The monsters within us

“when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine; now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic.

Thomas SzaszThe Second Sin (1973) “Science and Scientism”

This is a quick post, that doesn’t require any effort on your part to over stand. The information is out there and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with it

The following series of videos and narratives are all lifted from YouTube. Ii urge you my readers to Follow up and see what the devil has in store for us.



This is from the Facebook page of a young brother who is leading the charge for righteous health conscious especially among his peers.

“They got our young people calling themselves a “beast” or the word “monster” is popularized in songs now. Did you know that the word “monster” is a legal terminology.”..


“A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster that has no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land.

— Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)

synthia. Venter synthetic bacteria preying on more then just crude oil!

This small documentary explains potent connenction between Fema preparedness and the new found “blue plague” Synthetia. a synthetic bacteria that was used by nalco corexit to eat the crude oil.. (well that’s what we were told to beleive) 2 years ago. Could explain why the security was tight as hell. As if they did not whant anyone to come in contact with the direct contamination with the erly non mutated version of synthetia.

it appears that this bacteria as muttated and decided to not only stop at oil. it killed crops, fish lifes by the millions. (crude oil got blamed for this). Highly probrable of what is to be responsible for the mass death of black birds in Arkansas.  The key here is. What is oil? Yes, what is it? I should ask what binds oil to humans and other lifeform on earth?

answer: We are all based of carbon mollecule… that’s exactly what this bacteria feeds of. oh and the worst part seems that water does not stop the bacteria it help it more then anything. with watter evaporation the bacteria goes up in the air and land on us. Many beleive that the miami “zombie” incident to be related! Are they nuts! Well i thought so. Well until i connected all the dots.

Bio warfare conspiracy 40 years in the making, martial law, merceneraies destroying cities.. the us army getting blamed for the chaos.. you know. nothing new. Prototype refering to Carnival and Carnival 2 are not the real name of the viral outbreak.

Carnival 2 appears to be the second outbreak of the virus.. ! synthetia? Carnival 1 was reffering to the game early virus used in hope erlier. wich gave birth to parriah and infected Elizabeth Green. (also refers to Ebola)

In the lastest instalment of the alien franchise movies! “prometeus”. David, the cyborg, poison the main archeilogist, with what appears to be the EBE all along! it’s Black and slimy. Yes, that black and slimy virus is also used in X-files: fight the future. ” The infection process of the host is the very same as in X-files”.  David, the cyborg, make a reference to Ebola as he poisoned the archaeological Ebola is known to be from a “EBE” strain! Ebola, sars and hiv share all the same protien molecules and chain! In X-files: fight the future. The old man tells mulder that he got it all backwards! Ebola, Sars and hiv are based of the same Alien strain, but they are human engeinered! The EBE pathogen however on it’s purest form, is a parasite that infect,and transform the host into an alien eventualy!
In prometeus we see the archeiologist being infected with a sample of the Alien Virus! (advanced pathogen) (wich gestate on specifc heat signatures) Althought the burn the archeiologist alive! the other mercs, that got killed previously arrive at the ship! But this time they are defigured, Zombie like, Extremly Strong, (Strenght of 3-4 humans) Could this be it? The elite has sucessfuly perfected Ebola? wich turns people into zombies and the infection is easier to control? Think what would happen if Synthia would ever meet in face with Ebola strain!

Also look for Deus EX ending videos they line it perfectly with area-51 game and prototype! I just got prototype 2 recently! i am curently still playing the game! i will add more data once i get all the goodies and il probably make a video about them!  Well i would like to point out as well that some people have remarked the disaster to be affecting only those with hispanic genes! Race specific bio weapon?

Also, it is not mentioned in the video but i have reason to think fluoridation of the pinieal gland has something to do with this behaviour! (a lot of people are on powerful psychotropic drugs, wich has enourmous amout of fluoride in it! + the added fluoride in our water, worst on bottled water!  I have a gut feeling about a connection with Folding@home project to be behind the discovery of Synthia DNA!

Also take consideration that in the video it mention Aliens! but to mea it’s merely a reference to Parasite of unknown origins! The CDC and WHO uses the EBE category to cover-up Man made Synthetic pathogens! Bovine Spongiform Encelophatis might have someting to do with this.

According to Area-51 secret files in the Midway 2005 video game. It mentions that Ebola, Sars and HIV are all sharing a common Protein Chain!!! + that is all based of a Malformed Prion from Cattle that has BSE (mad cow disease.)


“SYNTHIA” Man Made Monster!

The following is from a YouTube page and is geared towards those who love life more than death

“We decided that by writing new biological software and creating new species, we could create new species to do what we want them to do, not what they evolved to do,” says Venter.

Venter has founded a company called Synthetic Genomics, where he intends to use these new species to do things like make new fuels and new vaccines.

All of my videos showing the little creatures morphing and transforming is the result of “SYNTHIA” manipulating and interacting with the cells on the molecular level, this explains it all! The steel, ropes and cables that seem to come alive is “SYNTHIA” interacting with the cells transforming them into something that is ALIVE! Now it ALL makes sense! Look at my video of the tiny steel bar that one end is morphing into the head of a small reptile, that is “SYNTHIA”!

You can even see “SYNTHIA” right on the top of its head the small white dot embedded in the steel as it transforms itself! Now it ALL makes sense! “SYNTHIA” is the perfect monster to kill every living thing on earth and then create its own life forms out of all of the cells and DNA, huge living monsters of incomprehensible size and shape. There are some now being formed on the sea floor of the Gulf! “SYNTHIA” made the oil come to life! Pray people, pray that God comforts and protects humanity in this time of unspeakable evil, pray in Jesus holy name, Amen…

BP and their corporate cohorts developed a lab-created, synthetic virus that infected the microbial bacteria which created a specific genome to enhance the oil recovery by among other things breaking down the oils viscosity thus increasing the flow, crude oil in its natural form is very thick and this microbial bacteria genome would break down its viscosity and make it flow much easier thus improving the amount of oil that could be recovered… It is computer programmed to self replicate quickly and it is virus like, replicating through host cells and is self mutating. Then they gave it a little tweak to make it degrade the oil that was gushing into the Gulf of Mexico! Now “SYNTHIA” is completely out of control!

There is no known predators, so it can reproduce without limit. It is computer programmed to rapidly adjust in any environment. It is made to be antibiotic resistant, and it has gotten totally and entirely out of control. This is why they have made sure that all the hurricanes this year have avoided hitting the Gulf of Mexico, dont you think it is odd that all the hurricanes stayed out of the Gulf of Mexico region this year? “SYNTHIA” is virus like, replicating through host cells and it is self mutating. There is no known predators, so it can reproduce without limit.

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