As they steal our culture, we remain complacent and willfully ignorant

cul·ture    [kuhl-cher]  Show IPA noun, verb,cul·tured, cul·tur·ing. noun

1. the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners,scholarly pursuits, etc.
2. that which is excellent in the arts, manners, etc.
3. a particular form or stage of civilization, as that of a certain nation or period: Greek culture.( yeah right)
4. development or improvement of the mind by education or training.
5. the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social,ethnic, or age group: the youth culture; the drug culture

In an unscientific and totally non tight ass term. culture is whatever you are doing at the moment.  This is why people talk about drug culture which is pretty self evident, gang culture or teen culture, which is really about young males and females of a determined age, who have not been trained to transit from adolescent to adulthood, thus they are trapped in between, frustrated with being kept out of the adult world, while having been kicked out of the children’s world. Teen culture and the varied ways they get into trouble is evident of a society that don’t know what they fuck they are doing, except for the fact that they want to worship art the alter of the temple of  materialism, anti-family and anti earth, anti social spectrum.

This society…let’s call it western fact lets loosely call it a civilization…is imbued with its own sense of self importance above and beyond conscious over standing of the necessity of creating a standard that is in sync with the neter or nature.  A society that places things over people, wealth over health and religion over spirituality.  A society such as this has no sustainable value, because its value is placed on transient and limited ideas, philosophies and icons that changes as the wind blows. Such a culture becomes a parasite that feeds off of other cultures that are sustainable and long lasting by the artificial standards of artifacts, structures and organizations ( archaeology and anthropology)  and value based practice (religion and politics) .

What these parasites do, is suck the cultural blood of others because they have no sustainable culture. The cultural blood includes the language, the value system, the treasures, the knowledge and even the identity of the culture they steal from. Once these parasitic pirates have sucked the culture dry, they turn around and dismiss, deny, obscure and eventually obliterate the unfortunate people that the encounter. The western society/culture did it to the aboriginal peoples, they did it to the people of Tasmania, the are doing it to the aborigines in Australia  they are doing it to several African countries, not just the people of Kimit, Azania and the East of Africa. They have done it to the area now called the middle east, which once used to be North East Africa, where the last of  Africa’s major high culture existed in Kimit (Egypt) Nubia (Sudan) Ethiopia (kush) and Somalia/Eritrea (Punt).

“When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.”

― Jomo Kenyatta

This is another example of our culture being stolen from us. This quote is now often attributed to Desmond Tutu, a Roman Catholic priest who believes in turning the other cheek, even as he implores the Caucasian parasites to stop fucking over Africa. If you Google this saying, nine times out of ten you will see his name there, not of Jomo Kenyatta, a man so influenced by the right Honorable Marcus Garvey, he went on to fight for Kenya’s freedom as the leader of the Land and Freedom Party (not the derogatory term Mau Mau, that the Brutish dogs called them).  In so doing, the fight to throw of the colonial yoke, embolden other African nations and even a segment in Jamaica, the land of Garvey’s birth, as the rebellious sect called Raastafari, took on the look of the revolutionaries in the Kenyan forest by allowing their hair to grow in locks.

Still the cultural  parasite is as determined and as dangerous as that which invades the hue man body after eating a nice decomposed, e coli infused dead cow, pig or chi…er… simulated bird. The are the metaphorical vampires that once they are invited in, they never leave. They take over and kick out the original inhabitant. And if you don’t invite them, they do like they did to Japan, when it closed it’s border to the west. They threaten economical blockade and out and out warfare, if the nations do not allow them in. Civilization indeed.

Evidence of cultural parasites at work

Despite the fact that Samurai lore states that for a samurai to be courageous, he must have a bit of “black” blood in him, Japan is one of those countries that absolutely despises the African. Actually in Japanese culture, EVERYBODY is inferior to them, but the most vile of stereotype and and belief in these times, is reserved for the African and the knee-grow in America Inc. In fact the Japanese ideal of beauty is a woman with powder white face. Yet they LOVE jazz, funk, reggae, and have no problem rocking Afros and Locks…go figure.

