Dr. Amos Wilson on African dysfunction and European control

I was actually listening to this tape as I typed the previous post and just had to add it as an addendum because it flows so well with the post. This will take some time and attention so grab some cocoa and put your feet up, Baba is going to town.

Currently writing a post about how the elite is going about ensuring that the birth dearth is slowed. It will be up soon.

8 thoughts on “Dr. Amos Wilson on African dysfunction and European control

  1. You could not be more right. Our union still believes in equality for all. Unless, I am missing something here. If I am, please let me know.


    1. No doubt the basics of Union philosophy is still there. However, we have to guard against apathy from within and without, especially as the Union becomes too contented with hard won results over the years. The corporations have dollars and time and the fickle emotions of people who don’t know what it is to fight for simple rights. Just check out the difference in Europe and Africa vs North America. More people will sit on their asses and watch tv, than to agitate for something as simple as basic work place rights.


  2. Hello my brother. Once again you have touched me in a way that you yourself would know about. Of, all the posts I have read, yours is the most powerful. I would like to read and listen to what you say. I have been around for 60 years and have seen allot of changes. Some good, some not so good. You are my favorite blogger. All the others seem boring. Thanks again for the videos. It brings back a lot of memories.


    1. Apologize for the non title. I was debating with a brother about the merits of voting and threw that one up as an explanation as to why the current process keeps us enthralled to the elite. Unfortunately elders such as you are put aside by the yonger generationswho feel that your time period has passed and have become irrelevant. Yet the more things change the more they stay the same, and until we practice Sankofa (reaching back for the lessons of the past) we cannot prepare or arm ourselves for the future. Your endorsement is more a validation than any internet awards or large following, because I am striving for truth and not popularity.



      1. Then the younger generation is only fooling themselves. We are not irrelevant, because many of us are deeply involved in pro-activism. I belong to the retires section of the Maine State Employees Asscociation / Service Emplyees International Union(MSEA/SEIU). We are the largest of groups in the union. We are the ones who created the middle class and we are the ones that secure the benefits for the entire union. Our union consists of many ethnic groups. Like the Black Americans, and there are a lot of us who continue to remain a member. The struggle between big business and the rich continues still continues today. Because of MSEA?SEIU, we have won alot of battles in congress. I know you are not looking for popularity, just speaking the truth, and once I again thank you for the info. Best wishes my brother


      2. The problem brother is multifaceted, just like White Supremacy intended it to be. In my city, I decided to be a shop steward of my Union after being screwed over twice by people who decided that “opportunity and politicking” was more important than Union ideals and history. Upon becoming a representative, I was astounded at both the level of apathy, sucking up to the corporations, cowardice AND sense of privilege that the members show. This indicative of the larger community, not just us as African people, but in general, in the face of White Supremacy and the acts of corporate malfeasance. This was why the original reason I put this particular video up was to show that while voting in principle was a good idea, the actual practice is irrelevant, especially without the one, man one vote mechanism and especially when we don’t overstand what white supremacy is doing and how it works. Unfortunately though, the young people only learned to behave this way because our generation encouraged them to believe in equal rights over human rights. Education over collective economic power, consumerism over production and can we all get along over each one teach one. This is the crop we are sowing today. Even the Unions also, have forgotten their ways, and warriors like your self I am sure have been seeing the same apathy and distrust of Unions. The destruction of Unions can only be accomplished because those benefiting now, see them as irrelevant and the further decimation of our community is only being accomplished because others have benefited from our fight, while we have forgotten what the fight was really about.


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