The Maafa for 2013…Pt1

According to Yurugu, the term “Race” was introduced into our communication in order to artificially separate groups from various parts of the earth, based primarily on the level of melanin contained in the body.  “Race” was artificially introduced first under the euroscience called Darwinism and the belief that there is a pyramid of species among human beings, based on who is either closer and farther away from the base animals…particular the monkey.    “Race” and ethnicity, another designation based on culture, language and community/country, are  issues and descriptions that have been around for several centuries and as globalization continue to expand borders, the former separation based on  “Race” is becoming more stressful and more of a petri dish for ethnic or  “Race” based violence and hatred. Members of Yurugu’s  “Race”, the so-called self-styled social scientists like to use  “Race” in  reference to the biological differences, which are manifested physically through such things as skin color, hair type and height.  They also put out the information that Ethnicity refers to your culture and things that a group of people share that have a common meaning such as perceptions, feelings and expectations, for example being of African-American ethnicity or being a “west Indian”. Major issues that affect  “Race”and ethnicity include socio-economic status and opportunities, employment, health care availability, education and criminal justice.

Today many of the former social discourse around  “Race” has been debunked, not for lack of trying,   and many intelligent thinkers have admitted that if there is a  “Race” it is the hue-man  “Race”, where every other ethnic group are descendants of the original highly melanated people in around the area/continent called Africa. One of the reasons, according to elder Neely Fuller and Francis Cress-Welsing, that the system and philosophy called “white supremacy” was created, instituted and rigidly enforced was out of fear of genetic annihilation as a group. Considering that they already were genetically diffused as albinos , and based on the epic Dogon creation story of Yurugu,  intelligent people can overstand why the purveyors of “white supremacy” is so methodical, relentless and vicious in keeping the system in place.

gen·o·cide: [jen-uh-sahyd]:

Noun: T
he deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial,political, or cultural group. 
From the website  African holocaust  I picked up the following information.

The word ”’Maafa”’ (also known as the African Holocaust) is derived from a Kiswahili word meaning disaster, terrible occurrence or great tragedy. The term today collectively refers to the Pan-African discourse of the 500 hundred years of suffering of people of African heritage  through Slavery, imperialism, colonialism, apartheid, rape, oppression, invasions and exploitation.

The African Holocaust is a panAfrican discourse on the global historical and contemporary genocide against the mental and physical health of African people. The effects of this genocide impacts all areas of African life; religion, heritage, tradition, culture, agency, self-determination,marriage, identity, rites of passage, and ethics. And finally acts to marginalize Africans from their historical trauma and historical glory. This study does not seek to promote a binary or Manichean history, but moreover a lens for looking at patterns of persecution from within an authentic African centered framework.

The African Holocaust or Maafa, is a crime against humanity and is recognized as such by scholars, who have documented the primary and overwhelming culpability of mainly Europeans in the ongoing Holocaust against African people. Slavery, corrupted and stripped both the enslaved and the slave master of their humanity and dignity. The African Holocaust represents an existential threat to the people hood and agency of African people for the last 500 Years of world history. Africa is the most exploited continent in the history of humanity; more human victims have been stolen from Africa than all the continents of the world combined. The consequences of this drain in human and mineral resources is one of the major factors in the global condition of African people.

However, this history would be incomplete and distorted, without also reflecting on the acquiescence; collaboration, rape, genocide, slavery, corruption, and warfare that Africans, as free agents, as members of nations and native religions, have also engaged in.  Moreover, it would be morally reprehensible to neglect the modern-day trade in Africa and across the globe.

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