Jamaica-the small Axe, pt 3: When di music hit, yuh feel no pain

In this segment there is little need to do any build up. The beauty and impact of reggae music is felt far across the globe, making it the most popular music genre for the past 40 years. It’s ironic that as a child growing up, the knee-grow puppet under the decrepit former colonial Brutish system, would refuse to play home grown music unless it was a cover of some American Soul, Country and Western or other music. In fact as a pre-teen, fucking Tom Jones and Engleburt Humpadick were more popular than ANY local musician you can ever name, due to Air time and the decision that OUR musical expression was not proper or decent for the ears of the Islands elite.

Now with Caucasian musical legends like Willie Nelson, Snead O’Connor and numerous other artists including Africans in America (completing the circle) have sampled or have had reggae artist on their tracks. Sit back and check out the music of the small Axe that is Jamaica. A music that caant dun!


History of Jamaican Music