Iron Sharpen Iron

Truth:   [trooth]  Show IPA

Noun, plural truths  [troothz, trooths]  Show IPA.

1. The true  or actual state of a matter: He tried to find out the truth.

2. Conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement.

3. a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like:mathematical truths.

4. The state or character of being true.

5. Actuality or actual existence.

On this blog the mantra is..Truth is consistent despite opinions…; There are no many different version of a truth, based on an individual’s worldview…or if they are brainwashed, the puppeteer’s worldview. But there is just the one constant. It is irrefutable. Ordinarily truth should be uncontroversial, but when failed men and women (the incomplete versions I call males and females) get hit with the truth they run from it instead of embracing it. Embracing truth means doing work, meeting a standard, maintaining a standard…setting a standard.

Iron sharpens iron!

John Henrick Clark once said I don’t debate; I debate my equals, others I teach. The problem with this society is that there are a lot of people who insist on showing you, I, others how much of a teacher they are…or debater. But lack the common requisite fro teaching or debating. They lack a fundamental overstanding of what constitute a teacher and a debater and that is facts. Without facts, your position, presentation and point of view is full of shit, are lies or…opinions. Opinions are emotional construct that clouds a debate, interrupts a discourse and kills a conversation. That is if the opinion expressed is expressed as …truth!  At the juncture of the meeting of the minds, people are supposed to see their ideas, views or opinions with new clarity and gain new insights into their views so that if a truth is presented that refutes their opinions, they are supposed to let the opinions go and embrace the truth…however unpleasant it may seem.  And here is the problem. All of us at some period in our lives have had our notions, opinions and belief shattered by a counter truth that is documented, irrefutable and consistent. But most of us refuse to embrace the counter truth, because it forces us to MEET A STANDARD AND MAINTAIN THAT STANDARD!

Iron sharpens iron!

It pays to be around positive people. That is people with more knowledge than you, more experience, more wisdom and simply more information. Learning is not a hop scotch, jambalaya pot of “stuff”. It is a systematic series of escalating acquisition of information that once properly ingested and properly applied to one’s own life experience and environmental association becomes….wisdom.  It pays to be around wise people. It pays to be around creative people. There is a mental sharpness that comes to those who are around such people.

Iron sharpens iron!

It pays for seekers of knowledge to be around seekers of knowledge, preferably those who have already gone through what you are currently going through and preferably have an insight, and an experience different, better or wiser than your own. If you are weak in some areas, then be in the company of others with deeper knowledge than you. Those who are strong in those areas will help you. If your faith, your lifestyle our knowledge or overstanding is weak, don’t hang out with someone whose is weak in these areas. Rub against someone who has stronger insight into certain things than you. If you are deficient in a value based lifestyle or curtaining consciousness, get in the habit of being with or listening to others who are. If you are embarrassed to look in that mirror, hook up with someone who has experienced that or who can help you do so. If you have the habit of neglecting to study practice a life of value and integrity, get in the company of someone who can teach you, inform you or give you a perspective that get’s you to re-evaluate your past or current way of viewing the world.

“Did you get the message?”

Iron sharpens iron!

In ancient times when knowledge is passed from a teacher to a student, it is eagerly received. Any subsequent criticisms are equally and eagerly received because this is acknowledged as a path to improve overstanding. In today’s society we don’t embrace this kind of learning. Even if the information is good! In today’s society—and being that western (white society) is the norm to the mean then it is the standard—arrogance replaces the eagerness of being a student. With the internet and access to social media, every simpleton or dysfunctional character believes they are teachers, so that those who actually have something to say are either droned out, burnt out or if persistent have to be creative with their message. Years ago when I started my blog, it was because I was a frustrated writer. Displeased with the little journalism gig I could have or had. My short but sweet stint self producing my own magazine died an early death, after I soon realized that advertisement is what keeps the majority of magazines afloat. And for me what you see in this blog was my magazine, so securing advertisers, much less those with money to keep me afloat, was null and void. So I discovered the wonders of the blogsphere and with it the bevy of shit that masks itself as intelligent discourse. Of course inane blogging pales beside the stuff you see on facebook, youtube, twitter and myspace, where any coon, buffoon and loser can put up images of them in sexual provocative poses, holding a gangster lean, with little keshaun beside you…or worse talking some ass backwards, country ass shit that supports Darwinism or in modern society, reverse Darwinism.

As a somewhat intelligent man who seeks of knowledge from the cradle to the grave, I appreciate knowledge when and wherever it comes from. Though I consider myself a staunch Afrocentric brother,  I embrace knowledge from all sources that are not African specific. Even a kernel of knowledge can be used to fit into my existence and help me grow. I appreciate information and embrace it. There are many teachers out there…rest assured we are all teachers and students…and even the master teachers are still students in their own right.

In Corinthians 1: 13: 11 “…when I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things…”

It is the duty for all adults to be adults and not continue to act like children. Not because children are not wonderful examples, but because they are incomplete in knowledge and discipline. They are more emotional than intellectual. As adults we are supposed to master the essence of passion intelligently and use intelligence passionately. Both essence complements each other and gives us impetus to wisdom. This essentially is the story of Yurugu, who lost the essence of passion, the heart, and so had no empathy and connection to the universe. In the west the manufactured hue-man called the knee-row is a child in mind and spirit with the body of an adult. He/she says the seek knowledge but what they seek is useless information or someone to stroke their egos. When they harshness of life hits them, they become petulant children, simpering and whining threatening to take their ball and go home, or they throw themselves on the ground in a tantrum, or worse, try to physically harm someone they feel has dissed them or someone like them. People who lack humility refuse to learn, because learning requires them to look in the mirror. Learning requires them to face criticism, to question the course they are on and to choose to discard the childish things they have been doing.

