mean academics have been force feeding us to satisfy their own diminished self worth and inability to exist in the real world.

 e·qual  ( kw l)


1. Having the same quantity, measure, or value as another.
2. Mathematics Being the same or identical to in value.
3. a. Having the same privileges, status, or rights: equal before the law.
    b. Being the same for all members of a group: gave every player an equal chance to win.
4. a. Having the requisite qualities, such as strength or ability, for a task or situation: “Elizabeth
        found herself quite equal to the scene” (Jane Austen).
    b. Adequate in extent, amount, or degree.
5. Impartial; just; equitable.
6. Tranquil; equable.
7. Showing or having no variance in proportion, structure, or appearance.

One that is equal to another: These two models are equals in computing power.

tr.v. e·qualed or e·qualled, e·qual·ing or e·qual·ling, e·quals
1. To be equal to, especially in value.
2. To do, make, or produce something equal to: equaled the world record in the mile run.

 Our differences are so stark that I am flummoxed as to why people keep banging their head against the wall to enter the building instead of using the damn door.  Let’s start with the physical and move UPWARDS or INWARDS from there.

(1)   Women you have two breasts just as we do, only yours are designed first and fore most, for feeding babies and even though there is an excess of fatty tissues there, your breasts still stand the test of time. And don’t tell me about small breasted women, because a woman with the same lean mass and body type as a similarly built man , will still have more of a chest protrusion than he does.

(2)   As I said men have breasts as well, but except for obese men, ours don’t protrude like women and we certainly don’t have the milk producing capabilities as you do.

**** A side note to the men. The female breasts were originally for breast feeding a baby, not for you to compete with the baby for…just saying.

 (3)   You have a vagina. For those who are unsure of the purpose of this wonderful instrument. It is a dual purpose machine, sort of a like a Black and Decker product that is indispensible, makes most men happy and can be as expensive as hell (well in some circles), but it is a tool we literally couldn’t live without. The vagina is  a passageway that the male DNA  has to travel up all the while performing the most extreme of Darwin’s survival of the fittest notion, before entering the woman’s very real  seat of creation.

(4)   This brings me to another point… MEN DON”T HAVE WOMBS!! So no amount of mister mom movies or sex change operations, cutting this, slitting that can detract from that very important fact. And without a womb you cannot be a woman, just some dude that was experimented on.

(5)   The womb is where the man’s tinder hits the woman’s kindling and creates a spark of life. In here it has been said the creator reaches down and transform that spark into an evolving being. Only the medical death dealers and their sycophants would turn around a state that what was created from this spark  is not life until some arbitrary point of measurement is reached.

(6)   The nine month gestation period in the WOMB is said to be equivalent to the millennia of evolution the planet earth went through. The seat of creation indeed.

(7)   The other purpose of the Vagina is it is the doorway the new life comes through after the incredible journey from the seat of creation…heaven in effect. No wonder men often seek comfort in the vagina and the breast. They are both ancestor memories of a time when we existed as one with the universe.  

(8)   The structure of the woman is different from man. Her bones generally are smaller, the hips are wider, for child birth reasons, and her muscle structure is generally weaker than man. This is because women produce ESTROGIN, a female hormone, which keeps her feminine. While men produce TESTORTERONE, which keeps him masculine.

(9)   Testosterone is produced mostly in the scrotum. Two hanging sacs that flank the penis, the tool used to transport the tinder up the passageway to the kindle of the woman’s fire in her seat of creation.

(10)   Due to the industrial age, which alters our physical input/ output,  the invention and experimentation with food modification, so called medicine and environmental pollution that affects our adrenal glands, men start producing less testosterone in a downward trend by age 25. Women see their estrogen oftentimes go up, but sometimes go down as testosterone levels go up. All this switching and out of whack hormonal imbalances play havoc with the body’s equilibrium.

The above is biology 101. But I revisit it not only to show the physical difference between men and women, but as a jump off point for the rest of my story.  The insanity of the medical death dealers and our own mental and emotional illness has caused us to carve up our bodies, in extreme fashion, to either try to be “perfect” males or females or further still, try to look like the other sex…as if we were mad at the creator for making a mistake. Inside we are pretty much similar, except for whatever our respective hormones dictate. We cannot though discount the level of importance the physical difference plays in how we APPROACH the world and nature. The effects of our respective hormones also dictate how we VIEW the world. And we approach and view the world differently as men and women. The adrenal glands and the production of the respective hormones control our emotional context and dictates how we each deal with physical and emotional stresses

eq·ui·ty  ( k w -t )

n. pl. eq·ui·ties

1. The state, quality, or ideal of being just, impartial, and fair.
2. Something that is just, impartial, and fair.
3. Law
    a. Justice applied in circumstances covered by law yet influenced by principles of ethics and     
     b. A system of jurisprudence supplementing and serving to modify the rigor of common law.
     c. An equitable right or claim.
     d. Equity of redemption.
4. The residual value of a business or property beyond any mortgage thereon and liability therein.

