A message to the knee-grow females


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    Over the past 500 plus years, during our sojourn in the wilderness of the West, African people in the diaspora, who are in actuality prisoners of Imperial and Colonial warfare against Africa, have not only lost the knowledge their culture, language and ourstory, but they have lost the love of self and the overstanding of the person, or reality of a creator within themselves. This is why we now worshiped other people’s Ideas of whom and what the creator is. First the modern idea of a creator is presented as  a male Caucasoid image and he has been made like many things other than what the creator really is supposed to be.

This message is directed primarily to you sisters starting with your love of a “man”  and mundane things that is not reflective of the man you see around you, or is similar to you when you look in the mirror. The Christians for instance, pursue a “god” outside themselves and refer to this “god” as three beings in one. According to divine science this is contrary to both nature and mathematics. However, it is right in line with the modern pseudo science of clinical psychology that supports spiritual dissonance and emotional and mental detachment from reality. Divine science and the law of mathematics not allow us to put three beings into one.  And common sense will  tell you that the “god” you worship should look like you, speak like you and show you the world in a way that relates to your place in the scheme of things. It is inconsistent with your own stated belief that you are goddesses and queens.


Because according to ourstory, there is no goddess without a god and no queen without a king. And despite what the doers of Isfet, which is Yurugu, says. Even a lone queen on the throne has a man close by to give her physical comfort and emotional balance. This is the African way of life. We brothers, contrary to what the White Supremacy system tries to condition you to believe, do love you and want to be with you. For the most part, the majority of us would rather be with you than Becky or Mai ling or Anna-Maria. But here is the deal…your attitude is fucked up. Your priority is shitty and your belief system is corrupted. Other than that you’re good.

Confused? I overstand how you feel, but think about us brothers, who already can’t keep up with your emotional pendulum, much less having to deal with a fucked up attitude with shitty priority and delusional belief system?  Over the last two, three decades, we brothers have been voicing our feelings about how we are constantly being dismissed, marginalized and savaged by you. Many of us feel that you are assisting our ethnic and cultural oppressors in emasculating, murdering and erasing our image and presence in your lives and in society in general. I come to you as a MAN, not a soft talking, enabling and apologetic knee-grow, but as a MAN. Being a MAN requires me to step you honestly and in sincerity in wanting us to work what’s keeping us from working to make our community and family better.


This is why I write this letter to you in the spirit of love and Ubuntu. Ubuntu is an Azanian philosophy which states that … “I am what I am because of who we all are.”When a person practices Ubuntu they are open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, is based from a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.  When a traveler through a country would stop at a village, neighborhood or a community and he or she didn’t have to ask for food or for water. Once he stops, the people give him food and entertain him. That is one aspect of Ubuntu, but it will have various aspects. Ubuntu does not mean that people should not enrich themselves. The question therefore is: Are you going to do so in order to enable the community around you to be able to improve?

Now knee-grow females increasingly have been doing some increasingly whack ass shit that is very disturbing and borders on pathological misbehavior.   For instance, on the internet, particularly Youtube, Facebook or Myspace, it is disturbing to constantly have videos of pubescent girls or half naked adult females’ twerking and skanking out showing off their breasts, pussies and assess with pockets of cellulite and ashyness. This is not sexy. Not attractive and certainly not evidence of a “strong black woman”. I want to hip y’all to the script that twerking on the internet, opening your legs, showing off your cha-cha makes you appear like a desperate skank, not even fit to be a whore. Harsh? No real. A whore is a derogatory term for a prostitute which describes a female that gets paid for providing sexual gratification to strangers.  Sometimes a woman who fucks around with different males or exhibit scandalous behaviors that offends society’s standards for behaviour are said to be whores and doing whorish things. A skank is derogatory term for a (usually younger) female, implying trashiness or tackiness, lower-class status, poor hygiene, flakiness, and a scrawny, pockmarked sort of ugliness. Sisters, if you want to be seen as a “strong black woman”, you need to show your strength in things that elevate your mind and character not show off your naked ass.


