Jamaica-the small Axe, pt 2: up you mighty people.

What foreigners know about Jamaica can be summed up usually on the Tel lie Vision and the six o’clock news.  As per usual, when the media propaganda machine talks about you, African people of all nationalities, it is usually in the negative with a spattering of LESS negatives to garnish the main course. In no particular order, the Island of Jamaica is often noted for

  1. Violence
  2. Homophobia
  3. Ganja or marijuana
  4. Great beaches and the tourist industry
  5. Violence
  6. Reggae music

And often nothing else. Not the fact that this island despite, for 50 years has been scrutinized, abused, vilified attacked, coveted and co-opted, like no other islands previous. This includes Cuba and Haiti, which in Haiti’s case is so tragic that we as African have turned our back on them; allowing Caucasian invaders to swoop in after their man made disasters to continually punish this Greta nation for the unmitigated gall of standing up against t colonialism and the French. What many people including those in the corporation called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, was that Haiti was the difference in AMERICA stealing the state of Louisiana from the French who originally stole it from the indigenous people. It was after the Haitian revolution that the Haitian government loaned her fighting forces to America against the powerful French. And AMERICA’s response? Coming together with the French and other European Nations to penalize Haiti for daring to fight for her freedom. This only goes to show US that at the end of the day the Caucasian power brokers and elites will always put aside their own tribalism in order to subjugate, sterilize and exterminate non Caucasian nations if they get in their way. Something we fail to heed or practice for our own self preservation.

Continuing a long narrative of liberation struggle, few knew that the Haitian mysticism of voodoo and the spirit of struggle against France, perhaps the most powerful of European nation at the time, were influenced by a Jamaican called Bookman. It was he who brought the idea of Obeah mysticism to the Haitians, encouraging them that with the right rituals, not only will bullets not hurt them; they would defy death and return to wreck vengeance on their enemies. Eventually this emboldens fearless fighters, so scared the living arrogance out of Napoleon that France sued for peace. Yeah the tricked that fool, wanna be European, Toussaint L’overture into prison, exile and eventually death. I know people will be upset at this statement, but if he had followed Jean-Jacques Dessalines or even Henri Christophe and killed as much of the French as possible, he wouldn’t have been betrayed, holding out an olive branch.

Marcus Garvey

Least we are unaware that the works of the Honorable Marcus Garvey did not die with hm. Here in the place of the birth of the idea for the UNIA are conscious Africans carrying on the works of liberation in his name