The European culture vultures and the knee-grows who contribute


Dear America , Tim Burton & Timur Bekmambetov,

The depiction of Harriet Tubman as biracial in a new Hollywood film ranks as the most hurtful denunciation of Blackness yet. In a nation that claims itself ‘multi-cultural’ and that everyone is part of a rainbow humanity-why are we constantly bombarded with the erasure of Authentically Black images? Why does Harriet Tubman, a dark Black woman whose grandmother identified her as an Ashanti from Ghana, West Africa have to look European in order for Westerners to acknowledge, celebrate and value her? 

Why specifically are academics and critical thinkers, Black and White alike, unable to see the blatant Colorism in music videos, magazines and countless films that seek to portray Africa as a continent peopled by light skinned Biracial women? How is it that intelligent people claiming there’s only one race-the ‘human race’-consistently paint the darkest people as motherless invisible un-people? How do they fail to see the blatant visual distortion as millions of African teenagers take up skin-bleaching and other forms of neurotic self-hatred to become the Whitened images that Western media routinely presents in place of Authentic Black ones? And how do you claim to love and revere the Black African male image (as Western sexism profoundly fetishes Black maleness) while at the same time erasing the dark womb that produces him? How do you save a man without saving the womb that he came from?

As an African woman, these media images remind me all too much of the various slave trades that have afflicted our continent. Non-Black people, mixed raced people and self-hating Black people are in charge once again of controlling our image and do so based on color-when a Black person does something horribly bad (O.J. Simpson); that person is ‘darkened’ several shades in media images. When they do something glamorous and cosmopolitan (Beyonce)-their image is lightened so as to give whiteness the credit. If a Black man is presented as a romantic image, then they must pair him with a very light skinned image in order to assure that he will eventually be bred into a more a palatable color, one that matches their ‘one love’ preaching racist eye.

I myself am technically biracial. The daughter of a White Arab Egyptian and a Blue Black Oromo woman, I was adopted by Black Americans and have lived off and on for thirty years in America. I speak seven languages and have authored ten books in eight countries and have lived in eleven other nations. Though like most North African biracial people, I am Black with African nappy hair, I am consistently told that Cleopatra (who had an African parent) could only look like Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie because she was biracial. Americans don’t take into account that biracial people in Africa are much darker than the ones in the United States. When arguing Cleopatra was half Greek, they ignore how dark the Greeks were thousands of years ago. It horrifies America that Cleopatra probably looked more like Kola Boof, Jill Scott or Waris Darie than like Claudette Colbert.

The recent monument in Washington D.C. of Martin Luther King depicts him as somewhat Asian-looking (it was sculpted by a Chinese artist). So now we have countless Black teens visiting the statue and coming back to report the lie that King was part Chinese. No one sees the problem in this-innocent Black children believing that Martin Luther King and now Harriet Tubman weren’t really Black people; thus credit for their humanitarian achievements belonging to other groups.

My current boycott of the film “Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter” (wherein Tubman is played by a Half-Dutch actress) caused its White filmmakers to counter that their film is a comedy satire and that Thor and Tonto have been played by Black actors in recent films. But Harriet Tubman is not a fictional character like Thor and Tonto. Tubman is a Historical iconic symbol of the Black race’s liberation and self-identification; their break with enslavement and control by outsiders. To me you really have to hate Harriet Tubman to erase her true image and make her a light skinned biracial woman. That depiction, no matter how you attempt to dismiss or downplay it, says everything about White Supremacy and the erasure of Blackness.

In my latest novel, “The Sexy Part of the Bible”-I wrote about a beautiful charcoal-colored African woman who feels betrayed that her image in a Hollywood film is portrayed by a very Mixed-looking actress. Some American readers said I was being ‘sensitive’, but right after the novel was published, biracial actress Thandie Newton was cast by a British company as an Igbo Nigerian tribeswoman for a major upcoming film. Many Nigerian women’s groups both in the West and Nigeria formed a letter-writing campaign to protest such disrespectful inaccuracies. But as usual, we were told by a nice White lady calling us “sister” that it doesn’t matter if White-looking women consistently represent the image of Black Women. We were told by the White lady calling us “sister”…that African women’s actual blackness doesn’t need representation and that we were ‘racist’ for not wanting a White-looking woman to play an Igbo tribeswoman.

