Wifey materials for the 21st centuary.

When men addresses the knee-grow females for their out of control behaviour and double standards, people respond by getting mad, talking smack, deflect, or turn the argument back on the men. Never do they honestly address their bullshit behaviour and how they are viewed realistically by others. I have seen an increase in all kinds of male bashing on blogs and in  the social network community criticizing the knee-grow males for every seemingly indiscretions, stumbles and pure screw ups. I believe that if anybody screws up by mistake should be afforded the opportunity to make amends. However, when you do shit and you refuse to heed caution or act out of arrogance, you are expected to be chastised accordingly. How come though that the miscreant knee-grow males seem to get 10 times more vitriolic than the females. I will be the first one to say there are many knee-grow males who abrogate their responsibility to protect the females, the children and the community….I get it!  So why are we being two-faced about taking the females to task for not being examples of grace, submissiveness and integrity…you know? Like how we task men to be MEN and expect them to be strong protectors, providers and loyal supporters to knee-grow females.  In the playing field of “white supremacy” most knee-grows are playing checkers while others are playing chess. In some instances we are playing snakes and ladders, while they are playing the Chinese game of GO!

It is precisely because of this that we engage in so much immature and risky behaviours that fulfil the stereotypes of “niggerdom” and all things “niggerish”, that we’ve been accused of. We each do contradictory shit that we accuse the other of doing, then, when we are caught doing it, we deflect and turn defence into offence.

Why do people accuse knee-grows of falling down on the job and rightfully so, yet fail to jack up the females when they do the same. I believe I know why. In this society where feminism rules with an iron dildo, females tend to morph from independent, super women, into sensitive, frightened weaker sex. who become intimidated when we raise our voices. And we fall for this every time.

 Below are some examples of these bullshit behaviours seen daily, of which I am talking about. What do you think? What do you feel can be done if you were to speak to these females?

“Hey we got one ladies he is an attorney”!!!

——-a poster on a FACEBOOKclip_image001

On fieldnegro.com, there are numerous pictures of the knee-grow males with mostly Caucasian females with a sprinkling of other  females. Everybody was commenting negatively about these pictures of the males, of course without knowing why they are there and the circumstances around that. For instance, Tiger Woods. How can people be mad at Tiger Woods for being with a Caucasian female, knowing the cats background? There is also the economic aspects too. All of these males are in entertainment and politics, their income is higher than mine, but mature people know that the access that regular knee-grow females have with them appears limited, usually by design, but still limited. What they fail to think about is the numerous melanated couples that the media don’t show. And face it do you really care who Ice T fucks?  How many of you females will really lay down with JJ from Good Times? Quincy Jones? Don’t be kicking it with him then be upset when he be sharing his studio time with Tevan Campbell…just saying.

Absent from all this knee-grow bashing is the knee-grow females who have been trolling, ho’ing and doing what they need to do to get their paper, or their game on with the Caucasian males, as well as this insatiable need to be attention whores. hypocrisy thy name is the knee-grow. Check out the female above. Apparently she is a celebrity and he is a no name guy…but he is an attorney and even better…HE IS “WHITE”!!! Knee-grow bed wenches across North America have multiple orgasms at pictures like this. Just like they did when the picture of that Caucasian reporter was shown taking the braids from his adopted daughter’s head.  To get a trophy like this is what makes many of them knee-grow bed wenches wake up in the morning and live for another day.  Trifling females often find excuses not to marry a man from the community, some even claiming that we chase and lust after Becky and Sue, yet when they themselves chase after Rod and Bob, it’s because love is the answer. GTFHOH with that bullshit! I wonder how many of you trifling knee-grow female get offended on seeing Yurugu with a female from this community, the same way you get offended when the knee-grow male is profiling with a nordic type?

Are you complete? Do you feel validated? Or do you accuse them of hating us men and sign petitions to boycott them, like you try to do with Chad Johnson?



Trifling knee-grow females and their mangina supporters lament that African men are not marrying the knee-grow female, because we don’t value the sanctity of marriage. Forget about the fact that at least 50% of divorces are initiated by females and delve into the reasons why marriage is not as viable today as it was in our grandparents days. Forget about the fact that marriage is down across the board for ALL ethnic groups. Could one of the reason brothers don’t get married is because they feel that there are no females out there worthy to be wife materials?

