More sour grapes 2012

The headline screamed at me ….Jamaican sprinters should expect more drugs tests: Pound, and I can’t help but know that once again American dollars, politics and insane jealousy about not being the most dominant dog in the pound raises its dirty little head again. Shortly after this happened….

Bolt leads deep Jamaican team to world record in men’s 4×100 relay

…the insufferable Canadian, Dick…Pound came up with the doozy that the IOC will be paying close attention to Jamaica and the Jamaican track and Filed body, citing the difficulty in testing the runners on the Island.  I can only postulate that the bitching of Carl Lewis, obviously at the behest of some high official in the American track and field body, or worse, some corporate dog who has money riding on Americana, was responsible for this ass’s statement.

I have heard that right now, Usain Bolt is the most tested sprinter. When Asafa Powel was doing his thing, he was tested three times as much as the nmext American sprinter and it was believed was one of the reasone he failed to produce under the big lighs. To  be fair, this doesn’t mean anything as both Carl lewis and more so Ben Johnson, were tested repeatedly in 1988, with Ben being caught after his historic race, while Carl was caught 3x earlier on american soil. A fact many either don’t know or ignored, because of the limited exposure it got. I will tell anybody that I don’t like Carl Lewis. But for me to have any form of intelligent argument, I have to present facts, or at least put forth a reasonable set of points. With regards to the constant harping that the Jamaican team is doping, because they are dominating track and field now, why is this being made into a watergate type movement?  In my last article I laid down extensive proof that Jamaica has been involved in the sprints and have been placed highly in numerous International track and filed events since 1948. I also presented a CBC Canada investigative documentary where the highlight of the program was the intense year round school and club competition  that forges the kind of talent seeing yearly of  Jamaica’s sprinters, by many Jamaicans and people outside of  the Johnny come lately Olympic viewers.  An objective person would say that until identified, why make noise about doping? An objective person would also realize that there is a double standard when in comes to the U.S.

If the Balco case proved anythin, it’s that the same guy that is in London, interfering with the IOC, Victor Cunt, had created designer drugs that no tests were previously developed for. These drugs were PROVEN to  account for American domination in Track and Field for a long time. Intelligent people know that doping has been intrenched in armature and professional sports for quite a long time. In fact Hope Solo the goal keeper for the US women’s soccer team, was found to have masking agents and yet she got to play, no questions asked. But again, the double standard of the US media and the internet warriors are incredible. I am sure if we start questioning Carmaleta Jeter for actually competing in her first olympics and was smoking people at the ripe old age of 32, one would be lambasted for rampant speculation. She has never qualified for an olympic sprint  in her life and now is one of the fastest women ever. Her supporter would say she doesn’t do drugs and rightfully say you have no proof. Even though her current coach, was associated with one Charley Francis of Canada. Even though Carmaleta’s time is more sudden and dramtic in it’s drop than Usain Bolts. Now I am not saying John Smith is less than an excellent coach. Nor am I saying she is doping, but reckless speculation goes both ways, don’t it? And by teh way John Smith was once associated witht he Balco scandal.

It’s hard to believe that the Eastern Bloc was killing people all over and there was numerous speculation and suspicions, which turned out to be true. Heck, the women’s 4x 100 record stood for something like 27 years and was obliterated by the US women this week. In fact, the US was dominating sprinting for years and none of it was “extraordinary”. Florence Griffith  Joyner was a so so runner at UCLA, but ran a 10.47 secs 100m yet many people still belive that this wasn’t anything but talent and hard work, that it wasn’t “extraordinary”.  In yesterdays post I mentioned the long list of Jamaica’s involvement in the his story of the  Olympic games. We have also had a long list of olympic champions over the years. We dominated the 400m during the late 50’s and early 60’s. Jamaicans of my age remember the great Donald Quarrie, a commonwealth legend in teh 70’s, who won 200m gold and 100m silver in the Montreal Olympics. There is the ageless Merlene Ottey, the most consistent female sprinter for years who could never win a gold medal because of recently revealed and long ago suspected doping competition.

Yet that Dick…Pound claims the Jamaican athlete are hard to find. Then there is the head of the IOC Jacques Rogge who feels that Usain Bolt is not a legend. This is the same punk that voiced his displeasure about Bolts celebration as being un sportsman like. But then it’s the Olympics, created to recreate the ancient Hellenic competition when men competed naked against each other. This is the same IOC, who had a leader who was a staunch supporter of Adolph Hitler.

No Dick…testing is done on all winners as well as others…, it is required. That’s why over 60 athletes got caught so far in this Olympics. But again sour grapes is the flavour of the Olympic years as many are speculating that Bolt is using steroids becasue of his unbelieveable runs, yet no one is questioning that what Michael Phelps did was unbelievable.  No one is saying he’s on steroids just that he is dedicated and talented. Who can forget the picture of him celebrating with a big ass chillum(bong) pipe in hand. But he was not sanctioned. Again Victor Cunt was a steroid pusher, who is going around campaigning to clear his name in the publics eye. He is not a saint and is not doing this for any virtuous means. Also Carl Lewis was tested positive 3 times  for performing enhancers before the Seoul Olympics, and the US ignored it. When the US track Association finally reported it, the 3 yr statute of limitations had already passed, so Lewis couldn’t lose his medals, the way Ben Johnson did. Carl Lewis was also one of  114 US athletes that failed drug test, that the US didn’t turn in during 1988. The US released that information long after SEOUL. And what Carl Lewis had in his system were banned substances, and the reason why they were banned, is because they’re used as MASKING AGENTS for STEROIDS, but he claimed took them accidentally, and didn’t know. Now that is quiet the scandal. Let’s not forget the 1984 Olympics where tests came back positive for many athletes in the sprint event, but the American track and field’s office was broken into and the samples stolen…STOLEN!   

Here is a article from the  Brutish paper, the Guardian in 2003, where Carl Lewis even admitted himself that he was on PED, and said “So everybody was doing it at the time”, when asked. Is he really doing it for the love of the purity of the game? Or is it just more sour grapes, because America once dominated the sprints?  Like basketball, the world is not laying or rolling over for them anymore. They are still dominant, don’t get me wrong, but like the bulies they are, they refuse to share the spotlight with anybody else.
Y’all better not make too much noise about China…they may get mad and recall your debts.