They dance on your grave while you eat each others heart!

According to an article I recently read, penned by Dr. Boyce Watkins, he of thyblackman website, former correctional officer turned studio gangster Rick Ross Being Threatened by the Gangster Disciples.

Here is the article and accompanying video:

“In the mafia, extortion is a way of life. If you start a business in certain areas, you are told to “pay a tax” or suffer the consequences. The main difference is that the people don’t usually announce what they’re trying to do on YouTube.

Rick Ross is getting threats from the Gangster Disciples, who have chosen to target him to pay them a tax if he wants to perform in the state of Alabama. The video that they put up on YouTube is probably going to be enough to help with the police investigation, but Ross is going to always have to watch his back. About 15 or so young brothers and Latinos from the Gangster Disciples are on video telling Ross that he needs to “pay up” if he wants to perform in their state. The video is a sad reminder of how many future Barack Obamas are getting sucked into the margins of our society.

This might be chickens coming home to roost for Ross, who has made millions of dollars glorifying the very same gangster culture that is threatening his life right now. As one of my old friends use to say, “If you rap about roses every day, eventually somebody’s gonna bring you some flowers.”

Rick Ross actually stole his name from Freeway Ricky Ross, a notorious drug dealer out of Los Angeles. Unlike his chubby clone, the real Rick Ross has realized the damage that his work has done to the black community and has been seeking to make amends. Ross recently wrote a great article that we published about the fight against the mass incarceration of African American males for drug related offenses. So, while the fake Rick Ross is encouraging black men to engage in illegal activity, the real Rick Ross is trying to keep black men out of the system.

I’m not sure how this little fight is going to end for Rick Ross, and to be honest, I really don’t care. The saddest thing in the world is when our brightest and most powerful men are feeding young black males a blueprint for their own self-destruction. But as you go around the world spreading genocide onto your community, you ultimately find that one of the first victims of this genocide might be yourself.

Welcome to the real world Mr. Ross, maybe now you’ll learn what it’s REALLY like to be a gangster.”

This trite and unnecessary behavior follows up on the Internet threat delivered to Lupe Fiasco by rapper named chief Keefe, who felt he was being dissed for comments made by Fiasco when speaking about the violence in his home city of Chicago.

From what I see there is a conscious brother, who hands down is seen by mature people as a voice of reason in a genre that is filled with infantile mindset and emotionalism, controlled by Yurugu and their Baphomet practices. Since maturity is not a necessary requirement for age, Fiasco has also managed to piss off the house knee-gows who felt he disrespected “all those who marched for our civil rights” by rejecting the voting process and protesting at the Head mannequin’s inauguration in Washington while  subsequently being removed from the stage by security. Some would say the elders marched for Chief Keefe of the world to spew his fratricidal hatred and to show his manufactured cannibalistic side in the name of commerce and fame. Yet Fiasco is denied the right to speak out against the injustice and attacks on Human rights continually perpetuated by the United Nation Countries, lead by AmeriKKKlan and Is-it-real, to decimate dark skin people on the planet.

Now, Lupe Fiasco was commenting on Chief Keefe laughing at a so called rivals murder, one some implied he was part off, as being insensitive and is an indicative of the environment in Chicago and Amerikkklan on a whole. Fiasco implied that he was scared of people like Keefe, because this is the face of the violence we see daily. Folks correct me if I have the information wrong, but from what I gathered, Chief Keefe’s mother, a female in her thirties, was fucking the dead, Lil Jojo who was all of sixteen. Yeah! That’d what I heard. This is what is wrong with many females among us. Is this not child abuse? And where were the adults to reject this behavior, including Lil Jojo’s mother? Well she came on Youtube, brandishing pistol to threaten anybody that she will not hesitate to pop a cap in some nigger if she or her daughter is threatened. I see now why Lil Jojo and chief Keefe  turned out the way they did. To compound the situation, Jojo went on the Internet bragging about fucking Keefe’s mother, even making a damn phone call to prove that what he was doing was real. Now how can a knee-grow with a dead soul like Keefe supposed to react, when his whole persona is based on being a gangster or  a bad man? Again this is the ill that befalls the knee-grow. Chief Keef Disses Lupe Fiasco On Twitter, Lupe Responds  since then other industry names have come out to speak on the so call beef between the two Chicago natives. An aside, is it not a beef when both parties are going in hard at each other. We continue to cannibalize each other, with physical death. Starve each other economically and practice genocide sexually. All while Yurugu is dancing on our graves.

Long before the beltway sniper John Muhammad became news sensation to titillate the scare scaremongers who chose to retell this story as one fo the crimes of the century on Amerikklan’s soil….(yes this was said), I had information in my files, of a post I wanted to do on Mark Essex. When I first came across the story in a Gill Scott Heron version of Inner City Blues, I instantly found me another hero in the struggle for African liberation.  The recent story of  Christopher Dorner is more reminiscent of Mark Essex than he does with John Muhammad. Check out this image I got from off the facebook site tribal unity for liberation.


