The white daddy Syndrome and the knee-grow bed wench

In this post it may seem like I am all over the place, but I am trying to bring together seemingly unrelated subjects in to a pattern that paints a big picture of the ills that one half of our dysfunctional pairing does, but is rarely criticized for. I will speak less about the knee-grow male’s failing because the media has cornered the market on this, so anything I had would be beating a dead horse. However, most of the same people that clown the knee -grow male and African men in general are the same people who are the clowns themselves but refuse to own up to their failings….the knee-grow female.


The knee-grow females suffer several manifestation of  mental health disorder that may have started out as emotional dissonance, due to an up bringing where molestation , parental neglect, an absence of a strong male presence or just failed parenting was in play. Over a period of time these emotional imbalance or disassociation has seeped into their brains and created a diseased state. One of the manifestation of this disease is called histrionic personality disorder. Now as you know I am not a fan of this pseudo science called Psychology, clinical or other wise, but I must say if one wants to effectively explain some of the crazy shit females do, psychology sometimes have the correct phrasings, if anything else. The varied manifestation of the emotional dissonance or disassociation is also evident in how the females deal with interpersonal relationships:  In the relationship, emotional dissonance is the conflict between experienced emotions and emotions expressed to conform to display rules. This study is an empirical examination of the impact of emotional dissonance on organizational criteria and its moderation by self-monitoring and social support. Emotional dissonance was theorized to stimulate inconsistencies in behaviour, either solely through social dissatisfaction or through both social dissatisfaction and reduced interpersonal commitment. Social dissatisfaction was found to be the sole mediator. Emotional dissonance resulted in relationship dissatisfaction, which, in turn, stimulated withdrawal intentions. Self-monitoring and social support exerted moderator effects, albeit in opposing directions. Emotional dissonance aroused feelings of relationship dissatisfaction and reduced social commitment among high self-monitors. In contrast, social support lessened the negative impact of emotional dissonance on organizational commitment.

Street talk…you are emotionally immature. It impacts on how you deal with people especially in a relationship that prevents you from committing i an intelligent and mature fashion  Instead you act contrary to what is expected from your role in a relationship.  You moderate your responses while in the relationship by getting together with people who you can project on, your immature belief, expectation and approach to relationship, thus excusing your immature relationship skills. You justify your choices by blaming the choice and not the chooser, which takes the spot light off of you and lessens the negative impact of the finger being pointed at you.

When faced with having the spotlight shone on them, many females would engage in deflection, anger, and projections instead of  listening to mature or even immature criticism of their actions. Just because one doesn’t like the source or the way one is criticized  one should and must at least check to see if the criticism is valid before rejecting it. Knee-grow females fro the most part jump right to rejection instead of making the correct alteration in order to get back on the course towards making themselves a better person. However  until that time comes around, we will have situation like this that would appallingly impress on aliens coming down to earth, how strange knee-grows are in comparison to other ethnic groups. Knee-grow females insists that the responsibility of pregnancy and the male leaving a “good” female is because the problem is HIM and not HER. Except when she is tasked to know her gender role, which she then morph into a Hulk like creature rumbling about being a “strong black and independent woman”.

The story is also here in details where the adoptive Caucasian parents refuses to return the “pet” they adopted and accused the African man of abandoning his responsibility. MARRIED Father fighting for custody of daughter who was put up for adoption without his knowledge.

Now many females insist that African men refuse to take care of their responsibilities…a crock of shit when seen from a distance. There are more factors involved than a male or man just upping and leave. The easiest being that laying down with a male with umpteenth baby mamas  and not attending them won;t make you the exception. Neither will driving a father out of the childs life make you a sympathetic figure…not anymore.  According to the legal system,  rape is a criminal offense, paternity fraud is not. According to the law if I am in the middle of sex with you and you the female decides that she doesn’t want to continue, if I refuse, I now am assaulting you. Females have solicited males for sex, when turned down, have accused the male of sexual impropriety, assault and out and out rape.  Remember Brian Banks?

What you may not know was the female and her mother sued the school board and was awarded 1.5 million dollars in victim compensation  spent the money in less than 3 years and went on welfare. During that three year span,she had three children with the same amount of men. After the conviction was overturned, questions were asked about recouping the money or sending her to court for making false criminal claims and fraud. The California prosecutor said they had no intentions to seek penalties. Oh! and Bank’s defence lawyer , probably a public defender, was a female (a double whammy against him)….which means less effort was put into seeking justice, than getting justice for a female.  When dealing with paternity, a female can falsely accuse a male of paternity and still get child support even if proven false. I man can demand she abort the baby and she can refuse, but he has no say in whether she chooses to KEEP the baby or ABORT the baby…because it’s her body…however, if she keeps it against his wishes, he is ORDERED by the system to pay child support. According to some statistics  paternity fraud is a rising issue across the North America, yet even though DNA tests will show paternity fraud, the system will still insists that the male HAS to pay for the child. It happens to Caucasian as well, but this is blackmystory…so. Has Grand master flash sang…in this man’s world so much for woman’s lib.

There are scores of videos on youtube showing knee-grow people being violent, exhibitionists or just plain cooning. It is expected now that if shit goes down the knee-grows are the usual suspect and often are. Then mature, conscious African people get sweeped up and lumped into his shit by those who don’t care if you are a hood rat or a successful person. This is the reason why illegal lynchings from up until the 1960’s have now become legal lynchings particularly by the Po-lice or any “cracker” with a gun and the desire.  Most knee-grows have moved from BET, to Myspace  to Facebook and still riding too hard with youtube…but youtube is now looking over its shoulder at world star hip hop as the most ratchet of ratchetness on the internet.

On the internet young females are singing about selling pussy……

Ratchetness is unfortunately not the purvey of the young or youngish as these old women proves….


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