I am not a Race!!!




I am not in a race… a contest of speed, as in running, riding, driving, or sailing. A race to see who finishes first at some arbitrary finish line. I am not in a race because it is not something I indulge in, racing aimlessly while others set the bar so far out of my reach that I get tired in the race. Everybody seems to be in this race…to go where in heaven or hell is this race taken us.


 I am not a race, an ambiguous, title applied by those who would deny me true self and person. I am not a race, because I am unique, I am different, I am original.  Everybody is in a race: the Italian race, the Jewish race, the Asian race, the white race, the black race…and so on.


 I am not a race…I am the original man…indigenous to the earth. My ancestors were the first to walk on the land, to build on the land, to till the land. And though others may strive to dilute my blood, my spirit and my flesh, the dark matter still runs strong in me. It reminds me that once we were spiritual beings able to experience a physical existence. An experience that is trapped in our mortal flesh, hidden, but not destroyed, dormant, but never far from the surface, if only we would embrace it.


 I am indigenous to this Universe, the progeny of the progenies of the one essence that first separated from the dark matter of the universe in order to over stand itself. I am indigenous to this planet and all that come from me, are inferior to me because I originate, never imitate.




I am not a race, and am not in a race, because this race is a contest to supplant my birth right by selling me false trinkets that are valueless and meaningless. By doing so those that imitate me, that steal my birth right, are hoping by osmosis that they can ascend the highest f high and those topple their makers.


 I am not a race…


                    I am more than a contest…


                                       I am more than an abstract…


                                                           I am the sum total of the spirit…


 That is kissed by the sun, as I breathe in its essence and bathe in its energy……


……so that I can live now and live forever….


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