Many of us wanting to break off from the European modality, traded Christianinsanity for Arabism and Judaisms inbred notions of Caucasian people  a chosen by the creator to rule over Africans in ancient times and even now, in Africa.  Even when these half breed groupings, a people who would kill girl children because they were not boys, were said to have been taught to pray and and give reference to their deity by an African, they turn around and deface, destroy and redact our story from the annals of all narratives. Knee-grows blame Napoleon for blowing off the noise o the Sphinx, but fail to old the Arabs for robbing everything from the three great pyramid, including the gold sheathing on the surface and the gold capstone to build their places of worship. Now they are calling for the utter destruction of the Pyramids and Sphinx themselves to go along with the destruction of African monuments in Mali.

Orientalism from make believe to scholarship

When the European man recognized that his search for the elixir of life and the myth of turning dross into gold. reintroduced him to Africa, he created a plan to steal Africa’s treasures right under our nose and the noses of his own people. By creating this so called Orientalism. According to scholar Edward Said and many other Orientalists, the first ‘Orientalists’ were 19th century scholars who translated the writings of ‘the Orient’ into English, based on the assumption that a truly effective colonial conquest required knowledge of the conquered peoples. This idea of knowledge as power is present throughout Said’s critique. By knowing the Orient, the West came to own it. The Orient became the studied, the seen, the observed, the object; Orientalist scholars were the students, the seers, the observers, the subject. The Orient was passive; the West was active. Yet their version of the Orient starts and stop in North East Africa…the so called Middle East. In their studies of the African genius, colonial powers such as France, Italy(the Vatican), England, Belgium, Germany, America and the rest have in their possessions vast amount of treasures from Africa, sitting in Museums and in private collections. The Rosetta stone, said to be translated by Britain’s Thomas Young and France’s Jean-Francois Champollion, could not have been thus translated by these men, who never spoke the Coptic language. It was in fact their guide, whose culture they were examining, who translated the information for them. Of course he was just a guide and never got credit. Not when fame and fortune was in reach.


A woman’s breasts

The breast  are part of the anatomy of both the females and males.  The unscientific approach is to name the females anatomy as breast, tits or other varied nomenclatures, while calling the men’s anatomy chest (?), unless you are an obese male then you have female breasts…now that’s an image that shouldn’t be in anyone’s mind. On the inside, a woman’s breast is made up of about 15-25 milk-producing sacs called milk glands, which are connected to milk ducts that converge inside the nipple. Tied to the females reproductive abilities, these breasts are designed to suckle infants as part of the whole pregnancy, reproductive thingy that….you know…nature designed for her.

The remainder of the internal breast is composed of fatty tissue and fibrous connective tissues that bind the breast together and give it shape. Excessive fattiness, due to the type of diets consumed in North America, will make the breast engorged and enlarged or even deflated like deflated water bottles, if a female doesn’t pay attention to her internal and external health. On the outside of the breast there are nipples. Nipples, like all other anatomical structures, vary in appearance from woman to woman. They may stick out prominently, they may have a flattened appearance, they may be set a bit deeper in the breast, or they can be inverted.  Each nipple is supplied with many nerve endings, which make it particularly sensitive to touch. There are thin muscle fibers in nipples that enable them to become erect. The darker or melanated pigmented area around each nipple is called the areola (plural: areolae). The size and color of the areolae vary from woman to woman. This area can be seen as an extension of the skin of the nipple onto the breast. It contains many nerve fibers and muscle fibers that help the nipple to stiffen and become erect.

It is quite normal to have small bumps in the areola. These bumps are oil-producing glands that secrete a lubricant to make breast feeding easier. During pregnancy, the areolae darken and remain at least somewhat darker after pregnancy. Women’s breasts have three levels of significance: they can feed a baby; they can give erotic pleasure; and they play a large part in shaping a woman’s self-image. In response to sexual stimulation, a woman’s breasts may undergo changes. Her nipples typically become erect during sexual excitement. As excitement proceeds, the areolae begin to swell, continuing to the point where the earlier nipple erection may look less pronounced. The veins in the breast often become more visible as a result of the increased blood flowing into them, and, in women who have not breast-fed, there may also be a small increase in breast size.

