When the fantasy of sports meets real life.

jovan belcher

The recent tragic murder-suicide committed by Kansas City chiefs Linebacker Javon Belcher is a wakeup call to a lot of people that worship at the temple of entertainment and who sees athletes as card board cut-outs to be denigrated when they don’t excite them, but praised as gods when they do. We tend to ignore that fan is short for fanatic and is defined as “A person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, esp. for an extreme religious or political cause”.

Many of these fanatics live vicariously through their favorite teams or players and become quite emotional at every win, loss, mistakes or slight, which is taken personally by these fanatics. Witness the Lebron James mess, or the Michael Vick fiasco that is still throwing around with hatred by the people who really lack life coping skills. Sports as one aspect of entertainment, is also something that reinforces every ethnic stereotype and hatred ingrained into people through socialization and reinforced by the media. Is there any other explanation when one considers that the average young athlete stands a better chance of being a Dr., engineer or scientists than of making a NBA or NFL team? Yet socioeconomics, classism and dogma pushes low income males and females to over pursue this field instead of a less lucrative profession (in the short term) over one that strokes their egos and gives them a false sense of importance relative to this materialistic society. And they get paid a high amount of money to boot.

I have often read comments where an African athlete would speak on something relevant or related to something outside of running and catching, dodging and jumping, only to be told to shut up and play. Many athletes by the very nature of their profession are under an extreme amount of pressure to succeed and remain relevant. This is one of the reasons why after the lights have dimmed many led self destructive after sports lives. Hell many lead such a life during their careers, which are not that long compared to a regular profession.  Women and men love athletes. They are the fittest of the fittest, the most masculine and the epitome of feminine strength. Everybody wants to get with an athlete, fuck them, get their money, share their fame and generally are in heaven when any of the previous has ever been accomplished.

Few people look behind the cardboard cut-outs of the athletes and see a human being. People cannot comprehend how Ray Carruth could do what he did to his pregnant girlfriend. Nor what Tommy Kane did to his ex-wife. There are numerous other tragedies affecting athletes around the world.  Not just African athletes, though the narratives seems to target us more than any others. What can you say to a man who would kill his woman or the mother of his child? People do so all the time. Women kill their boyfriends and husbands, but the average fanatics believe that an athlete should be above this, which is bullshit and places an unnecessary burden on them…as if being a professional athlete is not burdensome as it is.  This latest incident is not an indication of an African male murdering his child’s mother and then killing himself. This is not an indictment of an athlete doing wrong. This is an indictment on Western Culture that places unrealistic emphasis on the illusion of fame over quality of character across all aspects of society. You see the same in politics and the other aspects of entertainment. Yet this type of tragedy crops up once too many times and people just pause for a moment of silence…and then cheer on their favorite team to “kill” those other bums.

Everybody will have an opinion as to why Javon Belcher killed 22-year-old Kasandra M. Perkins, leaving behind a young baby, two distraught families and friends and associates who will forever be in the dark about this.

There is something foul in Western culture that something like this and others much worse has become routine and the norm instead of an aberration. We should each reflect on our own lives and what we teach our children. We should really consider how we live our lives and while we can’t change the world, we can each take steps to create a movement where violence-even self inflicted won’t be an answer to the things that stress us out.


Peace and blessings


Growing up in Jamaica, as a child I was surrounded by the insanity that was Christianity. Insane because I was initially spooked by all that hollering and shouting and keeping me on the edge with fear of armageddon. Then as I got older and became aware of the Rasta movement, their outcast/outlaw status in society, how they were abused by the Po lice and the knee-grow gatekeepers of my Island society. Most of my contemporaries, my older brother included who embraced this culture and the truth they preached about African liberation, Marcus Garvey and African culture and their rejection of Christianinsanity and the love of a Caucasian icon as their deity and savior.  I rejected this way of thinking based on the information given at the time, but it wasn’t until I emigrated to Canada and grew into a man, reading all I could on African ourstory, could I further overstood and was able to articulate the reasons why we are fucked for taking a Caucasian construct and fake spirituality, which they stole the original spiritual practice from out of Africa, internalized and regurgitated for us to reuse and be abused with.

In post secondary school, my running buddies at the time and i became interested in Islam, through our affinity for Malik Shabazz and at the time, cats like Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, the Nation of Islam (when they were still relevant and sane) and other luminaries from the Afrocentric societies.  Yet there was something off regarding my interest with this movement….Islam! I was concerned because  while I knew Africa was were the shit started and were all came from, how is it that Islam preaches being alignment with nothing but Allah, yet the culture I see them practicing was more Arab than African. What drove the point home was all these knee-grow Arabs, rejecting all things African and embracing Arab cultural practice, Arab linguistics and customs and Arab women. Now don’t get me wrong, the first Arab was me, but not if you look at it now. No! Knee-grows have rejected Christianinsanity for Arabism. This became evident when my former running buddies, rejected me for not embracing Islam, while they did. I told them I wasn’t going to replace a continent with and Island and I am certainly not going to replace Africa with Arabism. Thankfully I had the wise counsel of great men and women like molefi kete asante, Dr. Ben Jochannan and numerous other scholars who paved the ways for my African consciousness.


Many knee-grows who embrace Islam conveniently do so and stay there because they believe that the enslavement of Africa and Africans are the sole providence of Christianity  It is not that they don’t know better, at least after being in Islam for awhile. Because one of the teaching of Islam is to seek of Knowledge form the cradle to the grave. But many Muslim are just as ignorant as Christians in that they only listen to what the Imam or preacher states at their gatherings. They may read their holy book, but without any discernment and take many passages word-for -word with out  question. Even if a particular passage was contradictory to what they believed Pryor. These intellectually wordy and commonsensically foolish, follow the indoctrination despite their eyes and heart telling them that some of the most strident ant-African belief system resides in Islam. Just like the bible, Islam states that owning a slave is a right. Just like in Christianity enslaving Africans was done. But on like the bible, the enslavement of Africans is still a social practice in many Arab countries under the guise of Islam. One cannot deny this without denying the Qu’an, or the Hadith.

Here are some of the things the knee-grows who embrace Arabism fail to tell you or are just too ignorant to see. I have added something for all those “black Hebrews” who have rejected Islam and Christianity, but still embrace any and everything except the original spirituality, not religion. I will finish off with Dr. Amos Wilson Blue Print fro black power…heed the call y’all!

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