6 thoughts on “Motherland the movie

      1. You are most welcome. I can understand the injustice to Africans who were forcibly brought here to America as slaves. We in the U.S. Have been fighting for equality and justice for almost 200 years.


      2. With respect, we will not get equality the way we are doing it currently…voting, educating to be better Afropeans, seeking integration, etc. that has been proven to be fools gold. Many of us grudgingly admire the Asians and even the Khazars, but few of us overstand that there is not quality, just respect due to our ability to use our 1 billion dollar consumer spending power and turn it into a 1 billion dollar producing power. Then we wouldn’t need to vote, we could buy any damn politician just like the Khazars do now. Again thanks for coming by, please stay awhile.


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