This big ass right here, above, belongs to a fitness professional, who is serious about getting you in shape. She is 30 years old and this is her sort of “business card”. Now I am gonna look at this and say mmmm, she looks like she could help me lose some weight and fit into my new jeans this summer, I think I will have her train me. What do you see when viewing her fitness qualifications? Do you see business professional? Do you see fitness, classy,  intelligent or qualified to do anything other than get that ass hit?  Wifey material indeed.


more ass

 This phenomena of  bathroom modeling is beyond my comprehension and is almost as original as the ass models. Are knee-grow women that starved for attention that they will show off their bodies on the internet to feel good about themselves. Self esteem deficiency is killing  many of us and few is as pathetic as females who are attention whores to the ninth degree. Especially after posting up pictures like these and then follow it up with I am a queen…or treat me with respect…or …., yet you are acting like ho’s and not even getting paid for it.  At least when most Caucasian females do it for the most part, it’s on a site where her as an independent or in conjunction with her boyfriend/husband set it up where you have to subscribe as well as having paid advertisement. Y’all can’t even ho for money!


 How the hell are you gonna do this with a used tampon in clear view? WoW!


 We can se the changes in the new and mature you ladies!


 Child Abuse definition:   The Physical, sexual, or emotional mistreatment or neglect of a child.

Folks…can you spot the incidence of child abuse and neglect in these pictures? This one below is showing off her so-called baby bumps and is being endorsed by friends and family.


Of course the pregnant ho’s have to get in on the act also. What a way to start of your life as a mother. their ratchet behaviour? Instead we give them props. Most of these pregnant females showing off their naked bodies on FACEBOOK or parts of the internet are neither married or have a man. Most are young females. Where are the responsible parents?

pregnant and on internet



Really? In front of your sons? Do you know that there is a rise in female sexual abuse of children and minors? I had a friend who worked in a home for our youth, in my city. he told me of the serious psychological problems these young men face from sexual abuse. And some of whom were sexually abused by their mothers. Of course it was shut down because of the confluence of knee-grows pursuing government financial support meeting government “cutting back” on social programs.


If this is not child endangerment and abuse then I don’t know what is. Yet a beast like this is viewed as the best parent for a child. Sad part of this is if there is a knee-grow male around who finds nothing wrong with it either.


The caption says it all. Some people aspire to have their daughter’s graduate from college.


One of the things I became aware of lately is the overwhelming amount of attention whores, among us, who dream of stripping. Every female goes through their attention seeker stage. Don’t be mad at me for saying it, you know its true. But eventually you are supposed to grow out of it, just like the male is supposed to grow out of his kid in a candy shop mentality around females. When females are starting to breed future attention whores, then we have a problem that is devastating to the community.

smoking and pregnant

Here another one of a female close to 4 month pregnant , smoking weed and chilling. I have seen females drinking and doing stuff detrimental to their pregnancy. Yet when I tell them to try to eat right so that the child will have the best nutrition transference, they tell me I am too extreme.


I am not sure why this water buffalo feels the urge to do this, but I can say sh..it is proud of its three bellies.


Some adult or an older person has to have been taking these picture right?  These are babies god dammit, how fucked up are knee-grows to be taking these pictures and putting them on the internet?



This is a still from a video where…….go figure!


water buffalos

STANDARDS!….STANDARDS!…WHERE ARE OUR STANDARDS? And there are dogs that would run up on these….talking about thick and big. NOOOOOOO! This is a picture day at the zoo at the pachyderm cage.

twin sisters

Twin sisters leave their 3 children to die in a house party while they were hanging out. Check out the story here.

amerikan idol

Our little girls and boys are idolizing this slutty lesbian freak. This is promoted as entertainment today.


Knee-grow females have serious self esteem issues. What’s more is that the bigger they get, the more they seek of public self gratifications. teh new age feMen

This is a nude female body builder, Renee Toney. I repeat, this is a NUDE FEMALE BODY BUILDER. Anybody wants to hit that.

whoring for police

This is one of the things that seems to amaze me about knee-grows. These females present themselves as toys to be played with, bitches to be fucked or simulated fucked out in public, but use the excuse it’s a carnival or ______________ (insert your selective events here) to deflect their animal behaviour. Even sadder is the fact that two elder males are in the vicinity and are ooggling the assess and having a good time, while Yurugu get’s to work out his fantasy.


Women..be very aware of what you do in your personal lives because your daughters are watching you. They are not listening to what you say more than watching what you are doing and who you are doing it with.