Men doing work…so what’s the problem?

The females in our community like to talk about the men not stepping up and being men.  News flash, we have  been doing things for and in the community for years…before and after the black panthers…only most of our stuff is not caught on tel-lie-vision, so I guess by that standard we ain’t doing shit!  In Detroit…remember Detroit? Given up for dead for years…in Detroit a large number of African men came together and organized for positive purpose that can change society.

Detroit 300! Angry Citizens Declaring War On Gangs!

The thing is this group is not a nightmare for Yurugu, who probably embrace them doing their police work for them, while putting their lives on the lines. IS THIS THE BIGGEST NIGHTMARE TO KNEE-GROW WOMEN?.  This society has changed so much that women of all ethnic groups want & need to be the face of everything. The system will use these females to take down a man and none does it as often and as severe as when knee-grow females do it to African men because the white supremacy does have this SAME FEAR of African men organizing.

Check out this post and the accompanying story.

2 Black Women are trying to destroy the Detroit 300

As one person following this story stated…“If U think these 2 black women are acting on their own and that they are not part of a bigger white elitist plan, then you are sadly mistaken!”

Don’t you think it is suspect that the Po=lice involved these men in a supposed legal interrogation of these females AT a Po-lice station? With the consent of staff above a station Sargent’s level? Not only are these men’s good intention placed them in a tenuous position, but these knee-grow females get their feelings hurt, even though according to the story  they are more than suspected in connection to a particular crime against a child.

Another poster said it best…“This is so sad … MANY black women need to stay out of the way of men standing up to do the right thing … kills me it takes murder for black men to come together … Black women respond to this by suing the 300… I just wish more black men and women would train, love and nurture their children & acts of violence would not be taken by blacks or outside forces to subdue ignorance or foolishness . HOLD ON! Is the D300 the manifestation of a lack of justice for black children by law officials?”


So what do you all think? We as men are lumped in with the dusty knee-grow and ALL of us are labeled as not even sit. Yet when we step up and try to do right by our women and children, the power structure with the complicity of some female fucks up the progression.