Jamaica- the small axe, Pt 5: Blood Fire and Folly tricks

 ****NOTE: the term West Indies was indicative of the Ignorance Christophe Colon and the European elites at the time.  During the period when Europe sought to compete with the Moorish (not so much Islamic) influence on Europe, this Homosexual, pedophile murderer, tried to get funding for his exploration to India, for what reason was not really clear. It was not clear because, India at the time, particularly the Hindus Kush Valley was African. In fact the Europeans at the time were unable to properly pronounce the name of the Nation Hindi, substituting India instead. He was able to get the Monarchy of Spain to fund his fantasy expedition only because they were being enclosed by the Moorish Juggernaut and wanted to fight them off.  This was why the son of a bitch called the people Indians upon feasting his devil’s orbs on the beautiful Island and its people. Unfortunately, European miseducators lie and tell the gullible that the Arawaks were the Indians who were the inhabitants of the Island.



Folly Tricks

The greatest threat to 21st century hue manity is not AIDS, nuclear wars or world hunger, but the political machines that engenders and instigate the above mention disasters. In ancient times the people dictated what their mouth pieces would debate and they would come back with a solution that was beneficial to the community. There was a circle of decision makers and no one individual was above the rest. Then with the advancement of the top down linear leadership model, the decision became on based on who had the stronger personality, which in turn made it easier to influenced by exterior interests. Politics today on paper still represents the people, but in reality, represents entities that at one time was business but are now states. Corporations are becoming state size…after all they are influencing states and nations, whether the people want them to or not. And the catalyst are the politicians and the political machinery.


Jamaica’s Political Our story

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