Even when you take a simple picture on your facebook pages, you are showing off your ass, lying in a suggestive pose then turn around and talk shit about RESPECT ME! We men are very visual and we ingest thinks simply. The hue-man is a visual creature and we cannot see a half or fully naked female, lying in a suggestive position and think mmm, you are very intellectual. Stop being a whore unless your desire is to make it a paid profession. And if you do, don’t turn around later and claim to be a victim. You are not a victim. You are a whore who is having a crisis of conscience. Stop being a skank. It is really stupid to give away pussy like free candy and not getting paid for it. Then after giving away the pussy, all of a sudden you are expecting to be seen as a “strong black woman”, deserving of respect. Know the game you are in, because it is a game. Many sisters are on the playing field but have no clue as to what the game is, no knowledge of the players in the game, the rules of the game or your own position in the game.

The modern relationship is a game, don’t get it twisted. The old style of relating to each other is being shunted to the side. If you want to bring it back, you better change the rules and playing field. Sisters like to feel that they are players in this game, but you feel too much. You are very emotional. How can you not? When you have some loser nuka, nutting up side your body, you’re gonna feel emotionally attached to him, unless you are a professional, and even they have their moments. Even if you’re slanging pussy around the neighborhood. That’s why y’all crying about respect. You want respect, change the game and your place in the game…or shut up! I tell my associates that I have no problem with prostitutes, because they are being honest about what they do. I respect them for their honesty. it doesn’t mean I like what they do. I have no hate for them. Throughout the millennia, prostitute has been there fore therapeutic purposes; this is something I will post at another time. However, what I don’t like are skanky females showing up their assess and other stuff on facebook, on youtube and on myspace and talking shit about “y’all better come correct ‘cause I am a diva or a queen…or a goddess.”


Knee-grow females, you are not a queen. You don’t wake up in the morning and call yourself a queen. A queen is a birth right. It is a title vested ON you by OTHERS, based on how you conduct yourself. You are a queen based on how you treat others. A queen is a servant to her people. Most of you hood rats, claiming to be queen often are only servicing head or providing booty calls. Every god dam knee-grow is a queen, because y’all don’t want to do any work. Only in the movies do you see some queen sitting on her ass eating grapes and being fanned by buff, eunuchs. Real queen, like real kings are doing work to uplift themselves and their people. They are leading the people down a path of knowledge and prosperity…not a damn garden path.

You are not a goddess. If you think being queen requires work try being a goddess for a day. Your fat assess wouldn’t be eating all that pork and Twinkies and sipping on Bacardi. You would be elevating your spirit, through proper diet, exercise and meditation. You wouldn’t be trying to fit your size 12 ass in a size 3 dress or shorts and talking about you thick. Goddesses aren’t on that tip. A goddess automatically gets respect by the spiritual presence she exudes. WorldStar hip hop, doing Feng Shui and chanting ohm, while smoking a blunt and licking pussy with your girlfriends, is not a goddess you make. The ancient African belief in the duality of energies and of people precludes pussy licking, weed smoking, man hating, bitch talking, youtube twerking, images that does not reflect an overstanding of Ma’at and reciprocity.


Knee-gresses, you are always saying we brothers aren’t shit. Well…we are not shit, but we are made in the image of shit by white supremacy and OUR own complicity. That means ME and YOU. I get it it that many males fall out and fell of the manhood wagon. I get it. I get it that many knee-grow males half step on their responsibilities and fuck up. I get it. How can I not? Oprah talks about it. You remember Oprah…the oatmeal lady? That aunt Jemima, slick talking, man hating, no man having image of a “strong black woman”, who is backed and funded by Khazaar interests and is directed to do shit that reinforces your delusional image of yourself and to make Caucasian women feel good about themselves? I get it, because the penal shitstim, the public fool shitstim, all women feel good seminars, New York Times best seller lists, the horse and pony show on tel-lie-vision reinforces that knee-grow males aint shit mantra. But that same outlet shows you acting the fool. They show you as been a pathetic, no man having, dick sucking, wild beast acting, baby daddy having, shitting on yourself while taping the flavor of love doing, house wives of Atlanta skanking, desperate behaving, overweight, bitch ass talking animal. That is not you, that’s not they true representation of a “strong black woman”, a queen, a goddess, or just a regular person…but that is how they portray you. Just like they show Ray-Ray and Daymonte and any panty on the head wearing, pants drooping like he done shit himself, closeted homosexual, drug dealing, crack smoking, gun wielding nick nack as a representation of us as a man. Yet you drink the kool aid that this is some one that is enticing to you. You see that and believe that this is what is out there for you. Don’t be looking for a meaningful relationship in the club, or at the bar. Women go to the club for three reasons. To chill out and relax, to bump some funk (or techno shit today) or to get a dick. Make it real. You in the club getting your game on and some dusty knee-grow rolls up on you and start macking, and tells you his name is dog, just turn and run the other way. Don’t give him your number, have him crawl up inside of you, nutting and scooting, then turn around and bitch about why he don’t call you. That’s how you present yourself and that’s how you are accepted. You see ladies; the fellahs are pretty simple… what we SEE is what WE accept. What we GET, is what we look for. So if you gonna put yourself out there as some groupie, with low standards then that’s what we expect. And some ass to boot.

