The Science behind the Ear Ring and the Tattoos

As a young teen I have always been mystified seeing grown men wearing ear rings. At that time many of the knee-grows i saw wearing rings in their ear were the pimps. At the time, my knowledge of  rockers or homosexuals was relatively non existent. As I grew into young adulthood, I notice that rise in men wearing ear rings coincided with the rise in men wearing eye liner, perming and doing feminine things with their looks, because they were imitating certain media icons they worshiped.     Apart from the pimps, as a youth, the occasional ear ring wearing fellow i saw were pirates on the big screens, but at the time those men were all Caucasians.  Now in 2012 not only are women and men stepping up their game in being creative with their ring wearing, but now both are also being creative with scarification and its toned done sister called tattooing.

AS I see it the problem with fashion is it is about self expression. However, the self expression mostly promoted is about pushing boundaries and certain notions of taste, sensibility and common sense. I once asked my ex-wife, after passing by the tel-lie vision and noticing fashion show she was viewing, “they’re not wearing that shit out in public right?” She proceeded to inform my ignorant ass that what I was viewing was the “designers” testing the boundaries to see if they could “wow” the crowd. They were seeking to impress the potential sponsors with their creativity.  The situation however, has devolved to where those same freaky deaky look is now common place on the street. And they are accessorized by the latest far out ornamentation and scarification. The western society, which includes the obligatory Afro-peons are brutal in denigrating Africans in the forest or out in the plains, for how they would practice scarification and the level they would go to mar their skins or distort their features.

    Extreme scarification

she is not of the African continent. For those who would think that we are the only ones to do this

Above and below, two types of scarification

Tattooing has become a trend with a lot of us and it’s not about the youth being experimental, trying to stand out or being expressive. When i question many including those embarking on their first tattoo adventure about the reasons behind this need to scar their skins, many could not give me a logical answer other than it looks good. It wasn’t more than say fifteen years ago when a simple little heart on your ankle or your lovers name on your forearm would have sufficed. Now we get people becoming a walking billboard, advertising stuff that are often irrelevant except to themselves, thus is lost on many who see it. Such as what we see on most knee-grow entertainers and athletes.

While they Maori’s are descendants of Africoid people…he aint a Maori warrior.

This a confused child, ensure of his sexuality and his attractiveness, so he fills his body with tattoos

another confused knee-grow who is unsure of his masculinity

Most women in the western societies or those influenced by western (read White) society have no clue that wearing rings was done for therapeutic and function and the development of health stemming from the result of acupuncture of the ear or nose and not for beautification.

Statue of liberty?

According to the Hellenic stories, Aesculapius or Hippocrates, wrote about ear piercing and earring wearing around 470 B.C. as a remedy and treatment for menstrual problems. The historian Galen also wrote about the same thing. For those knowledgeable in the traditions of the ancestors, Hippocrates or Aesculapius was in reality a refernec to the Nubian Kimityu renascence man Imhotep. The learned men of the Hellenic period (there were no Greeks then as that area was a collective of feudal states) had learned in Kimit under the true masters, then brought the knowledge back to their people to less than stirring success. Even though they cured over 300 diseases, people like Socrates who pursued esoteric knowledge beyond the days limited scope, was persecuted for “being a busybody, and a curious person who makes inquiries into the earth and sky, and the recent legal charges that he is guilty of corrupting the young, and of worshipping Supernatural things of his own invention instead of the gods recognized by the State”. It was this Order of Hippocrates that used earrings to help Greek women battle menstrual problems. In ancient times, if a body organ was low or deficient in energy or chi, gold earrings would be placed in a pierced acu-point for stimulation; and silver earrings if the body organ had excessive energy. Gemstones were added for their therapeutic effects. A ruby was used to regulate menstruation and to enhance fertility. An emerald  was worn to prevent miscarriage and to aid in childbirth. Citrine was worn to boost sexual energy. These benefits were then transmitted through the gold or silver. Each of these precious stones carried its own vibratory energies that when placed near an acupuncture point aids in balancing the bodies imbalance. The also carry the spirit energies of the earth and the people of an higher and more ancient energy and whose energies were transformed to the living body for healing. This was the ORIGINAL reasons why lesser spiritual beings scavenged the earth for precious stones hoping to capture these same healing qualities. It is also the reason behind the search for the elixir of life and the knowledge of alchemy to turn dross into gold.

Alas today the pursuit for precious stones has been first regulated to material value and now even the colored paper we worship is not even backed by those anymore. In our modern times, the traditional point for ear piercing is in the middle of the fleshy lobe of the ear. Notice how the ear looks like a fetus turned upside down? This part of the ear is the intuitive, first Eye, or psychic point. It is really the first eye because the two we have in front, bends energy or light  through the refractive lenses in order to better associate the energy with a solid something.  The first eye sees behind the material into the spiritual realm and brings you closer to the dark matter of the cosmos and allows us to see through, over and beyond the artificial concept called time.   It is very important that only gold, and not silver, be worn here on the ear lobe. Gold, combined with an amethyst or emerald (which are both traditionally regarded as very spiritual stones), will have an added positive effect on the function of intuition.