5. a. The market value of securities less any debt incurred.
    b. Common stock and preferred stock.
6. Funds provided to a business by the sale of stock.


   [kom-pluh-men-tuh-ree, -tree] Show IPA adjective, noun, plural com·ple·men·ta·ries.


1. forming a complement;  completing.
2. complementing  each other.

 complementary or complemental  (ˌkɒmplɪˈmɛntərɪ, -trɪ)


  1. acting as or forming a complement; completing
  2. forming a satisfactory or balanced whole
  3. forming a mathematical complement: sine and cosine are complementary functions
  4. maths, logic  (of a pair of sets, etc) mutually exclusive and exhaustive, each being the complement of the other
  5. (of genes) producing an effect in association with other genes
  6. involving or using the treatments and techniques of complementary medicine

The human male and female complement each other and that is how we are created. As humans producing life, we don’t create life seperately but as a unit. Each play a specific and pre-planned role, based on biology.  But appart from biology there is the inate things that seperate us as distinctly as ever, both making us unique from each other, yet able to become a unit under the right circumstances. The universal Ying-Yang symbol is an example of this, where part of the one is in the other, yet the whole of one side flows in synchronicity with the whole of the other’s orbit. The presence of the harmones in us, that control our world view and the approach to the world makes it impossible for us to be equal in the sense that modern society wants to promote or force on us.

There is a deliberate attempt to confuse the roles, strength and place men and women occupy in the Western influenced society. I have stated previously that this society live in fear of the feminine energy, due to the his-storical hatred and disdain that Western society had/has for anything feminine. By feminine, I specifically speak of the kind of woman that recognizes her unique relationship as a mother, and life partner or complement with a man. I speak not of the feminist, lesbian, man-hating hags whose distorted views of womanhood and manhood consists of a constant belittling and aggressive behavior to anyone that does not endorse their agenda. However, this society is consistent, if anything else, in its anti-nature position as shown by its fear and hatred of the masculine energy. In this society the masculine male can only be accepted in a controlled environment such as sports and entertainment. One a field of sacrifice on the altar of blood in arenas dedicated to practicing the archaic middle ages tales of manly men doing battle for noble causes. The other a field of dreams or illusions where the least manly of men get to play masculine roles alongside effeminate men in dresses in order to show the viewing world that masculinity is transitory and in itself archaic or barbaric.

In this world void of true masculinity AND femininity, the doers of isfet or chaos, inserted the notion that nature makes mistake…and if you believe in a god…that god makes mistake. But god makes no mistake, nor does god love ugly. So the notion that men and women are equal accomplishes two things in one fell swoop. It encourages women to act like men and encourages men to act like women. Now the direct result of this an incongruent state that creates emotional imbalance and esteem issues in both the males and females. Further the suppression of the natural tendencies through popular media, the death food industry and direct brain washing through subliminal means ensures that in this brave new world of a sexless metro sexual, non sexual, anti nature agenda can be achieved. To what end I am not sure, but the devil is in the details…literally and figuratively.

 Again the sole purpose of the notion of equality between mwn and women is to separate the sexes, not level the so called playing field. This is an anti-nature anti-family agenda in order to effeminize men, masculinate women and create a try sexual world, where children are an unfortunate side effect of trying all kinds of sexual deviencies.

A strecth you say? That’s because I am neither homsexual, metro sexual, effeminate or a mangina.

 The Effects of Emasculation, Part 1

 The Effects of Emasculation, Part 2

7 thoughts on “Men and women are not equal

  1. One two punch here my brother. Just the beginning of the lesson though, IMHO. We are so far gone, (some of us) we don’t even know how to get back. That’s why I am so happy with certain Youtubers out there who are embarking on teaching the ABCs of being human. We have sadly forgotten. My favorites are Nubia I Sutton, Brother Djehuty Ma’at-Ra, Shanel Cooper Sykes, Brother Lenon Honor, Queen Mother Imakhu, Sagacious Girl, et al.
    All of these Light workers that I have been blessed to find, approach their work from their own perspectives and teach from their own truth. They don’t hide their personalities, so some curse, some stutter, some ramble, etc. But they all are patient. Some of us are so broken down that the teacher has to have an abundance of patience. Repetition is a virtue. They are willing to repeat lessons.

