Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it

There are several variation of this axiom and the number of people attributed to it. However, the original statement IS as follows…..

“Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it”-

Poet/Philosopher George Santayana, 1905

Tomorrow begins a 28 day recognition of another “Christmas” for those starved for recognition among themselves and starved for recognition and acceptance from others outside themselves, including their ethnic and traditional oppressors. Tomorrow begins the umpteenth “celebration” of the original “Negro history week”. A brave and prescient act developed and put forth by Carter G Woodson during a time when, sophistication and civilization  meant wearing top hat and tails, reading Shakespeare and accepting that the “white” man’s ice is colder than ours.  In applying the adage, the more things change the more they stay the same, we have arrived at this point in 2013, more than a month after when the prognosticators, proclaimed to the easily duped that the world was coming to an end. In the here and now, knee-grows are either celebrating (1) Black history month (2) African history month or (3) African Liberation Month.  Whichever you call it designate where you stand on the ladder of stupidity and foolishness.  Most people don’t even know why we do what we do in this month. Some may say that this was the birth  month of that knee-grow in hiding Abraham Lincoln, who  “freed” the slaves. Carter G Woodson, with the knowledge he had at the time, acknowledged that this month was in recognition of Lincoln’s grand gesture. But few overstand that the Great Frederick Douglass was also born in this month and this period was also in recognition of his more important work than any Lincoln could have done.


Revisionists historian will tell you that Lincoln “freed” the slave for whatever reasons at the moment they would make up. And because of this “Christmas” like celebratory period, they will entertain their offspring and others who wish to be educated on all things black, about three main period that sums up ourstory. Kimit, us growing up in a cotton field and the civil rights successes. Of course they will throw in a few “black inventors” and such, but this is the jest of February and knee-grow self actualization month. And what a shindig it will be!  Worsted monkey suites, with silken nooses around the neck, MAY be ditched for dashikis and boubous from European entities like African Imports, a Yurugu’s owned company that has literally cornered the market of our culture.  Knee-grows with red, black and green dashiki’s and a hard on will be prowling the Africentric events looking to wax poetically with sisters in Queenly Kaftan, with wetness between their legs and burning incense at home. and at precisely Oh dark hundred hours on February 28th, we will go back to the modern plantation and immerse ourselves in somebody else’s culture for another 11 month, bitching and complaining that we all can’t catch a break from Mr Charley.


You see “Mr. Charley” is doing what he is supposed to do, and that is to live and practice HIS culture. Today’s society is Yurugu’s, with a European flavour, a taste of Caucasian insensibility and a pinch of  Neanderthal outlook for a dish of  “white Supremacy”, to be served up with a cold beer and a side order of fuck yous to other ethnic groupings. Knee=grows are the only ethnic group that see our story in a vacuum, created under stone pyramid, raised in a cotton patch and sophisticated by sitting next to Yurugu on the toilet. That’s why we call it HIS-story! History is a revisionist one that has us at the tail end of the alpha dogs of earth cultures, instead of at the head. Our deliberate…and I mean deliberate…and willful ignorance of ourstory is tied up with our hate of anything from Alkebulan. From our original dark matter, to our hair, body types and lingua. But ourstory was not and can never be in a vacuum. In fact every time we breathe we are either creating a narrative or in the process of doing so. Ourstory is not bound by time. Time is an artificial construct created by earth bound entities, unable to travel astrally due to their calcified pineal glands. The ancestors as it was written down in the emerald stones of Jheuty, detailed the regularity and ability to travel on the spiritual planes, where we were never limited by time. We could travel forwards and backwards, up or down, side ways and around. Ourstory  should not be regulated to the dustbins of the past, but as sure as we are hue man beings, not hue men was, not hue men becoming….hue man beings, ourstory is always being created. Our story is one of constant evolving and being. So remember as you do your thing this February, culture and ourstory is something to be lived 24/7/365 days of the 52 week period in the Gregorian calendar.

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