A Bolt of lightening strikes twice in London: or suck on this bread fruit you haters!

This picture is a beautiful picture. The kind of pin-up even a macho, hyper masculine male in Jamaica can hang over his bed and be in a dancing mood about. or the type that bitch ass ignorant people can use to remind themselves how pathetic and insignificant their punk ass lives is and perhaps will be. I mean what is not there to celebrate and dance about right? We just had perhaps the biggest party for a nation that holds big party, celebrating 50 years removed from having the Brutish Empire pressing their jack boots on our collective necks (mind you the IMF, CIA and England’s whorish daughter has replaced those boots, but that’s another story) 

Below we have a few of our youth representing us in a spectacular fashion at the 2012 olympics. Not only did they do the Island of Jamaica proud, but the story of the small axe chopping down the big tree is a story most intelligent people can embrace and be apart of.

Images from the men’s 100m

and 200m final

Can’t forget my girl Shelly Ann-Fraser-Pryce who bus’ up the competition Joining Wyomia Tyus and Gail Devers as the ONLY women to repeat as 100 m Champions. My girl make love her more when I found out she is from my old neighborhood in waterhouse. Nice!

Tribute to Shelly- Ann Pryce_fraser

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