According to past narratives, many non African males and even some who grew up in the western culture, the first significant and mature exposure to the female breast came from (1) viewing pornographic magazine (2) sneaking a peek at a cousin, sister or sister’s friend, or a national geographic periodical, which in previous years seemed to be fixated on older cultures in Africa and South America. 

Like the face, a shapely pair of legs or a full pair of lips, the breasts can be an attractive part of a woman and is often a source of interests to both genders. Like all things the hue man is varied in his or her preferences of breasts, however, many often, because of the media conditioning tend to gravitate to larger breasts. Modern women are aware of this so they spend time, effort and money to enhance their breasts, which in turn enhances their egos and self esteem and through surgery or exercise they make them more appealing to men and intimidating to other women. Now while men do and are fascinated by a nice pair of breasts, they and many women have a false sense of what a nice pair of breasts is like. Many have fallen in love with the silicone enhanced plasticity or the overly large adipose infused mammary glands, both of which are signs of an unhealthy approach to breasts.  The western (white) society has sexualized the breasts in the most extreme of ways and despite many women who claim to not like it, do partake of that sexualisation. In the western society many men feel that the breast are most appealing because of how they look, feel in your hands, your mouth, it makes a good head rests and feel nice when you squeeze them.

The female breast has been so sexualized that restaurants, car advertisements, even political campaigns have utilized the breasts in overt and subtle ways to sell or promote their objectives. According to Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, and long before even he concluded the same, we subconsciously select partners who are healthy and appear capable of reproduction.  This is why even today, women would look at Djimon Hounsu as a fine mating specimen as opposed to Bruce, Bruce the comedian. And why a man would look at a Serena Williams over some stick figure on a fashion runway who is this close to being a poster child for UNICEF. According to Darwin’s research, men are attracted to bosoms because they are indicative of a strong constitution and an ability to further propagate the species. Although reproduction is no longer a man’s top priority, this instinct remains despite centuries of evolution. Any good lover knows that a woman’s breasts are closely connected to her primary libido. Therefore, another reason a man likes breasts is because it is the key to bringing women to a state of heightened sexual arousal. As men we are highly visual creatures and require visual stimulation. It’s hardly surprising then that breasts, large or small, raised and perky as they often are, receive attention of men, often to obsessive state from some who lack maturity or control. After all the pair of breasts is a woman’s most well-defined physical feature.  Humans are the only animals who include breast fondling as part of the mating process.

Men are attracted to a woman’s general appearance, but unfortunately for women in a breast obsessed society like the west, some males and females look down on smaller breasts, or for some macabre reasons look up at silicone enhanced monstrosities.  A woman should never get breast implants to please a man. She’d be doing it for all the wrong reasons which are mostly physically unhealthy .When a woman has a man who loves her for who she is, she has no reason to worry about her breast size, so she can forget about breast implants. If a man can’t appreciate a woman for what she has to offer, believe me, he won’t respect the rest of her either. 

 But why are human breasts a sexual stimulant?

Men are wired to respond sexually to the female body. Much depends on the situation, circumstances and/or the relationship. Often it is the mystery of  what he doesn’t see that makes the man even more attracted to her. Despite the trend in the western society, with how pornography has exploded tremendously over the past several decades, men find a totally naked woman less sexually attractive than one in partly revealing clothing. It is what is in the imagination that arouses. Men are allured by the shape of the female body, and curve of the breast and the symmetry of the face that entices us.

Sigmund “Fraud” described several stages that almost all newborns begin shortly after birth and the normal child has passed through all of them by about 5 years of age.  Freud said that the personality is essentially formed at this point, assuming to interruption at one stage or the other.

