The hunger game…pt 1

The following article and pictures were lifted from a site that purports to offer a critical examination of the unjust system known as Racism (White Supremacy) to discover ways in which it can be dismantled and replaced with Justice. All i can say is that Baba Neely Fuller’s efforts are well on its way to being an effective tool for seriously countering the mess that is White Supremacy

Pennsylvania woman faces $600 a day fine for feeding needy children

A woman in Chester Township, Pennsylvania has been warned that she could be fined as much as $600 a day if she continues to feed needy children in her community.

Angela Prattis has been feeding lunch to as many as 60 children a day under a program funded by the state’s Department of Education and administered by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. But because Prattis allowing the children to come to her home, Chester Township has threatened fines of $600 a day if she continues to hand out the lunches, which consist of a sandwich, fruit and milk.

Prattis told KPLC that the town sent her a letter stating she needed a variance to use her personal residence.

“It’s a letter stating, ‘shut it down or face a $600 fine,’” she explained.

“We’re talking about children,” Prattis added. “Children. It’s unbelievable. They’ve never once said anything to me in reference to what to do to be in the right standing with the township.”

Chester Township business manager Bill Pisarek said that Prattis could apply for a variance, but the application alone costs $1,000.

“We’re not here to go after her, to hurt her, to take money from her or to prevent her from feeding kids that need the food,” Pisarek insisted.

Since the story was first reported earlier this week, offers from residents wanting to help have poured in, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Over $3,000 has been pledged so far. A Facebook group and online Indiegogo campaignhope to raise even more. The Center City law firm Dilworth Paxson L.L.P. has also offered to represent Prattis free of charge.

Acting solicitor Murray Eckell told the Inquirer that the negative publicity Chester Township has received was unfair.

“Suppose a child gets hurt on her property,” Eckell remarked. “Will the family sue the township? What if somebody gets food poisoning?”

“What she is doing is commendable. The township isn’t against children getting free food. But if we don’t have laws, there’s chaos. It’s a difficult situation for the township to be in.”

“Because she is a black woman feeding poor black and brown children. That’s why it’s a problem all of a sudden.”

“Those in the community who defy authority and ‘break the law’ seem to enjoy the good life and have everything in the way of material possessions. On the other hand, people who work hard and struggle and suffer much are the victims of greed and indifference, losers. This insane reversal of values presses heavily on the Black community. The causes originate from outside and are imposed by a system that ruthlessly seeks its own rewards, no matter what the cost in wrecked human lives.”

————Huey P Newton, 

This reminds me of  a video I posted awhile back on Codex Alimentarius, a designation where food is being used as a weapon of war against what the élite style as “useless eaters”. These “useless eaters” use up valuable resources, like natural organic food stuff, grown on naturally fertile lands that the élite under the guise of big agriculture ( and big business in general) wishes to coop for themselves. In seeking to possess and steal the land from under their rightful owners, the doers of Isfet (chaos) are willing to sacrifice billions of the planet’s population. By reducing the population from its near seven billion capacity to half a billion, the elitists ensures that they own all the natural resources, including water and air, commodities we currently pay for, that is supposedly free. When people like sister Angela Prattis, acts out of goodwill and faith in the principles she lives for, she is attacked by the same elements that seeks legislations over human dignity and health. Underlining the attack on her is the bull shit argument they put out about health concerns, something commercial food industry doesn’t care about. No what they fear most is others being inspired by her and do similar acts in their cities and neighbourhoods.  The government, like the devil indicated in the European fantasy book, want to control our coming and goings. They want to control what we put into our body and WHO gets to put what in our body. What sister Angela Prattis, is doing goes beyond feeding needy children, because there will be that much less hungry children, who will fall victim to health degradation, death or desperation that would see them embark on criminality of all types. Not to mention their parents who if they love their children enough will do any manner of desperate acts to provide for their children.  These kinds of act are a stimulus to the prison industrial complex, who house a higher proportion of Africans in their death camps than anywhere else in the world, all the while and revisiting chattel slavery as the prison system becomes another big business or sweat shop, where cheap labour is used for products and services we think reputable business are involved in.

The whole matter reminds me of the many reasons why the Black Panther Party for self-defence was effectively destroyed by Nazi like violence of the state and internal agents. The Black Panther Party was more than just a bunch of niggers with guns, but an organization with a well thought out plan to practice true socialism, where something like the breakfast program was first initiated, later obscured and now co-opted by numerous Caucasians and governmental organizations, without giving credit to its source. But how could they, when it would counter the narrative about the Black Panther Party?

The elites are playing a dangerous hunger game, where it is illegal and dangerous for you or I to feed people out of our pockets, but large organizations that are designated by the system can do so, most often under the monitoring by big brother. As well, this is the same system that allows Monsanto and other death dealers, to run amok with creating Franken foods that destroys our DNA and kills us in much larger mass than any nuclear bomb ever dropped on Japan. We should applaud the Black Panther Party for many of the community initiatives never talked about by the media and we should applaud this sister and any who emulates her for thinking of people over legislation.

Below is a short history on Monsanto and its efforts to fulfil the hidden mandate of reducing the world population by using food as a weapon


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