Christianinsanity in action

From the blackmystory dictionary:

Christian (noun) insanity an adverb (also a causative); could also be used as a verb (an action),i.e to be insane due to irrational religious belief.

  1. Christianinsanity, is equal parts noun, verb and adverb;
  2. describes a particular and peculiar individual or group whose state of mind borders on a sociopathic state, where they exhibit a antisocial behaviours, that are often criminal and lacking in any sense of moral responsiblity or social conscience.
  3. People in this state have personality disorders that causes them to commit antisocial, often violent acts, with a failure to feel guilt for such acts.  
  4. unlike the clinical sociopath, those afflicted with Chritianinsanity uses a particular religion to support their malady, insisting that their way is the only way and are willing to  commit any form of  violent acts to support their beliefs.

It is interesting how the European religion called Christianity sells non Caucasian on the notion of loving your neighbour, doing onto others what you would want them to do to you and the oneness of all people, yet fails to practice what they insist everybody else should do. They think nothing about portraying the alleged son of god as a Caucasian male, with a Caucasian family, who came from a Caucasian ethnic group, yet ALL were born in Africa and ALL  maintain their milky “white” skin at a time when melatonin or other sunscreens weren’t  invented. It is the same Christianinsanity that caused the post decline Roman Empire to subjugate first Europe and then the rest of the world under the same oppressive theology that they accuse Muslims of doing.

No where is this dichotomy of christian theology and belief vs the actual practice, evident than in the activities of the more strident proponents in the Vatican and the Western countries. In fact, the claim of Islamic oppression of women (for example) fails the sobriety test when female oppression under christianity is accepted. The recent/past tales of sexual exploitation of women and children should be a complete embarrassment to sensible christians, yet the sheeples still go to that well over and over again.

Yet knee-grows allow these devils to interact with their children, despite evidence of rampant pedophilia and sexual abuse. And it’s not just the Catholic church,oh no! Does Bishop Eddie Long come to mind?  Does the Boy scouts of America come to mind?

In life our actions tells others who we are. No matter how eloquent we speak. And in life art and pictures tells the story better than words, about our deeds and intent. Some of the most strident proponents of Christian family value are members of the republican party, who for example decry homosexual marriage, yet are often caught in embarrassing homoerotic situations, that would embarrass a liberal homosexual supporting Democrat.

People tend to forget or chose to ignore that the corporation of AMERICA INC., was created on the spilled blood of the Aboriginal and African people. This by some of the most ungodly denizens of the Brutish Empire’s penal system. The underbelly of that nation, who learned enough from the aristocrats of that nation, to imitate their excesses and vices on the backs of god fearing people. This is why even today you will have groups claiming to be christians perpetrating acts so vile, Yeshuwa himself wouldn’t know what the hell they are talking about.

This nation of Christians have perpetrated and embraced so much hatred of all things African, that they would reject a gift from a great artist, because it forces them to face their evil history and ongoing acts of violence and death-dealing, under the guise of democracy and freedom.

The statue of Liberty is a blind bitch that a Syphilitic group of Neanderthal knuckle draggers used to symbolize their domination of the planet, where every body is supposed to bow to their regency, to come to them seeking absolution and praise. To worship them as if they are not only “gods representative”, but perhaps even gods.

All attrition, all wars are caused by religious initiatives or commercial initiatives. In the 20th and 21st century both heads of that monster can be seen by AMERICA INC.’s excursions into sovereign lands that are neither christian or Caucasian, but they damn sure are heathen. America, land of the trees and home of the slaves is the greatest proponents of Chritianinsanity right now and the world is watching.

But under the guise of murder, rape pillage and mayhem is the one philosophy that stands the test of time and is the fuel that makes AMERICA INC. the power it is. it is the fuel that embolden the Roman religion and the empire of Rome to invade Africa and steal its treasures, hiding them in the bowls and court-yard of the vatican or the museums and galleries of England and Canada and the America Inc. The thefts, the genocide, the population control, the psychological, physical and sexual abuse of women, children and men all under the guise of god’s command. And that is the philosophy of Christinainsanity.