Rob Parker and the RGIII bullshit distraction.

You know how it is, you never gave a Volkswagen a second thought until you bought one, then after buying one, all you see from then on is Volkswagen and you wonder, damn there is a lot of Volkswagen on the road. That’s the same with stupid people.

For me it started with a Facebook comment, then I started seeing on the internet, on tel-lie-vision, fuck people at work started talking about that shit! On ESPN’s first take a pseudo journalism piece of “race baiting” clap trap, one of the house knee-grow for the day by the name of Rob Parker, proclaimed in holy certainty that Washington NFL football team ( I refuse to call them by that anti-Aboriginal hating name) was not “black” enough. Now nobody will ever mistake ESPN’s “First Take” show with anything remotely resembling insightful, important, or accurate journalism. This Muppet show  with the grumpy, hateful  old farts Skip (clue less) Bayless and Stephen A. ( I am a Mack daddy) Smith has adopted the slogan “Embrace Debate” to put a nice little hat on the fact that the show is actually the kind of train wreck  that makes the worst political commentary programs look like great television. I mean after these two clowns cats like the former coke head president Bush and even a resurrected Ronald (Ray gun) Reagan would come on the show and offer more intelligent insight. Just this week one of the numerous simp nukas that come on the show, Rob Parker,  went out of his way to drop the shows IQ even further below zero, when the subject of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III came up on Thursday morning. Parker decided that it was the appropriate time to bring up whether Griffin was “black” enough or not.

According to the simp…“I’ve talked to some people in Washington, D.C. Some people in [Griffin’s] press conferences. Some people I’ve known for a long time. My question, which is just a straight, honest question, is … is he a ‘brother,’ or is he a cornball ‘brother?’ He’s not really … he’s black, but he’s not really down with the cause. He’s not one of us. He’s kind of black, but he’s not really like the guy you’d want to hang out with. I just want to find out about him. I don’t know, because I keep hearing these things. He has a white fiancé, people talking about that he’s a Republican … there’s no information at all. I’m just trying to dig deeper into why he has an issue. Tiger Woods was like, ‘I have black skin, but don’t call me black.’ People wondered about Tiger Woods early on — about him.”

First of all, y’all leave that Cablasian alone, why y’all using him as a fall back for your bullshit arguments? Second…what is “black?” What cause is is RG3 not down with? But then the real reason for his nonsense came out…..He has a white fiancé, people talking about that he’s a Republican”

18 Knee-grow Celebrity Republicans:

  1. The Rock...He is light skin so he gets a pass (but you should see his parents)
  2. LL Cool J….it’s ok to knee-grows he don’t have a “white” woman
  3. JJ Walker….dead comedian
  4. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson…beef starter
  5. Sheryl Underwood…hood rat comedian
  6. Don King...crooked dinosaur
  7.  Eazy-E...listen to Ice Cube’s no vassaline
  8.  Bishop TD Jakes...knee-grow minister
  9. Donnie McClurkin...knee-grow minister
  10. Stacy Dash…Hollyweird hood rat tramp
  11. Karl Malone…wanna be “white” circus clown
  12. Zora Neale Hurston…Famous lesbian author
  13. Wilt Chamberlain….fucks over 2000 women, but didn’t marry any
  14. Lynn Swann…. has been circus clown
  15. Condoleezza Rice…sigh
  16. Colin Powell…sigh too
  17. Joseph C. Phillips….Rudy’s friend on the Cosby Show
  18. Booker T. Washington….but he didn’t have a “white” woman…I think!

Of course the ethnic (race) baiter Skip Bayless, always seeking to have the last infantile, stupid remark, upped the ante with this question: “What do RG3’s braids say to you?”

“To me, that’s very urban,” Parker continued, seemingly determined to dig his own professional grave. “It makes you feel like … I think he would have a clean cut if he were more straight-laced or not … wearing braids is … you’re a brother. You’re a brother. If you’ve got braids on.”    Now this simp,  Parker, in his position as a supposed journalist, has insulted an individual some one’s skin tone in a cruel and unbelievable degree by actually bringing Robert Griffin’s “blackness” to the forefront, and openly questioning it with no basis in fact, no knowledge of the person, and no sense of responsibility.

Robert Griffith’s father chimed in with a lukewarm response. “He needs to define what ‘one of us’ is. That guy needs to define that, Griffin’s father told Jim Corbett of USA Today Sports about Parker’s comments. “I wouldn’t say it’s racism. I would just say some people put things out there about people so they can stir things up. Robert is in really good shape on who he is, where he needs to get to in order to seek the goals he has in life … so I don’t take offense.”

Robert jr. and Jacqueline griffin were sergeants and military lifers, in the US  imperial army. Even before they became “all they could be” they were raised to work hard, respect people and be good hue-man beings. Isn’t this the most important thing we need to transform upwards to out god self?

But most important is that there is a full time father at home. I t also appears that his mother wasn’t like say…Gabby Douglass’s mother…a lying conniving, manipulating example of the knee-grow female that the system like to portray as the norm. Robert Griffith3 is an example of what happens if both parents WORK to raise functional Hue-man beings.

Robert Griffin III has a masters degree in Political Science… yet they information on the man up to the draft was this…“He runs. He throws. He sings. He volunteers for charities. He makes the honor roll. Quarterback Robert Griffin III can do just about everything—including make Baylor football relevant again”

Even his master is laughing at Rob Parker….massa we sick?

When the elephant fights the grass suffers….or vultures come around


Rhonda Lee Interview (Fired For Having Black Hair)

 “If you don’t understand Racism White Supremacy, everything else will confuse you.”

——-Neely Fuller

This isn't the first time meteorologist Rhonda Lee's short hair has affected her job, she says. (Photo: Facebook)

When a viewer took meteorologist Rhonda A. Lee to task online for having short hair, rather than for any job-related issues, she defended herself. But instead of supporting Lee or even deleting the offensive Facebook post, Shreveport, Louisiana television station KTBS fired her, saying she had violated the company’s unofficial social media policy.  The controversy started on October 1, when a viewer left a post on KTBS-TV’s public Facebook page criticizing Lee’s looks.

“the black lady that does the news is a very nice lady. the onlt [sic] thing is she needs to wear a wig or grow some more hair,” wrote Emmitt Vascocu on October 1. “im not sure if she is a cancer patient. but still its not something myself that i think looks good on tv.” 

Days later, when KTBS-TV still hadn’t respond to the Facebook post, Lee did. “Hello Emmitt—I am the “black lady” to which you are referring. My name is Rhonda Lee. Nice to meet you,” she wrote on October 6, in the comments. “I am sorry you don’t like my ethnic hair. And no I don’t have cancer.” 

“I am very proud of my African-American ancestry which includes my hair,” Lee, 37, continued. “For your edification: traditionally our hair doesn’t grow downward. It grows upward. Many Black women use strong straightening agents in order to achieve a more European grade of hair and that is their choice. However in my case I don’t find it necessary. I’m very proud of who I am and the standard of beauty I display. Women come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities, and levels of beauty. Showing little girls that being comfortable in the skin and HAIR God gave me is my contribution to society. Little girls (and boys for that matter) need to see that what you look like isn’t a reason to not achieve their goals.” 

“Conforming to one standard isn’t what being American is about and I hope you can embrace that,” she concluded. “Thank you for your comment and have a great weekend and thank for watching.”

Listen to the interview with Tommy Sotomayor here…