Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow: the kingdom of heaven is within

This Parliament will always be Funkadelic with me


In ancient times there were always two dominant figures in the community. The first was the leader. Often the male…the so called Alpha or first male…he would be the bravest, strongest, sometimes the swiftest, certainly more powerful and intelligent when it comes to defeating all comers that threaten his position, as leader, and the community’s safety. The community looked to him to for protection and providence and in turn gives him unanimous service, submission and the lion share of the spoils. The choicest women come to him because it was understood that from his seed would spring scores of warrior/leader like him that would take the community to greater heights. As the leader he was responsible for the protection and well being of the community. Eventually what started out as natural selection became corrupted. The best and most able did not necessarily became leader, but nepotism…strong father to weak son, weak father to even weaker son, father to wife’s idiot son…etc became the way of things, that since have been passed down to various leaders over the millennium. Kings, emperors, prime ministers, presidents, heads of cultural organizations, nonprofit groups…all exhibiting the basest of hue man failings… letting emotion, over rule logic and wisdom.

Just as important as the leader, and carrying equal or sometimes more responsibility, thus more reverence/fear, was the healer, the seer. The Greeks called them the oracles, in parts of the indigenous worlds they were called shaman, in certain parts of Africa they were called Juju mama, because they were always women. The things they could do, was called magic, healing, voodoo, mysticism and numerous other appellation. Instinctively the ancients at the dawn of time knew that there was a great power that surrounded us, that was capable of giving life and taking it.  We didn’t know whence it came, but we needed to give reverence to it. Next to the burning energies of love, we always, even till today, wonder and ponder the meaning and origin of life.  The first healers were woman for obvious reasons. They produced life on this plane. And because the produced life on this plane, it is said that the could commune naturally with the creator, especially during labour (if their mind and soul is right). Since they did not go on hunting or expansion missions, they had time to ponder existence, as they contributed to making the community comfortable. Eventually through contemplation and communing with nature, the women immersed themselves in the hidden and sacred mysteries. The healing tradition was always passed on to those women most capable in temperament, those balanced emotionally, those showing a gift for empathy, those willing to live in isolation and also those who are virgins, untouched by what they believed was the soiling of aggressive male energies. The healers worked on a different plane, balancing the reality of the physical world with the secrets forces of the spiritual.

Usually the healers would use percussion sounds to put them in a trance like state. The percussion sounds imitate the beat of the heart, the mind of the universe. They would aid that trance with potion concocted from herbs, known to them, that are both healing and deadly in the wrong hands and with the wrong disposition. During trance, her soul would leave her body and travel to parallel planes, where she would communicate with the spirits of the plants, animals, birds, rock, rivers and those who had crossed over. The junction point was where her soul met with others at the same time had many name, but it is that stream of consciousness that the ancient people of KIMT has called the primordial soup. There she would meet spiritual guides who would counsel her on cures for illness, balance energies, bring rain, restore peace, decipher symbols and signs sent by nature and punish individuals whose acts prevent and interfere with the  community’s existence with the ALL.  During our nomadic period, it was impossible to build temples or alters, so the community existed in the ALL. Embracing the energies around us and extending/extracting these energies and wisdom from the earth, the skies, the plants, the animals and birds and from the earth…mother earth, the giver of life.

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