Also taken from  Tribal Unity 4 Liberation:

I hear about multiple murders everyday especially in urban areas and I don’t see media coverage like this EVEN when the KILLER is STILL OUT THERE. Are police officers and their families lives more important than regular citizens?Yesterday news broke out that they are going to deploy MILITARY DRONES to attack ONE man on UNITED STATES SOIL. The whole country is involved in this man’s capture. What’s alarming is that James Holmes Just recently Shot an entire movie theater Killing 12 people and injuring 58. He killed men, women, and children and even HE was Awarded a trial. His rights were respected. They even gave him the benefit of the doubt and said that he was “Mentally Ill”. When you listen to the coverage on the news they are saying that the complaints in his manifesto is “as bunch of rambling , doesn’t make sense, and is false” What’s ironic about that is they tightened security of the families and set all types of precautions in place because of the same manifesto that they claim is “Bullshit”. Well if they took that seriously then they should investigate his claims about the racism and corruption in the LAPD. Furthermore it’s every “US citizen’s” right to trial by jury….

Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 33 : 2012 targeted random black men in four locations as they drove around town in an Easter weekend shooting spree. Given Trial, limited media coverage.

Scott Dekraai: 2011 Committed ithe largest mass murder in Orange County history killing eight people at a Seal Beach beauty salon, including his ex-wife. Given Trial.

Jared Lee Lough-ner: 2011 The man who killed six people and wounded 13 others in an Arizona shooting rampage. Given Trial

The following subjective video…subjective because it was produced by Yurugu, sheds light on the similarities between Dorner and Essex and why knee-grows like Chief Keefe and the gangster disciples, Rick Ross and all those who misuse their time on the planet for no good, are contributing and hastening our demise at the hands of those who wish to bring in a new world order.

While we are cannibalizing each other and eating each others heart, they are dancing on our graves. While we are busy watching “niggers” on the Grammy and basketball wives this is what Yurugu is doing PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN “HEK CELL” (human embryonic kidney cells)  They are also doing this Darkness Matters and they are in Merita (alkebulan) causing strife and destruction, yet none of these shooters will shoot a shot for African liberation.


Not Nat turner, not Sojourner truth, Harriet Tubman, Marcus Garvey, Malik Al Shabazz. Not The Black Panther party, Khalid Muhammad, Christopher Dorner or Mark Essex. We can say that the latter two were not revolutionaries. Yurugu will say none of them are. But Yurugu’s opinions of my heroes and sheroes  doesn’t count. What counts is how he treats me and how he continually seek to dehumanize and systemically annihilate me. While the chief Keefe’s of the world are happy to get hoe money from interscope records and the other slave making companies, cats like Lupe Fiasco will protest injustice in the world. And just like Malik Shabazz’s presence, enabled Martin Luther King to make strides and become integrated as negropeans, failure to properly practice justice will cause cats like Dorner or Mark Essex to break out, out of frustration with the anti-African hatred that is prevalent anywhere we are situated. Usually at the bottom of the social and economic ladder….even in countries we supposedly dominate numerically.

The Mark Essex story 


10 thoughts on “They dance on your grave while you eat each others heart!

  1. I like this article. This is my first time commenting on this blog. Good article. It is sad that young Black kids look up to sellout coons like Rick Ross and Chief Keef who aren’t for bettering the Black community but destroying our community. I respect Lupe Fiasco very much for speaking out against the nonsense going on today.


    1. unfortunately the standard for an African male, particularly one that kills cops is below that of the likes of John Wayne gacey and Charles Manson


      1. I notice your avatar image is the symbol known as a Sankofa. I think it is important for people to learn the lessons taught to us by the past.

        The American media is disgusting. I really hate the way they treated Dorner as guilty instead of treating him as being suspect of a crime. I didn’t follow this story very closely because of how awful the media was with it.


      2. We see things as and through symbols and symbolism. This is the easiest way to learn and retain things. Just like Yurugu utilizes the cross and the image of a Caucasian male as the symbol of the supreme deity, so too must we utilize our symbols of life and learning in order to awaken and reanimate the dead souls back to life. This is why Yurugu controls the media, not for information purposes but for propaganda and dis information purposes. Study the protocols of the elders of Zion and Mein Kampf to overstand what symbolism and propaganda affects the psyche. Dorner will be used as a symbol for gun control and the further removal of personal rights. This will lead to concentration camps in the name of national safety. Hitlers Germany, Stalins Russia… a new world order.


      3. What you say about symbols reanimating souls makes me think about how the environment switches certain genes on and off. So maybe symbols switch certain genes on and off in people. For example someone might have an alcoholic gene or a genius gene but those genes an be switched on and off by the environment and what they become depends upon whether a gene is switched on or off. Like how a acorn has genes to become a tree but those genes are only activated if it is in soil, if the acorn is just sittin on a table those genes will never get activated. As for the media it seems like there are images in the media that could turn on alcoholism genes. Just look at the show cheers from the 90s. So this is why I am not a fan of a lot of popular entertainment. I just think our mainstream culture isn’t good.


      4. Brother you don’t know how deep that comment was. When overstands metaphysics, one will definitely overstand the gene-in-us and how it adapts and transforms. Yurugu overstands this, after all we taught him.


  2. Good article!

    May I say, something about this story does not add up. Since realizing that the recent school shooting in Sandy Hook was staged, I wonder what else the Demon is feeding us?

    The Khazar is very good at deflection. Which is why I fear that this story is a ruse while Obama plans something sinister.


    1. You may be right. This is a classic a case of creating a crisis to achieve a planned end. Banning of personal weapons, tightening of homeland security measures and suppression of civil rights. Remember Obama signed in to a law that drones can be used on US soil and the detention of US citizen without due process was also made official. incidentally, Dorner is now designated as a domestic terrorist. But those fellows in the picture I posted were not so designated. I guess it is now official, the face of the US domestic terrorist is not Timothy MacVigh, but Christopher Dorner.


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