Black American Men in Brazil (DOCUMENTARY)

This is an interesting film that I want to thank Ramses over at www. for linking me on to. I want to say that there are certain things i take umbrage with in this film and it surrounds the age old lie that there are more females graduating and IN college than males. Janks Morton in his documentary Hoodwinked exploded this lie, when he broke down how Yurugu create this cottage industry and we buy into it. We need to quit that shit and face the fact that the males and females i our community are growing apart because we have lost respect for each other and we are too proud and stiff necked to see the forest because we are so damn fixated on the tree…ONE damn tree, which is our own selfishness.

In the film one female asked should I settle for less…wtf? Less what? A one legged, snaggle tooth troglodyte?  Define less? You have a college degree and I don’t that makes me less? You make $70,000 per year and i make 42, that makes me less? We are putting monetary worth on relationships. These kind of things have a name in the back of certain magazines.

Watch the film…

What category does your favorite celebrity fall into?

Tariq Nasheed: Pet Niggas

 Examples of Pet niggas

Jay Z

Lil Wayne

Niki Minaj

Rihanna and Kate Moss "V" Magazine


Russel Simmons

Examples of House Niggas

Samuel Jackson

Halley Berry

Zoe Saldana wallpaper

Chloe Saldana

Quincy Jones

The magic Negro

Barack Obama

Herman Cain

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