An interesting piece on culture

This is a short interview Ali did in England, I presume during his tour after being stripped of title.  There are many who buy into the government’s push for multiculturalism and so forth, but Ali has put an intelligent take (at least for that period) on the whole notion of culture.


Telling it like it is

4 thoughts on “An interesting piece on culture

  1. I uploaded this interview on my blog a few weeks ago. It’s really a great interview. Ali was ahead of his time. At least he had the guts to speak his mind. Today most black athletes are spineless cowards that don’t stand for anything. Shaq,Tiger Woods,Lebron James, Dwight Howard,Kobe Bryant?? Please! Most are modern day coons in my opinion. They stand for nothing.


    1. I agree with you brother, it seems though that our parents, in allowing us to think integration and civil rights, instead of human rights like Malcolm wanted, pushed us into the place where we are now. We pursue vanity and material things for the individual over cultural survival and self love for the collective. This is why today we hear knee-grows talk about they don’t see color and everybody is the same, while they are losing more and more ground to recent immigrants whose sense of self allows them to live the dreams and reap the rewards that so many Africans fought for since we were brought here as captured prisoners of war. Also the more we edumacate our children in the public fool system, the more they move away from over standing what Ali alludes to.


      1. I feel what you’re saying. Our children have been brainwashed to think being able to use the same toilet as white folks equate to equality. We have to instill a sense of pride in our kids.We can’t rely on buck dancing athletes to do it for us. All this color blind talk is nonsense.


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