Jamaica- the small axe, Pt 5..second act

There is an interesting book that’s been out for awhile called the confession of an international hit man. in it the protagonist turned whistle blower John Perkins who utilize international financial organizations to foment conditions that make other nations subservient to the elitists and secret cabal of 21st century enslaves, who uses selected corporations, the United Nations and the IMF as “wise guys” to damage the ecologies and societies in the developing world.  The last post hinted at this when Michael Manley’s relationship with Castro was used as an excuse to effectively ensure that Jamaica would never be effectively ruled by an African man, or any body seeking to make the social conditions of the people rise above where it is at right now. The following video explains the influencing factors that made a Jamaica an economic prostitute for the neo- colonialists of America and England and the IMF.


Life and Debt (Jamaica)

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