When we don’t have an African based rights of passage, this is the result!


No…this is not an image out of a Wayan brothers cooning film. This is but one of numerous images of our future. These are our future representatives, future fathers, future protectors and providers of our women and children. It has been said that a nation can only rise as high as its women, if this is the case what would be the state of a nation with the state of its men?

Every other ethnic group over stands that the men are the leaders of each nation, the background of the nation, the defenders of the nation. Others may try to interject their own bullshit dysfunctional views on the value and importance of male leadership and representation as moves and shakers of any advancing nation.  Evey other ethnic group except the knee-grows in North America, but even more troubling are the Africans on the continent who are struggling with their image and worth in a post colonial White Supremacist world. The continental Africans, you see, can, in a limited way, site their relatively new emergence from centuries of of imperialism and colonialism.  but how do we explain the image below from a people that has been in the belly of the beast and has witnessed close up the depredation and degradation of this dysfunctional society? How can we explain away the fact that we have choices, and we have experienced the depth of the anti-African hatred first hand. Yet we insist and act like we don’t know nor have choices?

Knee grows, this is 2012…y’all cannot call on ignorance anymore. We are just plain settling for the lowest denominator, the lowest branch of the success tree, because we hate ourselves for not being Caucasian and for being Africans that we choose the path of least resistance and  most ridiculous.  Women…is this what you want to marry? To have children with? Is this what you want to bring home to your parent(s)? To show off to your girlfriends with?

These are not men, nor are they men in training. These are products of a deliberate systemic break down of our once great culture and substituted for garbage. A wreck of a sub culture that is forced on us as hip. Progressive. No wonder Caucasians and other ethnic groups who owe their very existence to us, despise and shun us. This is not about some willie lynch plan, this is about us taken feces and making deep dish past with it.

The website hot ghetto mess and no way girl are two dysfunctional websites that has turned our idiocy into a circus side show. But more insidious than the picture samples below and the website or Google link is the  videos below the picture.

Click the image to open in full size.

#Team Tranny

Folks packaging is important. Packaging indicates value, real or otherwise, but packaging also as a psychological effect on people who view us and how we view ourselves. this is why we can call ourselves and each others bitches and niggahs without batting an eye. While India middle class is larger than the population of America. While China is so economically strong, that America has gotten out its knee pads to service the red giant. in a dysfunctional world, in a dysfunctional country, a dysfunctional society, we are the most dysfunctional of the lot. And we are defending and loving it.

We should cry for the future.

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