My views on scandal and knee-grow bed wenches!

Knee-grow females like to talk about the males among us who are hound dogging Becky and sue, as being weak, “race hating niggers”. Yet these same fools who get mad at Michael Jordan, Chad Johnson, Kanye (it’s a kilt but it’s really a dress) West and all the other cats that decides to play checkers on a chess board.  Now I have been privy to this show, based on the trailers I have seen and articles I have read. The things I have read or seen haven’t been extensive, but what I have gathered from them is that the fictional president of the US is fucking some knee-grow bed wench and all everybody is talking about is she is a “strong black woman”.

Why Black Women Love ABC’s Show Scandal???

This article from the appropriately named Jezebel talks about scandal and the effects it has on audiences. Now knee-gresses are up in a tizzy over a knee-grow bed wench getting it on with a supposedly powerful Caucasian male and it shows not only the hypocrisy of them attacking knee-grow males being around a Caucasian female.

On the blog, the blogger intelligently breaks down a particular psychological issues that we have all experienced or are experiencing, called the Stockholm syndrome. This is a collective psychosis that has affected us in some way or form over our lives. Even those who consider themselves spiritually and consciously awakened.  One open secret or well-known mystery is that of the knee-grow bed wench as by-product of the Willie Lynch mentality. Like the game of chess, once the powerful queen is checked, it is much easier to get at the King.  Here is a breakdown of the the-negro-bed-wench-mentality by Tariq Nasheed, director of Hidden colors 1 and 2 (get this shit if it’s the last thing you do this year). It shows how the king loses his motivation to carry once  his queen to is forced or in today’s society, willingly gave up their body, mind and soul to be Yurugu’s piss pot.

Folks…NO! Knee-grow females…How can you cuss out Kanye and all those cats for being weak and self haters when they are chasing “white pussy”, yet turn around and praise knee-grow females for getting one?  Y’all dog out actors…ACTORS for being in inter-racial scenes, but praises knee-gresses for doing chasing “white dicks”?  Y’all all fucking stupid, hypocritical and just as weak and self hating as the males you accuse of doing the same.