Y’all should get lynched!

I want to give a shout out and thanks to MIke Tillery from http://www.thestartingfive.net  for putting this video on his Facebook page, which of course I have taken it and ran with it.

of lately there are few rap videos that has hit me as hard and has left me bobbing my head while juicing my brain, as much as this.


It was so dope I had to go back for more

NYOIL The difference between Niggers and Blacks


Been following this brother of lately and I have to say if the next generation flexes like him, I think we are in good hands. Unfortunately a prophet is never accepted in his own land and this brother, while he has his supporters, seem to have an equal amount of knee-grow philiacs breaking out their crabs in the barrel activity. None the less these are two good videos.

Brother Polight: Do White People Die From Black People Sins. Pt 1

Brother Polight: Do White People Die From Black People Sins. Pt 2

5 thoughts on “Y’all should get lynched!

  1. Great video by NY Oil! That’s on point! I noticed the Goodbye Uncle Tom clip in the video. When I first saw Uncle Tom that film blew my mind! A friend of mine had it and let me borrow it. It said it had been banned in America. After seeing it I can see why. That film is really hard to watch at times. It really pulls no punches. It makes Roots look like an after school special!lol I think all black people need to watch that film.
    I also liked the video with Brother Polight. I have a few of his books and dvd’s. He’s a very intelligent brother. He makes a lot good points on how black people can be successful in business. And he really understand the real estate business very well. More people should check him out. The brother knows what he’s talking about.


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