I reject such hypocrisy and hatred against my beautiful dark skin. I reject the recent film “Red Tails” where Black American women were completely cut out of their own history-the leading lady was Caucasian and not a single black actress appeared in the film. I reject Black American academics who claim “Africa is the most racially diverse continent”-no, dear Over-seer, Africa is the most invaded, conquered place with outsiders taking up our space. We in Africa are overwhelmingly Dark skinned and nappy. Arabs and Berbers are not Black people-so stop the lies Black American Professors. And I reject America’s lies about promoting a rainbow human race. America is for the whitening and erasure of other people; not the inclusion. When I tell these truths, Americans call me ‘bitter and angry’ to try and silence me. But there is no bitterness or anger in me. Like most intelligent Black women, I spend ninety percent of my day laughing and what I have said here is actual and factual. Your great society is as hypocritical and White supremacist as ever and a growing number of us are able to dismantle the beauty that hides your faces.

Black is beautiful, too.

Kola Boof

This letter was directed at the insulting and intentional stealing and whiteout of one of the greatest African revolutionary in our story….period. And it preceded the intended portrayal of Nina Simone by Zoe Saldana, replacing the initial choice that was Mary J Blige. Zoe Saldana is a Spanish speaking knee-grow from Brazil. And we know that there are more knee-grows and Africans in Brazil than anywhere else out side to Africa. Do you also know that most Spanish speaking knee-grows don’t count themselves as Africans? At best they call themselves Latino, which means “white”.  This is why the true indigenous descendants of that area calls themselves CHICANO to distance themselves fro the Caucasian invaders and rapists.

 I think both Thandie Newton  and Zoe Saldana are excellent actresses but this is way beyond acting skills but a continued and purposeful move to eliminate us as a people, visually, psychologically and then physically.  You know that little saying…”what would Jesus do?”  Well I ask, what would a Khazar do if Golda Meir is portrayed by a Woopie Goldberg?   She is …er…Jewish right” What would South Asian say if Indira Gandhi was played by an African from the corporation called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

We know what happened to the movie  COLOR OF THE CROSS…right? You know right, that he portrayed the character Jesus the messiah. Can you find that movie? You do know that every movie made from Hollyweird has to pass by a sub committee that is an arm of the US government right? It has to be vetted by the GOVERNMENT of the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Have I gotten your attention?

The Caucasian ethnic group is exhibiting the characteristics of a desperate and dying group, clutching on to anything and everything they can to prevent the inevitable disappearing of a group that refuses to work in symbiosis with nature and other ethnic groups. It is a dying group and if we ate not careful, they will take a lot of us with them.

Dr. Clark’s journey started from that absence of our image and presence in his story. Are we taking his torch and extinguishing it because we would rather be accepted as happy knee-grows?


7 thoughts on “The European culture vultures and the knee-grows who contribute

  1. Good upload! I follow Kola Boof on Twitter. She is a very passionate woman. And never bites her tongue. I’ve seen her get into some very heated debates with followers. I do admire her honesty though. I don’t meet too many black woman with opinions like her nowadays.


    1. She will not get much play except for hardcore fans. This is what a strong “black” woman looks and sounds like, not that shit the video hoes and tel-lie vision personalities bullshit about. She is also an example for us as men because many of us will tell others what’s wrong with THEM, but we refuse to criticize OURSELVES. It is from this self criticism that one develop the courage to chastise those who commit wrong.


      1. Yeah I agree. The television alters our perception of reality. I think the media is doing it’s best to destroy black male-female relationships. They always promote division between us in films and television shows. I think that’s what is behind this “gender war” they got going.


      2. I would also add that I believe the interracial propaganda is another tool the media uses to divide black men and women. They always want us to believe that the grass is greener on the other Sorry,I’m not buying it. I can see their agenda a mile away. This is a full assault on the black family. I wish our people could open their yes and see it for what it is and stop being spoon fed this garbage from Hollyweird.
        I also see your point about Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone. This is nothing but colorism at it’s finest. I think Lauryn Hill would be a better choice myself.


      3. Nah! Lauren Hill already condemned the pope to eternal hell. The child is already designated as crazy and drugged out. So they will not touch her. Regarding the misogyny issue, if you look at regular us folk, even in our dysfunctional state, we still tend to gravitate to each other. We see the exception because the media pulls our attention to it. That is why they always show CERTAIN celebrity who make these choices. But there are more than enough who don’t. I mean, Denzel is not the most conscious brother, but you know is woman is African American. Angela Basset’s husband is African American. Once we stop worshipping in the church of “white goods” –“black bad” we automatically break the mental slavery. Well the children anyway, up to seven or eight, because the old dogs aren’t willing to learn any new tricks.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I’ve always loved Lauryn. But they blackballed her after she did that MTV Unplugged cd. She exposed those devils in the music industry. That’s why they went after her for “tax evasion”. A bunch of BS! But you’re correct about the mental slavery. We have to break those chains that still bind us.


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