From my personal experience with cats I know named mad dog (a violent dude that like to rumble at clubs), killer (an animal torturer), assassin (self explanatory) usually earned these nick names honestly. So go to the club looking for a serious relationship, hook up with dog and then wonder why dog, dogged you out.

Finally step up the game. Note I didn’t say YOUR game, ‘cause the little game you run is whack. Even the squares are hip to your games. Change the game for a better one. Learn to close your legs and close your mouth. Stop opening your legs for any dusty knee-grow that comes along, because more bad than good comes from that. For every orgasm, there is at least five period of empty feeling. For every good dick, there are at least five pathetic ones. And on top of that there is STD, Nuka’s running your name in the street and pregnancy. Yeah! Pregnancy, you know the thing you blame the dusty Nukas for, when you know your trifling ass wasn’t practicing safe sex or responsible sex or abstinence? And for all you females in a long term relationship that never worked, you got to ask yourself, is it him, or you? Or maybe it is because y’all got into this for the wrong reason, without a realistic plan, blue print or goals. Know your size, know your place, have a game plan. Don’t get into a relationship out of desperation. Don’t be a hood rat skanky ass door knob at 18-25, with four baby daddies and six children, then turn around looking for some simpleton to finance your team, yet he has no say in the house, in the children’s lives or you have decided that your baby making days are numbered.  How you think he’s gonna feel. Don’t make mistakes with losers, because you liked their swag, only to wake up at 35 and is now looking for a responsible man to carry you to the finish line. An overnight sensation takes years of practice and dedication to mastering your craft. There is no craft better than being an upright MAN or an upright WOMAN. There are no skills best equipped to prepare you to be a wife instead of a jump off, baby mamma  church going desperado, living on bitter bitch boulevard, talking about there are no good men out there.


There are, but you kept walking by him, to get to the thug, the player, the money maker, the cat that is dicking 20 women and have 5 children he is not providing for. You go to him because he Is more exciting, than they regular dude, that may work as a high school Janitor, because his paper is soft. You go to the exciting guy because females like the challenge of changing shit in males.  Just like Yurugu, tries to domesticate the Jackal, you go days without feeding one and see if your ass don’t get torn up. You see ladies once a reclamation project, always a reclamation project, and while a broken clock is right twice a day…it is still a broken clock.

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You’re better off hooking up with the regular dude, janitor job and all, because he has benefits. Find the excitement in both YOU and HIM changing each other for the better. So what if he don’t lay the pipe like the player. Tell him what turns you on; show him how to turn you on…hell work on turning him out, maybe all he needs is encouragement. And if it doesn’t work and you split, even if he was screwing around on you, if you are gonna step off, be dignified. Don’t use the children as a weapon against him, because they become more important than either one of you in this shit. And don’t disrespect him, publicly embarrass him or screw around on him. If you are not feeling him, leave in the best way possible. But this is why y’all don’t fuck first and then try to get to know each other later.  You get to know each other OVER A PERIOD OF TIME, and then YOU decide if, when and how the sex is gonna go down. Before marriage or after?.  YOU…yes YOU knee-grow females decide when to give yourself sexually. I don’t. And if I force myself on you then it’s not your choice…it is rape. And while I am on that subject, don’t put yourself in a position where someone can assault you too easy. Don’t go to know cats house or bring one home you don’t know. Don’t get mad and accuse him of rape because he didn’t walk you to the door, kiss you good night or you feeling remorse for a one nighter. It clouds the issue and lumps the true victims of rape into your bullshit.

Ladies, the black woman aint shit post I did earlier, kind of breaks down some of the shit that knee-grow females do, but I wanted to chime in with some stuff that’s been on my mind. Believe it or not this is not even ALL of the stuff I have rolling around inside my head. But I want to hear your point of view. And same for my male readers. Y’all been too reticent with commenting of lately, I need some challenges…Lol!. Just remember I don’t suffer fools lightly, so come correct or step off.


Peace and blessings