Jamaica-the small Axe, pt 6: The political aftermath

gang 1  (ɡæŋ

  1. a group of people who associate together or act as an organized body, esp for criminal or illegal purposes
  2. an organized group of workmen
  3. a herd of buffaloes or elks or a pack of wild dogs
  4. a. a series of similar tools arranged to work simultaneously in parallel
    b. ( as modifier ): a gang saw
  5. to form into, become part of, or act as a gang

 Did you ever see the movie Gangs of New York? It was a powerful bit of storytelling with a powerful cast of characters, including Daniel Day-Lewis, who absolutely killed it as the portrayal of a psychopathic gang leader. What this story opened my eyes to was the history of the five points and the reality of the kind of barbarism that descended from the Viking, Vandals and other psychopathic gangs that had previously roamed the European mountains and hinterlands of old. These gangs from the movie were also reminiscent of the gangs that came to America and dropped the Plymouth Rock on top of the heads of the aborigines, committing genocide on the people, live stocks and ecology. And when they had spent themselves in an orgy of orgasmic violence, stole people from Africa to continue their insatiable lust for wonton destruction and mayhem. I recount this because often the misplaced narrative about gangs always seem to pain African people as the poster children of gang warfare, yet never contextualized the reason for a culture once praised as an example of spiritual and cultural excellence, near godlike in state of being. Neither does the biased narrative, contextualized the fact that more knee-grows kill each other than any outside forces, just like more East Asians kill East Asians, more South Asians kill South Asians, more Caucasians kill Caucasians, more homosexuals kill homosexuals and more heterosexuals kill heterosexuals. It is a thing of Human nature where you tend to reach out and literally touch those closer to you. Of course this unscientific observation hits a bump when you factor in the fact that no other ethnic group kills outside its own group as much as the Caucasians. Whether directly from the days of yore or both directly and indirectly as they do now thorough wars, sowing political unrest, destabilizing nations, committing ecological warfare and so forth. Believe me now, believe me later…or take up a book…any book that will surely detail the atrocities committed by Caucasians of various European nations and commercial entity in the name of superiority, god and money.

It is said that a great nation or empire can never be destroyed from without, but from within. This is historical and ourstorical in its truth. This could also be said of a great individual—whose spirit is crushed before the body is, or your body from a healthy point of view. Consequentially, a nation like Jamaica, destined for greatness, poised to be a beacon of hope and manifest destiny, which could have built on what Ghana did under Nkrumah, became another example of a post colonial disaster orchestrated by the same devils that had originally colonised us in the first place.  Jamaica was a pawn in the ideological tribal war between the Soviets and the USA, with both a largely African Cuba and an African island of Jamaica suffering in degrees for this. Cuba is still transitioning from a US backed dictatorship under Batista and a succeeding strong revolutionary leadership under Castro, to a state that is less iron fisted. But Jamaica never had that opportunity, as America made sure that the Cuban model was not repeated.  Armed with the willing participation of its media whores and the unfathomable self-hatred that post enslavement had on us, Jamaica is now being tabbed as the poster child of violence. We have never invaded anybody, never dropped bomb on anybody, never poisoned scores of babies and women, never practiced clinical genocide, systematically aborted anybody’s baby or created polices to depopulate countries to steal their resources, but we are tabbed as most violent. However, what we have and continue to do is to continue the legacies of genocide that started way before the Ma’afa and our great hellacaust that started with the barbaric European invasions and continues today with political chess games, created by people less powerful than we give them credit for. However…‘the greatest weapon the oppressor has is the mind of the oppressed”

What Is Life by black-Uhuru

What is life? Life is a spell
What is life? No one can tell
What is life? I try to see
What is life? It’s looking bleak

They control the treasure of our birthright
And to survive we have to struggle and fight
The present confrontation of our mind
The flexibility of our vision

What is life? I try to see
What is life? It’s unity
What is life? I try to feel
What is life? It’s really real

Everyone say they are not excited

While our vineyard exploited
African woman hold me close to you
Help me to find don’t get separated

What is life? Life is a treat
What is life? Nothing but cheat
What is life? Life is a test
What is life? Some man Jah bless

They control the pleasure of our birthright
And to survive we have to struggle and fight
The present confrontation of our mind
The flexibility of our vision


Jamaica Gangdom Documentary

“When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”, and when senseless violence is committed in the name of pride and ego, it is the most vulnerable of society that suffers the effects. Jamaica, just like any society under siege from without and within, is a vicious and rabid animal cannibalising itself. When people have lost the fortitude and desire to “pull themselves up by their own bootstrap” they seek an easy way to eat. Taking from others.  This is the essential deference between a dying entity and a self-sustaining entity, the ability to create something essential that does not leave destruction in its wake.

Trench town

 The problem with a society that oppresses its citizens, is that those who benefits the most from  the oppression have to keep looking over their shoulders in fear, as the hungry masses strive to eek  out some semblance of a life in a dog eat dog world. Eventually that viciousness spills over into areas that they are not meant to go. in order to prevent this, those benefiting from the oppression in society have to protect many of their ill-gotten gains. How its done is a matter of interpretation and expediency.

Jamaica Killer cops

Jamaica- the small axe, Pt 5..second act

There is an interesting book that’s been out for awhile called the confession of an international hit man. in it the protagonist turned whistle blower John Perkins who utilize international financial organizations to foment conditions that make other nations subservient to the elitists and secret cabal of 21st century enslaves, who uses selected corporations, the United Nations and the IMF as “wise guys” to damage the ecologies and societies in the developing world.  The last post hinted at this when Michael Manley’s relationship with Castro was used as an excuse to effectively ensure that Jamaica would never be effectively ruled by an African man, or any body seeking to make the social conditions of the people rise above where it is at right now. The following video explains the influencing factors that made a Jamaica an economic prostitute for the neo- colonialists of America and England and the IMF.


Life and Debt (Jamaica)

Jamaica- the small axe, Pt 5: Blood Fire and Folly tricks

 ****NOTE: the term West Indies was indicative of the Ignorance Christophe Colon and the European elites at the time.  During the period when Europe sought to compete with the Moorish (not so much Islamic) influence on Europe, this Homosexual, pedophile murderer, tried to get funding for his exploration to India, for what reason was not really clear. It was not clear because, India at the time, particularly the Hindus Kush Valley was African. In fact the Europeans at the time were unable to properly pronounce the name of the Nation Hindi, substituting India instead. He was able to get the Monarchy of Spain to fund his fantasy expedition only because they were being enclosed by the Moorish Juggernaut and wanted to fight them off.  This was why the son of a bitch called the people Indians upon feasting his devil’s orbs on the beautiful Island and its people. Unfortunately, European miseducators lie and tell the gullible that the Arawaks were the Indians who were the inhabitants of the Island.



Folly Tricks

The greatest threat to 21st century hue manity is not AIDS, nuclear wars or world hunger, but the political machines that engenders and instigate the above mention disasters. In ancient times the people dictated what their mouth pieces would debate and they would come back with a solution that was beneficial to the community. There was a circle of decision makers and no one individual was above the rest. Then with the advancement of the top down linear leadership model, the decision became on based on who had the stronger personality, which in turn made it easier to influenced by exterior interests. Politics today on paper still represents the people, but in reality, represents entities that at one time was business but are now states. Corporations are becoming state size…after all they are influencing states and nations, whether the people want them to or not. And the catalyst are the politicians and the political machinery.


Jamaica’s Political Our story