Y’all should get lynched!

I want to give a shout out and thanks to MIke Tillery from http://www.thestartingfive.net  for putting this video on his Facebook page, which of course I have taken it and ran with it.

of lately there are few rap videos that has hit me as hard and has left me bobbing my head while juicing my brain, as much as this.


It was so dope I had to go back for more

NYOIL The difference between Niggers and Blacks


Been following this brother of lately and I have to say if the next generation flexes like him, I think we are in good hands. Unfortunately a prophet is never accepted in his own land and this brother, while he has his supporters, seem to have an equal amount of knee-grow philiacs breaking out their crabs in the barrel activity. None the less these are two good videos.

Brother Polight: Do White People Die From Black People Sins. Pt 1

Brother Polight: Do White People Die From Black People Sins. Pt 2

When things fall apart

Recognizing when the comfort blanket of relationships unravels

The media is a magical mystery machine that hypnotizes complacent and weak minded people into becoming either a Manchurian candidate or becoming a zombie killing machine. Of course studying the media can and does give one insight into the military industrial complex and eventually into secret organizations that have been pervasive in putting out agendas that are sinister and destructive. Perhaps the media didn’t invent the term gender wars, but the media sure does its part to promote the so called or alleged Gender Wars, between African men and women in the western (“white” dominated) countries. With the help of the media, this agenda and philosophy is being transplanted to Africa, which during their darkest hour never had gender conflict on the western scale until the introduction of religion and western values and western culture.

I have said it numerous times and each passing day, as we continue to coexist in a dysfunctional fashion—some days more than others- it justifies my belief that we are the ONLY mass trauma victims that have never had therapy and thus continue to tumble along in a vicious cycle of dysfunctional dependency and repulsion, seeking the cure from the one who originally traumatized us by modelling them. A classic case of the abused becomes the abuser.

The beginning of the end.  

 The genesis of an relationship that unravels often begins before the relationship has begun. Based on the dysfunctional conditioning of African people during and after the Ma’afa– that loss of over 250 million of Africa’s enslaved prisoners of Imperialist and colonial warfare and invasion from ALL the European countries after a century; African people have had an unhealthy, parochial and highly unemotional or, overly emotional approach to our coupling and interpersonal relationships. The ancestors have ALWAYS had a purely metaphysical approach to pairings based on its meaning to us as a people and a culture. To call it scientific is to give science more spirit than it deserve. To call it spiritual is to take away the practicality and deliberateness IT deserves. But the Metaphysics has always been the ancient approach to our worldview.


Metaphysics is considered to be one of the greatest philosophical works. Its influence on the Greeks, the Arabs, the scholastic philosophers and even writers such as Dante, by the ancient Africans, was immense. It is essentially the basis of Plato’s theory of Forms that Aristotle and other earlier philosophs acquired from Kimit, with the view of the world given by common sense and the observations of the natural sciences. According to the ancients, the real nature of things is eternal and unchangeable. However, the world we observe around us is constantly and perpetually changing. The inner standing was to reconcile these two apparently contradictory views of the world. The result is a synthesis of the naturalism of empirical science, and mysticism that informed the Western intellectual tradition for more than a thousand years.

At the heart of the European worldview lie three questions. What is existence, and what sorts of things exist in the world? How can things continue to exist, and yet undergo the change we see about us in the natural world? And how can this world be understood? We the original people never questioned this because our earliest knowledge was garnered from being there and that insperience was passed down through oral traditions and written in stone.

 This was disrupted when the bastard children of our loins, grew up and came home to exact revenge on a parent they felt had abandoned them. I call them bastard children, not in the physical sense, but in their unwillingness to co-exist with nature, each other and other ethnic groups. The Caucasian ethnic group was conditioned in an environment devoid of love and compatibility based on mother earth’s love of sharing and caring. His gestation was derived on the sword of competition, harshness and the culture of death as a religion.