    The problem is in the first video Effects of Emasculation pt 1. IMHO, this video is just the flip side of the issue. The white male history of conquering and suppressing his white woman’s goddess aspect – pretty much crushing the feminine aspect was rebelled against in the white woman’s suffrage-woman’s movement. A huge overreaction by the women as they, being indoctrinated against their own femininity, strove to be “equal” to men and assert their version of masculinity over their men. So some men, trying to please her, became these “manginas”, who the woman promptly treated as less important. (Men wanting to please their women is a natural trait, BTW. That aspect gets confused in this hellish mix) These women’s eyes are set on that manly man that she wants to break down. So just as the men did to her, she wants to pay him back. So here you have women trying to physically beat down her man, while hiding behind the “men shouldn’t hit women” dynamic of society. A little bit of payback.

    As you can see, the pendulum swung too far to the other side. Still monumental imbalance. No Yin and Yang here.
    So now men are tired of the abuse: laws against them as fathers, women “teasing” them with their bodies, then taking their money, etc., etc. Men now feel victimized by these masculinized women. But guess what? Men are going to swing the pendulum all the way back, and so videos like the above are made. This video can do nothing but anger men and cause them to hate women. The video itself is anti man. Because a man wants nothing more than to be at peace and harmony with his woman. White people have the worse time being balanced in anything, and relationships with each other is the premiere place where you see this imbalance. You see it in the “Manginas”. The name itself is F’ed up on numerous levels. The men refuse to respect the women and hate those men who try to respect her. The women refuse to respect the men and they hate those women who try to respect him. They refuse to acknowledge the God given differences. They are jealous and envious of each other’s God given traits.

    I heard the two terms defined this way:
    Jealous: selfishly holding to what you have and not wanting to share.
    Envious: holding desires for something someone else has that you cant have

    So I use both definitions to describe the white male/female dynamic, as I have studied it and observed it. They have both going on, one towards the other.

    Sorry for this long answer! We got to be the light shining for our people and it’s a hard gig! But it’s beautiful to me.


    1. Sistah you are deep with your observation. You shed light on something I never thought of when i posted the video and that was creating hatred for women, in men that viewed it. Yet doesn’t that seem like the extent of the Caucasian culture…the two extreme with no balance? This topic has been of increasing importance to me over the last little while, due to the dichotomies i encounter at work and in my social and personal relationships. Yet neither the men or women can adequately define each others role or position based on a non confrontational or elevated level. This is why i sincerely believe this society is scared of and really does hates the feminine energy. This goes for both males and females. Unfortunately as Africans in today’s WORLD…!, we are fast becoming more European than African and have taken on their disease of cognitive dissonance and the profound inability to complete each other as co-creators under the heavens. These conversation I don’t have with Caucasians because at the end of the day, they will always dialogue with me from a social position of power. Yet raising the topic with my family is tantamount to beating my head against a wall hoping this is the best way to gain entry to the next room… instead of using the damn door.
      You know I all ways welcome your visit here, cause you are one of my favorite people. Be blessed.


      1. Thanks brother!
        White men in general not only are scared of and hate feminine energy, but they also are extremely jealous and envious of it! And alot of brothers are subconsciously mimicking this white male dynamic.

        We’ve been experiencing cognitive dissonance since we first encountered the white European man. Carter G Woodson spoke eloquently about it nearly 100 years ago.
        “The present system under the control of the whites trains the Negro to be white and at the same time convinces him of the impropriety or the impossibility of his becoming white… the Negros will have no outlet but to go down a blind alley, if the sort of education which they are now receiving is to enable them to find the way out of their present difficulties.”
        ― Carter G. Woodson

        We mighty people of the sun simply do not have the capacity to deal with the Iceman on his glacial level. And that’s as it should be, IMHO.

        It’s so hard to teach people who don’t want to learn. It’ll drive you crazy….if you let it.
        This is why I’m a disciple of Jesus.
        Whether one believes or not, one has to admit Jesus was the master teacher. And he said “Shine your light on hill where it can be seen”. And again, “Shake the dust from your feet against those who refuse you”

        Then there’s the quote from the movie Field of Dreams – “If you build it, he will come”….

