Are we doomed as a people?


The following link will shock the hell out of you. But one cannot have a light and hide it under a basket. One cannot pretty up the truth with nice talk and “sensitive” bullshit. Feminism was created and promoted by Caucasian men, legislated by emasculated or sinister males and supported by women who either hate themselves or hate men. it was never meant to address discrimination against Caucasian women…which was who it was about. Knee-grow women drank that stank insipid cool aid and have been doing the crack dance ever since. Feminism was created by sinister men to eradicate the family…and the African family has been hit the worst, because we are one people that don’t have a native culture to speak of in the west. So we become the dysfunctional stereotype of niggerness to the nth degree

This is what feminism and equity does for knee-grow women. I apologies in advance for the graphic pictures but unless we start dialogue about the dysfunction with our women as much as we talk about the dysfunction with our men, the equation will continue to be lopsided and harmony, conscientiousness, over standing nor any kind of healing will occur.

 This is one of the hottest sites on the internet…see why…! For the Judas price this is what equity brings forth.
out of control knee-grow teens:
this is the type of mistral show that i see been watched by homeless men at the shelter I work at
The knee-grow women have lost their minds
I know to some these images/videos may seem random, but there are no such thing as coincidence and this phenomena is not a chanced occurrence. As a people on the brink of destruction, we play with fire and are not even mindful of the effects.

2 thoughts on “Are we doomed as a people?

  1. Brother, I can’t bring myself to watch either video. And sometimes I wonder if not watching makes me disconnected from reality. Because I know reality has light and dark. But I have seen enough madness and have a working recollection of it. So I measure against that in my head. I don’t know if I need to see the depths of it to overstand that it’s jacked way up.

    I know that many black women have lost their minds. The question becomes: Can a black woman find the mind she lost? How did she lose it, and how can she insure against re-losing it, if in fact she does find it?

    As light workers, how do we insure against becoming hardened and hate-filled? I can’t tell you how many bloggers I know who allowed themselves to become broken emotionally by the brokenness of the broken people. I know a couple people who are darkening as we speak. How do you keep from hating those who are broken? Because hate will break you. Disgust will break you. Name calling will break you. Dehumanizing will dehumanize you. You must remind yourself of the inherent humanity of even the most foolish black person you see in these clips. And keep this quote in mind. Spoken by Mother Maya Angelou, “When you know better, you do better”.

    If the people don’t know any better, they can’t do any better. They can only do what they know to do. If being a buffoon is all they know, then it’s our job as light workers to bring light. But you can’t bring light if you allow yourself to become dark. How to insure againt darkness? A powerful prayer life.

    I know that you know I love you my brother. I know that.


    1. “When you know better, you do better”. Those words in picture would be of you doing what you do my sistah. Blessed


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