The knee-grow hates criticism, constructive, no! Non constructive, no! They expect wiser heads to accept them doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.  Among my favorite teachers are (a) (b) Nojma Muhammad (c) diaryofanegress (d)Theblackauthority and (e) Mack Major (f)tommysotomayor

Each has their own unique way of teaching. Sister Anna Renee is a Christian, but not one of those pies in the sky wait till you dies Christian, but one who actually, you know extends love to others. But she doesn’t deny her Africanness, nor does she chaff at seeking to correct the dysfunction we are immersed in. Sister Nojma is a Muslim, her approach is to get knee-grow females to act like African women. Her theme is constantly getting women to value themselves and stop laying the burden of their bad choices at the feet of men. Sister truthbetold sits between them as she proactive a more intuitive spirituality, and while she blogs on a variety of things relating to us as people, the them is about us waking up and fighting white supremacy. Each of these women practice a feminine principle that is beautiful to behold in their writing and because they are teaching without rancor, one would expect people would come to them with an open heart…and most do, don’t get me wrong. Of course it depends on the subject. Sister Rene gets the least flack because of the nature of her topic. More general and non threatening. Sister truthbetold gets more, again because she delves into topics that are more uncomfortable and forces us to face the lies we have been telling ourselves about white supremacy. Sister Nojma gets the worse because she is forcing us to look in the mirror and face our dysfunction. But in sister’s case, it is not just us, it is knee-grow woman. A no, no in our community! Her voice is gentle as it comes through her writing, but firm, yet there are people who resist her teachings and accuse her of reverse gender discrimination or some shit like that.  Remember I said people hate criticism, even constructive ones. Well….when they are faced with the truth, instead of dealing with the truth they deflect and attack the messenger. This is the last resort of the ignorant and culpable. They get pissed not at the message but the criticism in the message or how the message is delivered…or as Eddie Griffith said, DID YOU GET THE MESSAGE?

This of course brings me to the last three teachers, Mack Major, the black authority and Tommy Sotomayor. They are men. They are masculine men. They are masculine in the sense that they are unapologetic in their criticism of us as a people, both the males and females. They use harsh language and both are opposed because they take on the challenge of holding that damn mirror in front of the recalcitrant among us. The difference between them as men and the women is more so the language they use, more than the theme. These are men who don’t pull any punches. They are not girly men, therefore they are the antithesis of the modern emasculated males that feminism birthed. They get opposition from the very same people they give constructive criticism to, because deflection is the name of the game. I thought the black authority was getting flack until I came across Tommy Sotomayor. This dude is off the chain. He cusses (gasp), he says bitches and whores and ho’s. He says nigger and he attacks the dysfunctional behaviour of knee-grow females, yet is detractors act like that is all he does. No, men, real men are not accustomed to biting their tongues or pussy footing around them if it needs a sharp sword to cut out a cancer.

In case people are following me, are asking if I support these brothers, particularly Tommy Sotomayor, yes I do. I support his views. Why? Because I look behind the harsh language. I am no saint—thank heavens. I am not in the habit of calling knee-grow females bitches and ho. I am not in the habit of calling knee-grow nagger ten times toll my teeth turn white. But as someone of above average intelligence and discerning ability, I can actually come to a conclusion without emotional entanglement of deflection and hypocrisy.

This is a testament to our dysfunction that when comedians go off exactly the same way, knee-grows females and the testicle less eunuchs that support their dysfunction all laugh and say, Paul Money is funny. Richard Pryor is Funny, Eddie Murphy is Funny. When gangster rappers go all in with bitches and ho’s, niggers and gold…or whatever shit they spew, y’all twerk and bounce in the club. They are rich and famous…and they are funny.  Then we have others who KNOW that these women are out of control and when the blogger I follow call them out, especially these brothers, fools come on and whine, can’t we all just get a long?

The self same people who call themselves whores, bitches, and niggers more than anybody else are in turn upset when others they don’t like address then as such. We feel it is a badge of honor to call ourselves these, not overstanding that word is power and once one associates with these words, they start exhibiting the same characteristics. So when these brothers call them out for this characteristics, the whores, niggers and bitches get upset and blames African men in general and brothers like these specifically for… YOUR OWN BEHAVIOUR?  Remember this, slaves and dogs are named by their masters, but a free man names himself. So act like you are free and not an enslaved animal and nobody except  Yurugu’s bastard will call you out of your name. And even then it’s because you stop ACTING like an animal instead of acting like one.


3 thoughts on “Iron Sharpen Iron

  1. First, what an honour you gave me, quite undeserving since I write solely from Jah, but an honour nonetheless.

    Second, EVERYTHING that you and I and thousands of others have been saying is old news. The same old song has been sung with “conscious” Africans for millennia but very few want to hear it. Pop culture, drugs, fast cars, money and the lure of sex is too strong.

    Third, the sad truth is, not all of us will make it. And you know what? That’s ok.


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