        So, I’m building it on a hill and lighting my lamp and those who don’t want any don’t have to have take none. 🙂
        I like how Erykah said it – “….and if you don’t want to be down with me, you just don’t want to be down”.

        I’m coming back to read your piece on Erykah a little later. I know you did it justice. I just hope you didnt drop the hammer on the girl… 😀


      2. My Sistah…being an example is the best example. You are walking the walk as much as you talk the talk. The revolution is not about blowing shit up, but about making changes that affects us and the planet positively. So i am glad that you and I among others are going down the same path of spiritual and cultural consciousness and attempting to point, not drag, others along the way. And if they refuse to join the ride, so be it.

        Here is a riff on a well know poem by Pastor Niemoller: First they came for the Garveyites and I did not speak out because I was not a Garveyite. Then they came for the Black Panthers and I did not speak out because I was not a Black Panther. Then they came for the street organizations and I did not speak out because I was not part of a street organization. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me, even though I thought I was being a good citizen.


  2. I fully agree, men an women are not equal…but the roles we ascribe to each sex does not necessarily have to be the written truth, it may not be what women or men are meant for, it is the world we are creating for ourselves. Even if we are not equal, we reserve the right to request to be treated equally within society because if we didnt, we would have a world where no one had a chance to be more than the role they have been assigned. You mention all biological difference, but can you measure psychological differences between each person? We all have different traits, even though we have the same physical make-up (generally speaking anyway).


    1. I totally agree that this world we are creating places us often in a position that creates adversarial interrelationship. I mention biological as a start, but I also mentioned the effects that our different biological makeup, coupled with the hormones that rules our distinct biology and what it has on our view point and the emotional context needed to see the world and react towards it. If we deliberately try to move away from what makes you feminine and I masculine, then what we have is emotional imbalance, regardless of how we attempt to prove other wise on the surface. The personality traits I believe you speak of has more to do with our environment, our parental influence, and whether one believes it our not, our astrological make up based on the pull of the heavenly bodies. Now a lot of people will scoff at the last statement, but don’t get it confused with fortune telling, which is what modern horoscope is about. Needless to say I believe in people being treated as humane as possible until they forfeit that respect. Where I deviate is if some one proves to be a consistent ass hole or just a real bad apple, my reaction rages from indifference to avoidance to more drastic measures. There are a lot of females that buy into this old boys bullshit of femininity that has nothing to do with respecting the female and a lot to do with man hating. How can you hate me when i am truly your complement? Then you have the boy-ginas who cosign this because they chose to stop being men, joining the chorus of man hating drones, whose sole purpose is to create an imbalance where balance should be.

      A woman should not ask for equality, yet pick and chose when she wants to be independent and when she wants to be catered to. A man should not choose to give woman respect she deserves yet be expected to tolerate disrespect and other nasty actions. If it is wrong for me to pop you in the mouth to prove some misguided machismo, you are wrong to pop me in the mouth then tell me it is wrong to retaliate…I personally don’t have that punkutude in my DNA.

      Feminism and the current equality laws are not only anti- men but also anti women, because many women who don’t hate men and seek genuine respect get either caught up or lost in the prevailing angry male bashing theme. At the end of the day, you and I can’t hear each other or over stand each other, because we are too busy slinging mud and forgetting to offload past baggage of hurt and angry emotions.

      I sincerely appreciate your measured and respectful response and hope you continue to follow me or perhaps even continue this dialogue further. On a side note, while I have no problem with a female ruler, I am not sure I would want any sensible female to be part of this presidential side show. This den of inequity called politics, that is soiling the conscience of the people, truly that is a sinking ship that rational people need to bail from (smile)

      Be at peace my friend.


      1. Agreed, women’s reactions (such as feminism) are at times conflicting considering they are looking for equality; but you must understand that for many years, women were another disadvantaged group that did not have many opportunities in various arenas…without feminism, as damaging as it may seem to the cause sometimes, we would not be where we are today…it is almost a necessary evil 🙂

        As for feminine and masculine traits, that is not something I agree with you on 🙂 there are no absolutes; feminine and masculine actions are for the most part socially constructed…there is a difference between sex we are born into and the gender roles we are expected to play in society. The traits I was referring to are those we are born with, not constructed by the environment. For example, two different people may react differently in the same situation…their genetic traits and environmental influences make them who they are, but traits are generally referred to as the genetic part of us (and how those traits react within a particular environment).
        Anyway, it is quite a complex subject, really requiring another blog discussion in itself. 🙂




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