Black women aint shit!!!!

Okay folks this is not a Tommy Sotomayor rant or a Statuesque talk. So you can’t use that excuse here. What do you think about this topic? This will be part of an ongoing debate about deflections and responsibility within the community.

Black Women Ain’t Shit….. – jazzyslim2005

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7 thoughts on “Black women aint shit!!!!

  1. I appreciate when we engage in truth telling. It’s not easy, and many of us don’t have the strength to endure the anger that comes when we tell the truth. Truth telling is a love thing, and we should be wary when someone is telling us what we want to hear ALL the time. There’s no growth in that.

    I like how this sister qualified her video by stating that she knew she’d get alot of hate, and she didn’t care. Not everybody is ready to hear the truth, but some are and those are the ones you are speaking to. Others will come around later. It is what it is.


    1. I checked out your video and liked it. It’s interesting that even though your delivery is mild, their are people who will find something wrong with what you’re saying.


  2. Hello. Things are finally settling down a bit so I thought I’d listen to this video. It was hard to watch and listen to but I agree with *some* of the comments.

    Black women have been broken down for so long that any criticism is taken as a bullet through the heart.

    I agree that we’ve gone wrong in a lot of ways but consider the psychological source…I have a soft spot for my sisters.


    1. Greetings queen.

      One of the things people lover about Malik Al Shabazz was his humbleness in accepting his wrongs, admitting his wrongs and moving behind that. If you or I want to grow as individuals we have to remove ourselves from the equation and critically look at the details that makes up the whole. When I screw up I am forced to admit it, not by anyone, but my deep sense of justice. I am ashamed but I am resolute in moving past it. We as a people must do the same. Even a mad man can tell you when you are naked. Don’t be mad at him, be mad that you forgot to wear clothe today and got caught.

      I urge you to listen again, without noticing the background noise and emotional filled content. Listen to what his being said and we can dialogue later.



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