Invasion of the body snatchers


Seeing that devastating Europe was not enough hatred and war to spread around, the Caucasian men and women, embolden by the spirit of their ancestors from the Greco-Roman and Viking imperialist culture, looked to Africa where it was told they originated, but were also the answers to all their questions resided. Unfortunately the Caucasians culture began in the throes of the struggles of the Titans against the Gods, where the children of the Titans overthrew their parents in a vicious battle and who in turn was overthrown by their children in the mortals. This began the cycle of challenging instead of embracing the gods, the separation from, instead of relating symbiotically to and with nature and thus each other. Their antagonist approach to relationship could be seeing in part of their earlier culture, the cave man’s courting of the cave woman. If the stories are even similar to the idea that the Cavemen took their women in sexual violence, it not only continues his outlook on the world dissimilar to other older ethnic groups. It continues to form his relationship to women over all, as well as his children and nature. So when he enslaved the Africans, he cared not what he brought back, put together or cleaved asunder, his only goal was to commodify the original  “black gold” of African men and women in to a working production line for his god-money or it’s intrinsic alter ego….power.

The plan to remodel.

Many of you are by now familiar with the fable of Willie Lynch. For awhile now there are many among us that have debunked the myth for what it is. But in our eagerness to debunk the myth we fail to explain how and why the African man-woman relationship has disintegrated from the spiritual union before the Caucasian’s incursion to where many have parroted the media’s clarion call that we are in an actual gender warfare. In explaining this phenomena, we eventually meander back to the tale of Willie Lynch and his system. This system is actually documented by researchers, so what it does tell me is that while Willie Lynch the PERSON is a myth, the METHOD of breaking our relationship is and continues to be a scientific and psychological act of aggression perpetrated by Caucasians in power and reinforced by its henchmen in the media and in all the nine areas of people activity that governs our lives. And we become the self fulfilling stereotype they had hoped to develop.

Where we are now.

Jumping forward, over the many tactics and planning put in place to separate us, we get to where we are as a people and how we approach relationship. Because of our conditioning as a PEOPLE, even before we enter into a relationship, we have had a dysfunctional view of ourselves, our worth and our place in the universe. We continue to view ourselves as inferior. We call ourselves a MINORITY:

A racial, religious, political, national, or other group thought to be different from the larger group of which it is part.

b. A group having little power or representation relative to other groups within a society

We call ourselves black, a minor description of our coloration, but this fails to convey a culture, soul, spirit, intellect or civilization on par with others much younger than us. In fact the term is embraced by us as more important than calling our selves the generic term African (in lieu of us not knowing our specific ethnic sub groupings). The Caucasian and the African ethnic groups are the only two ethnic groups that apply colorization to identify each other. However, one is done from a position of power and one is not. One has created a whole industry and psychological mindset and emotional context around this colorization and the other blindly accepts it. Finally one switches from describing themselves from the land mass and region they originate from (Europe, Caucus mountain region) and the other is incapable of doing so. As the old saying goes…”slaves and dogs are named by their masters, but a free man (woman) names himself (herself)…”.

From a previous post breaking the womanlike a horse:
The urban legend of Willie Lynch according to some, was and is a fake. However, fake or not, whomever it was that first put that information out into the public realm did touch a raw nerve amongst members of the African family. In the Willie Lynch letter, we gleam the essence of how the devil in tight leggings used criminality and terrorism to manufacture the Knee-grow out of an African. Numerous documentations, slave narratives, first hand accounts by none slaves (which gives them more authenticity I guess) and films have described the various methods used to commit or attempt to commit ( spiritual, mental and physical…new emphasis) genocide on African peoples in America Inc. Amongst the issues African people have had to contend with, is the division between the Male and female.  Since people are the base of any cultural imperative, creating a dysfunctional relationship amongst the people has to start with breaking the accord between the African male and female, who together enforces and re-enforces the concept of culture, community, and our story of our existence.

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