The Game!

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.
Albert Einstein
Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.


Definition: A form of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.
Adjectives: brave-plucky-courageous-gallant-ready-MANFUL

Many have ascribed the qualities of life as being part of a game. Attributes such as chance-luck-preparation-victory over odds etc, tends to blur when talking about game and life….or the game of life! Like a game, life is filled with chances and opportunities. When faced with difficulties, we can choose to give up, or we can dare to win.  Just like being in a culture not of our own design, we are in a game that is not ours, but we are playing it without overstanding the rules, the stipulations, knowing who the players are or even who the owners of the opposing team is. In this game every other team has cohesion and a plan, team colors, fight song and a cheering section.  In fact knee-grows and Africans, conservatives and liberals, wealthy and economically challenged, formally educated and not formally educated, are unsure and disinterested in what the game is, the rules or who the players are. In fact denying that they are in a game is irrelevant and is tantamount to refusing to play, even though you are on the playing field and the other team is lined up across from you.

In the game of life there are the superstars, stars, utility players, special team players, backups and glue guys. There are  head coaches, offensive minded coaches, defensive minded coaches, assistant coaches and equipment managers. Of course each team reports to a GM, a president and ultimately the owner. The owner could be an individual or a collective, but he who pays the bills calls the tunes.

In the game of life knee-grows “…plays football, baseball or basketball while the white man is cutting off their balls….” (Last Poets: Niggers are scared of revolution). We overwhelmingly play for pay, have a short shelf life and usually leave the game physically and psychologically damaged, reliving old times and hating on the new pay-for-play players. Knee-grows play checkers while everybody else is playing chess. They are playing snakes and ladders while others are playing GO, or encirclement chess.


Both games, GO and Chess is simple in their premise, but due to multiplicity of possibilities and owning the ability to think two or more steps ahead, both games are difficult for those without overstanding of their end purpose. In GO, the ultimate purpose is not to kill or “take” pieces, but to control as many of your opponents space and surrounding space as possible. It is not to capture the opponent’s actual pieces but rather to surround empty territory on the board. This is done by building encircling “walls” around these empty spaces. The game is played by two people, with a black and white set of pieces, Doing that is winning without bloodshed or as  Sun Tzu offers, it is best to have many rules for succeeding by minimizing conflict’s costs when it is unavoidable. Sun Tzu also teaches that the best strategy is always avoiding conflict. Conflict is always costly. The costs of conflict always weaken our position even if we “beat” our opponent.

The main purpose in a game of chess is to try to kill, or in chess terms “checkmate,” the opponents King. To accomplish this, the player must carefully plan to undermine and then attack the king’s position. The first move is made by the player with the white pieces and the second move by the player with the black pieces. Every chess piece moves differently.  A chess piece can move to another position or can capture one of the opponent’s chess pieces by moving one of his pieces to its square. Except for the Knight, chess pieces cannot move by jumping over other chess pieces that stand in their way.

Keep in mind that we are relating life to a game and games are partially about physically exertion and more about preparation, discipline, and strategy or to use its other name…deception! In the samurai culture the greatest fighter is one who can win without drawing his sword.  This doesn’t negate turning the other cheek as a strategy, but it also doesn’t support it as a concrete philosophy. Turning the other cheek just like throwing Molotov cocktails are all strategies and tricks in your bag. You cannot go on a playing field with those two extreme as your only strategies.

Play the game for more than you can afford to lose… only then will you learn the game.
Winston Churchill

Even playing chess we as people of Afuraka, have lost before we got started. Many people who control our ancestral narratives and recordings have stated that chess was invented by either the people of the Indus Kush region (though that is not what they mean when they say India) and some have attributed the game to the Arabs, which is a misdirection because the Moors who were equal parts practitioners of , Islam, Christianity, Hebrew, Western African and Kimitic spirituality were the ones who introduced the game as a past time to the general population of the Moorish territories of Spain, Portugal and Southern France. However, chess pieces were found in the grave of King Tutankhamen and DID NOT HAVE WHITE OR BLACK PIECES. Neither did the game the Moors played. If they did the black would be on the offensive and the White defensive, based on their reality as conquerors of these regions. In the modern game of chess, the white moves first and the black react…just like we do in the game of life.

The most important piece on the chess board is the King. The most powerful piece is the Queen. The objective is to get to the King while avoiding the more powerful Queen, the less powerful pieces are the bishop which represents the spiritual aspect and propaganda, the knights who are the elite soldiers, the ruk, which is the cultural foundation and the pawns, who are the people, the populace, the first line of defence for the King. When I was younger I considered myself a good chess player, but acting in my higher nature always played the black first. I would encourage the youth in my neighborhood to do the same, however, since I did not have a blue print to build on, cats soon drifted back to the regular way. I guess I could have brought in pieces neither black nor white, but those are specialty pieces. This has to be revisited!

When I played against cats, if they get reckless with the Queen and lose her, they become lost and easily give up. And of course the Queen is useless if the King is checked. What “white Supremacy” does in this game of life is recognizing that the Men of Africa are the most important pieces in this game of life and the Women the most powerful.  In order to have unfettered path to the king, he must go through the Queen. She is the inspiration and the purpose that men fight for. She is the reason why we exist, yet without us the culture is lost, because we hold the key to our culture remaining strong, progressive and relevant.  When a women cleave to a man she takes on his philosophy, a man who takes on a woman’s philosophy is not respected, because he is considered the physical leader, defender and protector of the culture.


Yurugu overstand the importance of the feminine in our culture. He overstands that she is my heart and from her flows the life force, the asilli that once activated elevates our god self. Yurugu takes our heart, our purpose in the form of the African woman and turning her into a hoodrat, welfare queen, video vixen, baby making machine. They steal her, rape her, taught her to open her legs and mind to him and offer up our progeny as sacrifice. Without her we have lost our urge to fight and go through the motion, going here and going there, doing this and that, just waiting for the other side to put us in check. Our women have nothing and no one to support, when they checkmate us. We are checkmated because we have no strategy to protect our community and our families in the nine areas of people activity:

  1. Politics
  2. Education
  3. Economics
  4. Religion
  5. War
  6. Labour
  7. Entertainment
  8. Law
  9. Sex

We use no definitive blue print that we can utilize, even though there are blue prints out there and have been out there since time immemorial. Instead we prefer to play the game at a disadvantage, hoping we can win on their terms and once failed, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again.  Yurugu scientist Einstein defines it as insanity…doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The Knee-grows need to overstand what game they are playing, and the rules of the game they are in. Don’t say you are not playing because once you are on the field, best keep your head on a swivel.