The curse of all slave making religions—-Pt1

Note: This post is inspired by a FaceBook colleg of mine, Piye Sneferre Amun and his ongoing attempt to educate grown folks on the irrationalities of pursuing religions that do not predate the spirituality of Alkebulan. This post is also a salute to others who have dedicated their lives and energies in trying to redirect us back to that old time spirituality that we irrationally fear becasue our traditional oppressors told us to.

Part One

Recent news of widespread civilian abuses by the Arab/Islamist invaders of the  Alkebulan country of Mali,  the subsequent and equally abusive acts by the Malian army, as well as the unreported abuses of the UN/French factions (if other incidents of UN abuses are any indications) seriously supports the population control battle, set about by proponents of the new world order. This battle had started and will end on the beloved continent. Current and past actions in Alkebulan indicates that the main reason why Africa is being decimated since the time of the Hyksos invasion of Kimit till present is more religious than politics.  It is easy to point to politics, capitalism, poverty  or  whatever excuses defenders or oppressors of Alkebulan can use, but there has always been a deep and intense, perverse even, hatred and covetousness that resides in the heart of Yurugu for the Motherland. This hatred has surpassed any this beast has for other ancient civilizations.  This hatred-covetousness has had a religious fervor that only a demented psychopath or a religious fanatic can probably comprehend.

On this blog it  in the past that Alkebulan’s demise was what really created it’s prominence, its cultural  heights, reach and influence, and its impact on the other younger, less evolved cultures.  This is without doubt our spirituality and belief in the oneness of all created beings.  Yet even we disobeyed  ancestral warnings that a people with white skin would come across the waters and fill the world with death and destruction. Several ethnic groups in several countries have legends and lore of this. This has now been revealed as to why we would dress ourselves in frightening masks and paint ourselves white in order to scare those invaders. In our culture white is associated with death and is not to be confused with light, which is often played upon by the stealers of our culture. When WE and OTHERS begin to analyze Alkebulan, ourstorically, historically, economically, politically, spiritually or through any other prisms of critique, Alkebulan is always initially viewed from a deficit model.

In attempting to explain the widespread under achievement and social decline of the original dark matter people over the last 500-1000 years, researchers, who are really neo-colonialists and anti-African haters, take great pains to locate the problem within the people, their culture and their families. This is what deficit modelling is all about. It is research grounded in a deficit perspective which blames the victims of institutional, ethnic, imperialist and cultural oppression for their own victimization, by referring to negative stereotypes and assumptions regarding the people on the continent and in the Diaspora. This perspective purposely overlooks the root causes of oppression and the problem the people of Alkebulan is dealing with by localizing the issue within individuals and or their countries. Those in western countries currently serving in the educational or social service field overstand, or should overstand that this is the methodologies parasitic forces outside and inside of our communities use to get funding from the government, to increase incarceration rates, or deny African people loans, access to trade, access to housing or education. The deficit model allows the mannequin in the Caucasian house in Amerikkklan to invade Alkebulan with a pseudo imperialist intent under the guise of setting up AfriCom to fight radical Islam on that continent. The deficit model also allows America Inc. to chastise and warn various governments on the continent that unless they change their sovereign legislations to include homosexuality as a normal way of life, then UN aid to impoverish or war-torn or famine devastated countries would be withheld. Then they and their proxy armies like the mercenary group Blackwater, other invader proxy armies from the E.U and their UN forces, partake of, all manner of proxy wars to destabilize economies and societies. All the while these things are happening they are stealing more of Alkebulan’s minerals and valued treasures and killing the eco system,. the animals and people.

Now if you will permit me to get you to follow the bouncing ball, you will see how Alkebulan’s current condition is a spiritual/religious one than political or capitalist, then we can begin to overstand what many in the past have stated:


Makes sense right? However, due to the indoctrination away from self-love and towards the love of the oppressors, we as the original dark matter beings have broken one of the cardinal rules of survival. A cardinal rule all successful civilizations have heeded. 


So like physicians we must first undo the harm that has been done to make us the knee-grow, the man-u-factored being we have become. In order to do so we mus do the following….


In order to seek the truth beyond your own beliefs, which is really some one else’s belief. We mus t do one of the scariest things we can ever do.



Failure to be as a child and approach knowledge devoid of prejudices and social conditioning, yields this little tidbit of information that exemplifies why religion is a man-made philosophy and its result is bullshit, madness and corruption. Obviously we haven’t learned from the Vatican/ Roman Catholic files. We have not learned from Eddie Long and the nukka who was passing on HIV to other females in the church. We actually have people who was taking this cat up on his offer.



I finish the first part of this series with this commentary.

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