The oral stage is the child’s first developmental stage, the child communicates through the mouth; they get food, pleasure, basic instinct development such as sucking, rooting and taste. If there is some interruption before the Oral stage reaches fruition, a fixation can develop and the male child will find manifestations in later life. Which may essentially explain the obssetion with breasts in a western society where, most women will refuse to breast feed…totally? This oral fixation tends to bring the obsessed  back to a time in their life when they felt safe. Countless psychologist and psychiatrists have attempted to explain the relevance of breast feeding, while an equal amount of those from the same discipline will argue against breast feeding, stating that one can get an equal dose of nutritious smilax from a plastic bottle. The wise among us over stand that breast feeding a child is wealthy on several levels and goes a long way to initiate the child into a healthy state of being.

Whether one disagrees or not, no one has given an organic natural reason for NOT breast feeding. They have given social reasons, they have lied and stated that the child gets similar nutrition, but like everything else, if you throw shit up against the wall some will stick. Thus many women have opted not to breast feed for cosmetic or social reasons, based on arguments some male lab scientist created. The western society is a society that is schizophrenic on a lot of things, none more so than sex and sexuality. A society that is obsessed with breasts, also has a problem when the breast is in the mouth of a baby. Ho’s like lil Kim or Madonna can bare their breast while dancing or rapping, but someone like Jamie Lynne Grunet is an embarrassment and is being publicly lewd.


There is an articlke about Jamie Lynne Grumet: her fall out from that time magazine shoot and her response to that. 



 I am unsure of the “legality” in the US, but in Canada it is “legal” for a woman to breast feed in public. Yet there are numerous assholes and individuals with deep seated emotional dysfunctions that get upset when a woman pulls out her breast and start feeding her baby. Then again, there are also perverts that get sexually aroused by that, but thankfully, that shit is kept to themselves. Now I emphasised legal, because the world run by the Caucasian man supersedes natural, organic or “god given” for legality or rules created by man to control other men. Therefore women HAD to beg these women hating homosexuals to “legally” breast feed in public. In a society that is anti feminine, anti masculine and certainly anti family, is there a wonder when hospitals are encouraging women to suckle their children on artificial Monsanto induced poisons called similax (and similar cruds) over what is natural and organic for the child? Jamie Lynne Grumit is not the first and certainly will not be the last woman to be publically ridiculed and reviled because she attempted to do right for her baby AND right for her emotional and physical well being. It is interesting that all these bra burning feminist who exist to boast of their incredible success in being as fucked up as men trying to survive in a upside down society, will in turn give over the right to their mothering nature, to the science lab run by anti feminine men.

To see a woman breast feeding her child is the most beautiful and non sexual scene one could witness. It is paying homage to the creators design, reminding us of the connection of the mother to her child and the creator in her. Observing the baby has they suckle on the breast is to witness, trust, joy, reverence and a spiritual moment all rolled up into one. Yet in this society where the breast are sexualized, this is seen as a disgusting act, repulsive even. In a society where any ho can walk about with her tits hanging out and calling it cleavage, in a society where a woman’s body is abused visually and physically, where woman often misuse their body in a dysfunctional attempt to find that elusive love…we decry the most natural and loving evidence of the blessings of the creator…a mother suckling a baby. Never mind that in the western society, the prevailing image of its religious foundation is the mother and child. NO! The modern woman has become complicit in her oppression away from the breast as a birth of nurture into a place of revulsion. The sad part of this as an African man, is when so many knee-grow females refuse to suckle their babies for selfish reasons such as “it will drag my breasts down”, “it hurts” or the clincher…the baby takes to long or is too greedy.

Yet these same women will see no problem when a grown ass bitch ass man will climb all over the baby to get next to those same breast she is denying her child.

Now how ass backwards is that?


America Inc. Where folly tricks is not just a job….

When America Inc sneezes…the world, not just Canada catches a cold! America Inc is terminally ill and as such they rest of the world is already deceased. Unless the people in America Inc, the mentally and emotionally enslaved has the courage to cut out that terminal tissue called politics, the hand basket is waiting to take us on that trip to hell.

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