Remembering Dr Khallid Muhammad…Warrior !

Are we still not aware as to why the government murdered this man? Khalid Muhammad was a real man who stood up against anti-African hatred and oppression. America Inc, is the only nation that moved from savagery to decadence without stopping at civilization. Not even Farrakhan was or is as bad as this brother.

I believe after Farrakhan and later Khalid came on this show, Phil Donahue decided to pack it in, because he was finally exposed for the undercover effeminate front that he was.


This is Dr Khalid Muhammads May 1994 appearance on the Phil Donahue Show.  (4 parts)


DR Khalid Abdul Muhammad – The Bullet or the Bullet (full)


Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad – The Black Holocaust 100x Worst

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