White Supremacy and the destruction of African economics pt1

In parts 4-5 -6 and 7  of the videos in my last post, the narration was about how the IMF, the UN and European nations conspire to interfere with African economics, preventing these nations from selling their products while flooding the African markets with products from the Western countries.  In order to ensure that this remains effective, the West creates internal conflicts that replaces African men as leaders; such as Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba and Samora Machel with stooges, such as Mobutu Sese Seko, Daniel Arap Moi and others too numerous to mention.  It is said that a great nation is never destroyed from without but from within. What kind of low animal would allow a foreign body to come inside your country, your neighbourhood, your district and destroy it, ghettoized it, all for 30 pieces of silver or fleeting fame or political positioning? African people can rightfully lambasted Caucasians for always trying to impoverish us, but we MUST hold the knee-grows accountable for allowing the vampires an inroad into our communities in order to destroy it. I am going to start off this series with one of my favorite rap ever. this is a shout out to all the rappers, reality show divas, entertainers who act like porch monkeys for the organ grinders in the west who are controlling our every movements.

Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution!

Al Hajj Malik El Shabazz once declared that those who don’t overstand revolution should remove the word from their mouth. Revolution turns shit over, it is not pretty and definitely will separate the fakers from the real revolutionaries. Knee-grows get into an orgasmic fit when the subject of the HNIC in the Caucasian house struts on stage with his paramour. We get all in a tizzy, because they are educated and sophisticated and well spoken. Yet we never ask the question, what did they have to compromise to get there? Some of us even lambasted him for Africom and carrying through with the NWO agenda, but give her a pass, like we always do thinking that women cannot be as evil as men. Just remember when you do revolutionary things, even as mundane as greeting each other without suspicions  make sure you recognize the infiltrators and Judases among us. It;s the enemies closer to us that we must fear the most.

Thomas Sankara – the Upright Man

Want to know why every other nations are prospering more than Africa? The richest continent on the planet?  Do you really think it’s because a people who created agriculture,science, medicine, astronomy, democracy, women’s right, metaphysics and Philosophy (the love of knowledge) would not be able to sustain themselves if left alone? Y’all are tripping on some serious Ayahuasca. Everybody intent on alleviating the plight of African people must overstand the Art of War. Because we are in a war for not only African resources, not only for our bodies, but for our very souls and it behooves us to think that way. Whether you believe in the nonsensical lie that the Mayans predicted the end of the world on DEcember 31st, rest assured that the elitist are working feverishly to make sure that we are so paralyzed by fear that we become more religious, on bended knees asking for blessings from up high, all the while they are kicking our asses on earth. The solution is simple, it is the effort that is the problem. What are we willing to do to help our people, we already know that individuals will be selfishly helping themselves, not realizing that even those paying you the 30 pieces despises a traitor.

 “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”


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