Is America preparing new candidates for its prison Industrial complex?


This shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that has a rudimentary knowledge of American His story. The elites of the Brutish Empire had emptied out their Jails of all the scums, murderers, rapists, prostitutes, political agitators and numerous others, including people unfortunate to be impoverished and couldn’t pay the kings taxes. Many became the pilgrims their descendants wax nostalgic about. How armed with Christian Faith, they came to the new world to start over. What these people did was fall on the Original people of Turtle Island and what is now called Australia in a devastating orgy of blood-letting and genocidal mayhem.

These narratives are not lost on the elitists…or those who see themselves as elitists as they weave a complex web of lies about their superiority along “color line”. They tell false tales of the Native Americans falling gravely ill, when coming into contact with the “pale-face”, because of their weaker constitution and we bought it. As children we bought it because children are conditioned to believe what adults tell us. Especially those adults designated as “experts” or “professionals”. What they deliberately omitted was that the Natives were systematically exterminated, by germ warfare, cowardly raids of peaceful villages and towns, extensive internment and other forms of genocide, including re-educating in so-called missionary schools, so that they grow to reject their culture for the Caucasian man’s culture and worldview.

America has had over 500 years head start in psychological warfare on top of their growing skills at causing death and destruction of each other and other nations in every corner of the world. Their main strength is in controlling people’s minds so that they/we feel powerless to stop this Juggernaut, that does most of its damage through subterfuge and psychological interference.  An example is the misleading statistics of youth crime and the increase in youth criminals. So called “experts” will cite individuals like the Denver shooter, the Columbine shooter, and others and extrapolate that this is a product of the violent computer gaming age…while they continually sell the youth violent computers games. America and in effect Canada have numerous ways of criminalising young people, because if you want to screw up an adult, get them as they transition from pre-teen to teens. If one did not believe the warnings that the elitists through proxy government in various country and financially supported by certain corporate business interest, are trying to enslave us worldwide, then the following series of videos and linked article should do the trick. And if not then nothing else will make you put down the crispy cream donut with chicken wings and purple soda, and look into what your government is doing.

Feds: Mississippi county runs ‘school-to-prison pipeline’

(CNN) — Officials in Lauderdale County, Mississippi, have operated “a school-to-prison pipeline” that violates the constitutional rights of juveniles by incarcerating them for alleged school disciplinary infractions, some as minor as defiance, the U.S. Department of Justice said Friday.

Others are watching you

Lobbying is the biggest industry in Washington, D.C. or any governing body that is involved in politics.  When corporation do it it’s called lobbying. When individuals or small time operators do it, it’s called bribery. Paying the judges is what is called “lobbying”.  There are at least 50 lobbyists for every person in the US Congress. Not sure right now about Ottawa, as Canada tends to keep a tighter lid on their nefarious behaviour…or Canadians just care less than Americans do about their alleged freedom. Lobbying…money, juicy position after their careers are over…money…did I say money? That is why so many of our elected leaders sell their souls on the cheap to the elites, who are only 1% of the wealthy, but who control 95% of the resources.

Prison-Industrial Complex Buying Judges To Jail Kids For Scratched Cars & Thrown Steaks

‘There are more black men in prison than were slaves

After seeing these videos…will knee-grows continue to watch basketball wives? Dancing with the stars? Will we care who Kim Kardashian is fucking next, or what Beyonce is doing with Baby blue? 

Sigh…will we wake up?

Gabby Douglas

“In fiction, a troll is a hideous, wicked creature lacking humanity. In the real world, they post unkind tweets about other people. The definition fits the people who decided to criticize American gymnast Gabby Douglas for having what they describe as unkempt, sweaty hair during the women’s gymnastics competitions at the Olympics in London.”

The above was taken from an article by Yvetter Walker, writing for a website called mood, out of Oklahoma. Mrs Walker was writing about the distasteful comments being made about 16 year old double gold medal gymnist Gabriel Douglas. Gabby for those who like to shorten people’ name.  Granted, I am a little late on this, but it appears that theri are certain knee-grow females…trolls if you will…that are dumping on the 16 year old youth because the felt her hair was not up to some standard they felt it should be up to. I suspected knee-grow women have literally lost their minds when it comes to hair, but are you kidding me? This is the first thing you notice? Not that I see anything wrong with her hair. I mean she isn’t going out on the town, going to the prom or something like that. She is actually, you know, competing in an athletic event. So I doubt she has time to spend creating some magnificent Coife. It’s like these knee-grow wenches couldn’t find something better to do, if they werent going to celebrate her success…like go fix their husband a sandwich or something. Oh right! they’re probebly independent women, who only ahave time to criticize a 16 year old youth on the greatest week of her life. After all, this The 16-year old gymnast became the first African representing America,  to win the most coveted medal in Olymppic gymnastic, the individual all-around.And we wonder why the youth don’t care to much for the bullshit the adults bring to them.

Gabby Douglas

But this get’s worse…(or in my best Louise Bennet response)…worser? Now we have what I would guess to be a bevy of Caucasians upset at Mrs Baphomet signaler her self, Beyonce for sending well wishes and congratulating young Gabby Douglas on her Olympic gold medal. For me to defend this empty weave is not something that happens often, or ever. But I fail to see how congratulating a 16 year old, who is a big fan of hers makes Beyonce a..get this:

A “racist” and a “beotch”

A few of the comments went like this.  commenter “what” wrote, “since there is really no effort involved in blogging why didn’t she congratulate all of the other gold medal winners from the USA? oh yeah they have all been white”

Then Ginny added, “Wow just say congrats to the black girl always knew mrs jay z was racist

Then jenni12 added, “beyonce is frickin racist…she didnt care to congrat anybody else or even the girls as a team..just the one black girl..cant stand that beotch”

Wow! There are a lot of people with personal issues that feel they must share with the saner members of civilization. Beyonce’s note read: “A huge congratulations to 16-year-old Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas – WOW – what a thrill to watch you take this Gold!  – enjoy this moment, its yours. Thank you for inspiring all of us! Love, B

And to put things in perspective young miss Douglass also received congratulations from several other celebrities including Justin Bieber, Oprah, Lady Gaga to name a few. Gabby has made it known that’s she’s a fan of Beyonce, and as is norm, after a celebrity is aware of a fans adulation sometimes send out a message to big up their fans.  This comes days after the Anti-African male bashing of her father, where speculation is rift about him being a “deadbeat dad”. Instead of taking up my reader’s time with that nonsense, I would prefer to link you to a thoughtful post over at

In the meantime young miss Douglass’s reply to the more positive responses was… “WOW such an AMAZING experience! Thank you all for your support, love and prayers love you all!!! #oncloud9″