The epidemic of child molestation

Note: I want to thank my beautiful internet friend Anna Renee for sharing this story with her fans. This is a phenomena that has been going on much too long and people are tired of the bullshit response being made by the various government officials who we pay the illegal taxes to to protect us and our families from harm. this story has compelled me to throw together a post on the topic.

According to a story circulating, A 27-year-old mother of two young boys (eight and nine years of age) is being charged with assault after nearly beating a community coach to death for allegedly molesting her sons. “I asked my son, did he touch you bad, did he touch you down there and my little boy said yes and I said was it just you and he said no, he touched some more kids,”Lakeshia Richmond told a local news station.

Richmond’s concerns were heightened when she received a phone call from the head coach of the community football team, located in Memphis, Tennessee, on Saturday requesting a meeting with the coach who allegedly molested her sons.  As she made her way to the meeting, Richmond spotted the alleged child molester, Coach Red, during her commute. “He was running away,” said Richmond. “I didn’t say anything to him I just blinked out. When I saw him, I saw my kids being hurt, that’s it.”

Neighbors saw Richmond chase the coach down the street to a neighbor’s carport and beat the man with a bat. “There was blood splattered all over my carport,” said a neighbor Jackie Woods. “She beat his head open, split his head.“ Richmond says she did call police to report the coach but everything happened quickly.  “I was hoping the police made it to him before I did,” said Richmond. “He was saying he didn’t do it and he was sorry. If you didn’t do it why are you saying you’re sorry? What are you sorry for?” Neighbors don’t believe Richmond should have been taken to jail for beating the coach.

They’re suffering, they toss and turn at night, and they really just ain’t been sleeping because they’ve been scared. They were even scared to tell me. I mean I’m their mom,” stated Richmond. “If I don’t protect them then who will?”

Supporters are soliciting donations to assist Richmond with acquiring counseling for the two boys. You can get information on the movement to drum up support for Mrs Richmond here

This campaign is to help Richmond acquire counseling for her sons who were allegedly molested by a football coach

According to the website supporting Mrs Richmond, the  recent surge in media exposure of sex abuse,  is  a good enough reason to contribute to  ‘… reshaping the lives of the children affected by the abuse so that they do not live to be victims of this crime for the rest of their lives. ‘ However the reality is that the history of child sexual abuse is not new in America, Canada, the western World and neither is it new across the globe.  I remember when I was in my mid twenties a close friend of mine had taken a job as an airline stewardess to Saudi Arabia and had brought back a newspaper that had a huge article on child sex trade in Malaysia and the city of Bangkok in Thai Land. Almost all of these men were Caucasians of wealthy status or with enough wealth to “vacation” in these areas often so that they could sexually molest children. The fact that the adults in these areas would allow this insidious trade to go on was even more disturbing than the vultures that took part in the child rapes. We all know or have heard of Bangkok, being a haven for sex, far surpassing the anything goes adventure you can find in Holland and Sweden.

AN ASIDE: I over stand that there is an increase in animal sexual assault in Sweden, with the animals receiving the same trauma that a human sexual assault victim often gets. As far back as 1982, I became aware of Sweden being one of those “liberal” countries that was open to zoophilia.

I mentioned the wealth of the  men travelling to Asia and Africa and the Caribbean (don’t think it’s only Asia) having the means to do so, but one doesn’t have to be rich or poor, of any ethnic persuasion, liberal or conservatives, male or female, religious or agnostic, black or white, young or old, to be a sexual predator.  Any body that is fucked up in the head and has serious holes in their emotional context can be that molester. I have heard so called experts describe serial killers as being charming, but lacking the ability that would inhibit them from crossing social taboo lines. Well child molesters, just like zoophilias are similar, because their immediate pleasures is the only important thing to them.

While some can fit the profile of a John Wayne Gacy  but for every one person caught for assaulting a minor, there are more than that amount who sexually abused children but were able to defend themselves when the matter reached court. Judges and other officials, including the police are either bribed because those involved in the case are rich people who could afford to pay any amount so as not to tarnish their family name, or the crime is covered up some other way because the reputation of the offender is more important. keep in mind that offender could be a fellow police officer, a husband or a professional associate. Sometimes these criminals are allowed to go free for one reason or the other. They come back and continue their wicked actions. It is also telling particularly in North America that there is a rise in the REPORTING of females in position of authority sexually assaulting adults and children. Some links here and here and here.

Of course there are many who have come out and derided Lakeshia Richmond for assaulting an innocent man. The have also demanded that she be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

As one person stated, “What this woman did was wrong. She should have waited until she had proof that he did it then hit the coach with a bat!” However, the question that lakesha asked and no one will answer is why did the coach run when he saw her? And why did he try to apologize has he was being beaten instead of saying he was innocent?

African people know how the just-us system work in the United States. As close in memory as the Penn State child rape factory where numerous boys , many suspected as little African males were assaulted repeatedly while Penn State officials look the other way. There is even mention that these boys were prostituted to men in suites, holding high profile position in corporate America, some even politician. Don’t even mention the child sex ring that once lead from 10 Downing street in England, straight to Gearge Bush’s White House.  As well listen to Dick Gregory break down the Atlanta child murderers and how he detailed the brother getting railroaded by a  shitstym that supports pedophilia. Yes that’s right  A SHITSTYM THAT SUPPORTS PEDOPHILIA.  If you have never heard of N.A.M.L.B.L.A? It’s an acronym for North American Men Loving Boys Association that has been politicking to be allowed to LEGALLY have sex with boys under 18, sometimes under 14 year old. I have attached a copy of a speech that was made public by one Michael Swift, who wasn’t all that swift to think that such a speech would go forth without a backlash. here is the speech in its entirety.

Another person following the Lakesha Richmond case stated, “I sure hope she gets AQUITTED of all charges!!! This man down here in Texas sure did and he killed the guy who he caught molesting his kid!! Justice has to be served!!!” They were referring to   this incident.

I am not suprised that the po-lice has charged the woman  with assault. After all this is a nation were police have been known to rape both women and men in various jurisdictions across the country. This is a nation where law and order anti-homosexual conservative types, or Republicans, are being caught almost weekly committing homosexual acts. A nation who’s president immerse himself into the whole gay marriage thing , yet they don’t tell you that a huge part of  homosexual lifestyle is to have sex with minors. it is in the Greco-Roman history. Yet these same homosexuals will spew shit that straight men rape women…which is true. But when they say straight men rape little boys, this is bull shit, because they are not straight, but undercover homosexuals. In the end, whether straight or homosexuals, know for a fact that ANY molestation of a minor should be severely punished.  Yes! Mrs Richmond did take the law into her hands and yes, for sure she assaulted that man, but she is a mother and any parent who doesn’t shoot first and ask questions later to me is not a good parent. Sort of like those women who allow some dog to molest their child, in order to feel as if she was getting attention from him. Let me end mt rant by saying this…a child molester is the worst kind of beast there is, because a child is so precious that to mess upo that child’s future and present, take that child’ s soul with these act is unforgivable. Yet the shitstym gives these animals light sentences AND protect their identities when the are released into the general population.  Have we forgotten or do we care that these children will  have to heal mentally and physically and may have some emotional scarring for most of their lives?

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