Has the Jamaica Government turned Island into a Pimpers Paradise?

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On August 9th I was invited to a small gathering around the Launching of a new compilation of 20 something essays on the Jamaican experience in Canada. It was a nice gathering and reinforced the over standing that there is a wealth of mental resources outside of the Island. A lot of positive information was shared about the best way to reach back, African style and extend an helping hand to those we can help. As well as the need to strengthen our base in Canada, we talked about some of the ills that has befallen the Island.

During a discussion with  a sister, I was shocked to hear that the Jamaican government was selling off and had sold off some of our natural resources. Resources such as certain stretches of beach, was something I had heard years ago, along with the inevitable fencing off of these same beaches from the citizen. What really shocked me was that they were thinking of selling the Dunn’s River Falls, one of the Major tourist attraction of Jamaica. I remember in 2008, under Portia Simpson, when a big to was created when she was allowing ALCO to do Bauxite mining in the Cockpit country and the International uproar is caused. Due to the fact that my ex-wife was from Falmouth, we had connected to several expatriate to start a movement to get that idiot to back off with that nonsense. After the international scrutiny became to glaring, she did back off, but did not give word that she was shutting down any thoughts of this happening. Low and behold after her tenure was interrupted by the Golden administration, I see she is back to selling off the Island to the highest bidder. Of course this weak ass excuse for a hue man being cared less that Bauxite Mining threatens the Integrity of Cockpit Country’s unique biological and cultural heritage.

 Resources In Jamaica are any materials that man finds useful in this environment. It is important to note that man must first find the material useful. Both corn and wheat grew as wild grasses, only becoming resources when man started to use them as food. The light woods of the Jereton and Dalli trees were not used by man until it was discovered that they made ideal wood for pencils and matches they became resources. Clay forms a poor agricultural resource, but an excellent resource in the brick-making industry. Jamaica natural resources are very important to the countries future success.   http://www.jamaicafarm.com.jm/resources.htm

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