White Supremacy and the destruction of African economics pt2

For many real wealth is not in the car you buy or the jewellery you wear, but in real estate. Real estate is tangible and profitable. Real estate is what wars are about. America and the west are in Africa fighting for real estate…land! Land is power, land feeds you, shelters you and gives you seemingly unlimited resources. It is this seemingly unlimited resources why the White Supremacist is in Africa committing genocide. It is the stated goal of the population control agenda to reduce the world population in order to have more of the resources for themselves  This has nothing to do with overpopulation. It has to do with land distribution. Arable and sustainable land is being reduced through man made rape of the soil, not just because Europeans did it first, but they certainly exacerbate the problem through wars and mining and other man made efforts (consider H.A.R.P and how the works of Nikola Tesla is being abused).

Here in North America, South America and the Caribbean, land is being misappropriated daily by international corporations. Chiquita banana forces Caribbean and South American banana growing nations to bow to their monopoly. Right now the prime minister of Jamaica is allowing the rape of the land from Bauxite mining, nations are selling off natural resources to wealthy individuals who are often tied to corporations in some fashion.  While the Caucasian man is taking the land from under us, we are spending more time in the temples, Masjids and Churches, looking for a pie in the sky and a happy ever after, while neglecting legacies for our children. Concrete legacies that would elevate us from servitude and chattel slavery into free men and women.

The documentary on Thomas Sankara is instructive in that people fail to realize that for Africa to shake of Imperialism and colonialism, she has to experience a period of struggle. When we compare our efforts to the Caucasian man, we always appear to be stumbling. But it is this stumble that will make us strong. 24 years after betraying Thomas Sankara and dragging Burkina Faso back into the stone age after Compaore’s  army had decided to revolt. In early 2011 he faced a serious challenge to his authority when mutinous soldiers joined protesters demanding better wages and action against declining living standards, something that wasn’t a problem three years into his predecessors reign. The mutinies were successfully quelled, and hundreds of soldiers put on trial or sacked, very ironic this, and similar to the dismissal of the teachers who went on strike under Sankara. Political freedoms are severely restricted in Burkina Faso, with human rights organizations decrying numerous acts of state sponsored violence against journalists and other politically active members of society . Is this not the price of sucking on the filthy nuts of the colonial power? Oppressing the very people who you claim to be freeing.

It is interesting that the accounts of Compaore differs between the African view and the western one.  Many of Thomas Sankara’s detractors accused him of losing control over the revolution. Even while Burkina Faso in less than three years became a model of African self sustenance. This was a stumble that if left for them to deal with would have righted itself. But because most of modern humanity have very little god in them, and his motive is more about personal interest than the collective, Burkina faso’s troubles was cause for opportunist like compaore and his handler from the Ivory Coast to assassinate one of Africa’s best hope for freedom.  During that 24 year period he disarmed local militias and, despite his reputed left-wing leanings, embarked on a programme of privatisation and austerity measures sponsored by the International Monetary Fund. He officially rejected socialism prior to being elected president unopposed in 1991, which meant he moved towards capitalism, the bane of Africa during neo colonialism.

Many African people in the west will look to the tribulations in Africa and echo the bullshit their Caucasian puppet masters spew. unfortunately it is the same crap we drop on each other here in the North America, when we view our efforts or lack of efforts in competing with other ethnic groups for economic relevancy. Astoundingly many of us believe that we cannot function without the largess of the “white man” because we don’t compare. We who brought these mutherfuckers down from the caves and taught them how to use eating utensils, how to cook dead carcass. How to wash and bathe regularly. We somehow can’t compete? Or is the fact that we not getting it together have something to do with a systemic agenda that is in place to constantly keep us as consumers instead of producers.  There is an old saying if it was done before it can be done again, but we have to protect that which we work hard to gain.

Ourstory of lands stolen by White Supremacy mechanisms:

http://www.mamiwata.com/trick.html      http://kintespace.com/p_full_logic_reverse0.html

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2 thoughts on “White Supremacy and the destruction of African economics pt2

  1. From my perspective unfortunately some blacks do not support black owned businesses out of jealousy and malice.

    in college, I tried my own baking company right out of my kitchen, flyers and all. Not one black student brought My product.


    1. Been there queen, but have now realize that if we are going to do business, we should do BUSINESS. Not business catered to so called blacks and not black focused business. It can be a business expressing who you are as an individual or even culturally, but don’t limit our selves to just people who look like us.
      But watch if you had gotten successful, them cats would have said you sold out.


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